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(Almost) all of the easiest 1004 problems (range: [1.1..3.3] points, average at 2.2 points) have hints and solving them all gives you 1004*~2.2 ≥ 2208.8 total Kattis points — The Lower Bound of Programming Contests in the 2020s year 2024.
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Kattis Problem Title CP4 Hint DACU Point
mnist10class mnist10class non-starred partial scoring problem - neural network 258 8.3
mnist2class mnist2class non-starred partial scoring problem - neural network 242 8.0
mwvc mwvc non-starred optimization problem involving large MWVC instance up to N ≤ 4000. To get high score for this problem, you need to us... 48 9.6
tsp tsp non-starred optimization problem involving large TSP instance up to N ≤ 1000. To get high score for this problem, you need to use... 1334 9.6
addtwonumbers addtwonumbers 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O just sum the two input integers 3953 1.2
ameriskur ameriskur 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O just print n*0.09144 2275 1.3
bitteeinbit bitteeinbit 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O just print the first char of the input 273 1.3
carrots carrots 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O just print P 15155 1.3
digitswap digitswap 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O read the 2-digits input; print in reverse 1227 1.3
echoechoecho echoechoecho 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O re-print the input 3x 1654 1.2
fifa fifa 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O just output 2022+n//m (round down) 2348 1.2
flatbokuveisla flatbokuveisla 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O just print n mod m 942 1.2
flytibaka flytibaka 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O just do nothing (e.g., submit a blank Python code) 688 1.4
greetings2 greetings2 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O just reprint the input as requested 589 1.3
hello hello 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O just print "Hello World!" 39217 1.2
heroesofvelmar heroesofvelmar 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O ad hoc card game; use the attached .json for the details; 3 cards have special cases 237 1.9
leggjasaman leggjasaman 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O just output n+m 6564 1.1
metronome metronome 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O just divide by 4.0 1614 1.3
ovissa ovissa 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O just output the length of input string 6088 1.2
planina planina 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O just print (2^N+1)^2; OEIS A028400 5965 1.3
romans romans 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O just print round(X * 1087.7626) 2088 1.4
thelastproblem thelastproblem 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O S can have space(s) 76 1.8
tolvunarfraedingartelja tolvunarfraedingartelja 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O just print n-1 1312 1.2
twosum twosum 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O another a+b problem 1540 1.4
velkomin velkomin 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O just print 'VELKOMIN!' 6081 1.1
vidsnuningur vidsnuningur 1.4a1, One-Liner I/O just output the reverse of input string 2570 1.2
aleidibio aleidibio 1.4a2, I/O + Sequences Only just output c-(a+b) 1233 1.2
betting betting 1.4a2, I/O + Sequences Only simple probability formula 788 1.2
ekkidaudi ekkidaudi 1.4a2, I/O + Sequences Only simply reformat the input 910 1.5
faktor faktor 1.4a2, I/O + Sequences Only just print (I-1)*A+1 8022 1.2
gcvwr gcvwr 1.4a2, I/O + Sequences Only simple math 236 1.3
jackolanternjuxtaposition jackolanternjuxtaposition 1.4a2, I/O + Sequences Only just print N*T*M 53 1.7
r2 r2 1.4a2, I/O + Sequences Only just print 2*S-R1 14929 1.2
shandy shandy 1.4a2, I/O + Sequences Only just print min(B, L) * 2 267 1.3
titlecost titlecost 1.4a2, I/O + Sequences Only take the min of length of s vs c 500 1.6
averagecharacter averagecharacter 1.4b, Repetition Only sum ASCII values of all characters; divide by the number of characters 365 1.6
codetosavelives codetosavelives 1.4b, Repetition Only repeat t times; convert to ints; sum; convert to digits again 238 1.5
cosmicpathoptimization cosmicpathoptimization 1.4b, Repetition Only ignore the long text; just find the average temperature of M planets 410 1.5
curvespeed curvespeed 1.4b, Repetition Only for each test case, just apply the formula 128 2.8
different different 1.4b, Repetition Only use abs function per test case 8964 2.3
jumbojavelin jumbojavelin 1.4b, Repetition Only sum and offset by (N-1) 112 1.5
nsum nsum 1.4b, Repetition Only just sum the content of the small list 1406 1.3
qaly qaly 1.4b, Repetition Only trivial loop 5955 1.2
ratingproblems ratingproblems 1.4b, Repetition Only loop to sum the ratings; simple formula afterwards 2227 1.3
reduplikation reduplikation 1.4b, Repetition Only repeat s as the digit indicates 3273 1.2
tarifa tarifa 1.4b, Repetition Only one pass; array not needed 9768 1.3
timeloop timeloop 1.4b, Repetition Only just print 'num Abracadabra' N times 17170 1.3
umferd umferd 1.4b, Repetition Only loop; count the dots 461 1.4
addingtrouble addingtrouble 1.4c, Selection Only just check if A+B == C 3686 1.3
blueberrywaffle blueberrywaffle 1.4c, Selection Only formula with rounding; 2 cases 716 1.9
canadianseh canadianseh 1.4c, Selection Only just check the last three characters 771 1.5
conteststruggles conteststruggles 1.4c, Selection Only simple formula; check if answer in [0..100] 101 1.9
fyi fyi 1.4c, Selection Only if-else; 2 cases; output 1/0 if the input starts with '555'/not, respectively 90 1.6
grading grading 1.4c, Selection Only if-else; 6 cases 483 1.4
hradgreining hradgreining 1.4c, Selection Only if-else; 2 cases 2253 1.3
hvertskalmaeta hvertskalmaeta 1.4c, Selection Only only 3 municipalities go to 'Akureyri' 383 1.5
internationaldates internationaldates 1.4c, Selection Only 3 cases 1154 1.5
isithalloween isithalloween 1.4c, Selection Only if-else; 2 cases 3761 1.3
judgingmoose judgingmoose 1.4c, Selection Only if-else if-else; 3 cases 4516 1.4
kikiboba kikiboba 1.4c, Selection Only if-else; 4 cases 3004 1.4
laptopsticker laptopsticker 1.4c, Selection Only if-else; 2 cases; note: one centimeter for both sides 1518 1.4
millifaersla millifaersla 1.4c, Selection Only pick the smallest among the three 939 1.2
moscowdream moscowdream 1.4c, Selection Only if-else; 2 cases; check n ≥ 3 443 1.7
onechicken onechicken 1.4c, Selection Only if-else if-else; 4 cases (piece vs pieces) 3014 1.6
provincesandgold provincesandgold 1.4c, Selection Only if-else if-else; 6 cases 1779 1.4
quadrant quadrant 1.4c, Selection Only if-else if-else; 4 cases 13625 1.3
sith sith 1.4c, Selection Only 3 cases 524 1.5
sorttwonumbers sorttwonumbers 1.4c, Selection Only swap a and b if a > b 1313 1.4
stafur stafur 1.4c, Selection Only 3 cases; be-careful with 'Y' 349 1.6
temperature temperature 1.4c, Selection Only if-else if-else; 3 cases; derive formula 685 2.2
testdrive testdrive 1.4c, Selection Only if-else; 4 cases 130 2.5
undeadoralive undeadoralive 1.4c, Selection Only 4 cases 1905 1.5
vajningsplikt vajningsplikt 1.4c, Selection Only selection; multiple cases; be careful 114 1.8
whichisgreater whichisgreater 1.4c, Selection Only if-else; 2 cases 2253 1.3
astrologicalsign astrologicalsign 1.4d, Multiple TC + Selection 12 cases (Capricorn is a bit different) 226 1.6
eligibility eligibility 1.4d, Multiple TC + Selection 3 cases 1741 1.6
helpaphd helpaphd 1.4d, Multiple TC + Selection 2 cases 2044 1.6
leftbeehind leftbeehind 1.4d, Multiple TC + Selection 4 cases 2014 1.6
lessvsfewer lessvsfewer 1.4d, Multiple TC + Selection case analysis; multiple test cases 375 2.1
nastyhacks nastyhacks 1.4d, Multiple TC + Selection 3 cases 6308 1.3
numberfun numberfun 1.4d, Multiple TC + Selection 2 cases (out of 6 combinations; addition/multiplication are commutative); remember integer division 3436 1.4
oddities oddities 1.4d, Multiple TC + Selection 2 cases 11523 1.3
vedurheidar vedurheidar 1.4d, Multiple TC + Selection simple selection over n test cases 809 1.4
babybites babybites 1.4e, Control Flow easy simulation 1624 1.7
basketballoneonone basketballoneonone 1.4e, Control Flow linear pass 957 1.6
cinema2 cinema2 1.4e, Control Flow just a small variation from Kattis - cinema 181 1.8
cold cold 1.4e, Control Flow linear pass; array not really needed 12609 1.3
divvyingup divvyingup 1.4e, Control Flow sum; simple if-else 406 1.6
earlywinter earlywinter 1.4e, Control Flow linear pass 543 1.9
electionparadox electionparadox 1.4e, Control Flow simple control flow 212 1.9
fadingwind fadingwind 1.4e, Control Flow just code as instructed 866 1.5
fizzbuzz fizzbuzz 1.4e, Control Flow actually just about easy divisibility properties 10274 1.3
goombastacks goombastacks 1.4e, Control Flow just stack all the goombas and check 437 1.5
isyavowel isyavowel 1.4e, Control Flow count the occurrences of 'aeiou' vs 'aeiouy' in the input 735 1.2
jobexpenses jobexpenses 1.4e, Control Flow simple loop 1427 1.4
licensetolaunch licensetolaunch 1.4e, Control Flow easy linear pass 1969 1.4
oddecho oddecho 1.4e, Control Flow just do as asked 1466 1.3
oddgnome oddgnome 1.4e, Control Flow linear pass 2388 1.6
offworldrecords offworldrecords 1.4e, Control Flow check as required 150 1.8
overdraft overdraft 1.4e, Control Flow find the lowest balance over all n transactions 356 1.7
skammstofun skammstofun 1.4e, Control Flow take first character of each word if it is in Uppercase 360 1.5
skruop skruop 1.4e, Control Flow simple control flow 254 1.5
smil smil 1.4e, Control Flow simple loop; test up to 4 patterns 1081 1.4
sottkvi sottkvi 1.4e, Control Flow simple control flow 404 1.5
speeding speeding 1.4e, Control Flow just loop; keep the running max 84 1.4
speedlimit speedlimit 1.4e, Control Flow standard simulation problem 7164 1.4
spritt spritt 1.4e, Control Flow simple loop and selection 1415 1.4
stararrangements stararrangements 1.4e, Control Flow one loop 1637 1.4
statistics statistics 1.4e, Control Flow one pass; array not needed 2942 1.7
tornbygge tornbygge 1.4e, Control Flow linear pass 272 1.8
vedurvindhradi vedurvindhradi 1.4e, Control Flow 13 cases; easier to check with array and loop 316 1.6
zanzibar zanzibar 1.4e, Control Flow one pass; array not needed 2308 1.5
abc abc 1.4f, Function sort 3 numbers into ABC; then print output as needed 5282 1.8
arithmeticfunctions arithmeticfunctions 1.4f, Function implement the three functions as asked 140 1.7
artichoke artichoke 1.4f, Function LA 7150 - WorldFinals Marrakech15; linear scan; probably one of the easiest WorldFinals problem; also available at UVa 0... 1390 2.8
chugging chugging 1.4f, Function abstract the computation of drinking time as function; compute for Alice and for Bob; decide accordingly 211 1.6
combinationlock combinationlock 1.4f, Function simple; do as asked; also available at UVa 10550 - Combination Lock 633 2.5
digits digits 1.4f, Function direct simulation; also available at UVa 11687 - Digits 214 3.5
filip filip 1.4f, Function create a 'reverse string' function; then if-else check 6345 1.3
logicfunctions logicfunctions 1.4f, Function implement the three simple logical Boolean operations 62 2.5
mia mia 1.4f, Function just if-else check 1136 2.1
sifferprodukt sifferprodukt 1.4f, Function easy digit product function 460 1.5
socialdistancing2 socialdistancing2 1.4f, Function 1D Boolean array of occupied seats; find 3 adjacent empty seats 188 1.9
treasurehunt treasurehunt 1.4f, Function simple simulation on 2D grid 1006 2.6
acm acm 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier simple simulation; one pass 3526 1.5
atlogur atlogur 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier easy simulation; use 2 arrays or 1 array of pairs 134 2.4
cetiri cetiri 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier sort 3 number helps; 3 cases 1165 1.9
coffeecupcombo coffeecupcombo 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier greedily purchase two cups; drop unnecessary cups later to maximize awake time 849 1.6
cutinline cutinline 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier a simple list ADT problem (small N) 96 2.2
cyaniderivers cyaniderivers 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier find longest consecutive 0s; divide by 2 146 2.3
finalexam2 finalexam2 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier compare array with itself (but shifted by one index) 378 1.3
forcedchoice forcedchoice 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier simple in-small-array test 205 1.3
hothike hothike 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier one pass; using array helps a bit 835 1.7
kcuddlanod kcuddlanod 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier reverse a string (char array); replace 2 and 5; compare 156 1.9
lineup lineup 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier sort ascending/descending and compare 3703 1.6
lostlineup lostlineup 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier simple 1D array manipulation 550 1.5
meanwords meanwords 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier use array of strings 403 1.7
ofugsnuid ofugsnuid 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier simple list reversal problem; one liner with Python 636 1.4
pokechat pokechat 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier 1D array indexing 946 1.4
stickykeys stickykeys 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier one pass check on an array of characters 1001 1.5
trainboarding trainboarding 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier simulation with arrays 58 3.0
ullendullendoff ullendullendoff 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier array; extract the required index 420 1.6
vaccineefficacy vaccineefficacy 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier use small arrays; just compute as described 102 2.6
vectorfunctions vectorfunctions 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier a good tutorial problem involving C++ std::vector functions 70 2.1
vefthjonatjon vefthjonatjon 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier use counter array of size 3; loop; find min 908 1.6
zoom zoom 1.4g, 1D Array, Easier store in 1D array; access indices that are multiples of k 302 1.6
armystrengtheasy armystrengtheasy 1.4h, Easy also see Kattis - armystrengthhard 1585 2.1
armystrengthhard armystrengthhard 1.4h, Easy also see Kattis - armystrengtheasy; re-read the problem statement several times to unveil a trivial solution 1466 2.2
batterup batterup 1.4h, Easy easy one loop 4542 1.3
brokenswords brokenswords 1.4h, Easy easy counting problem 367 1.7
cinema cinema 1.4h, Easy easy simulation 129 2.6
dontfalldownstairs dontfalldownstairs 1.4h, Easy easy linear pass check 114 2.2
doublepassword doublepassword 1.4h, Easy two to the power of number of different digits 608 1.4
drinkingsong drinkingsong 1.4h, Easy just one loop; but be careful of with the grammar 336 2.4
endurvinnsla endurvinnsla 1.4h, Easy just count 'ekki plast' and compute the answer 136 2.2
espresso espresso 1.4h, Easy simple control flow 187 1.7
findingana findingana 1.4h, Easy simple string search/find operation 424 1.3
hangingout hangingout 1.4h, Easy simple loop 2218 1.3
haughtycuisine haughtycuisine 1.4h, Easy just remember the last one 390 1.6
hissingmicrophone hissingmicrophone 1.4h, Easy simple loop 7690 1.3
methodicmultiplication methodicmultiplication 1.4h, Easy reading comprehension; very easy answer 381 1.6
mosquito mosquito 1.4h, Easy direct simulation 822 1.9
mult mult 1.4h, Easy simple control flow 701 1.6
nop nop 1.4h, Easy one loop; simply count and modify distances between two UPPERCASE characters 94 2.1
pokerhand pokerhand 1.4h, Easy frequency count; report max 2173 1.4
ptice ptice 1.4h, Easy just a simple simulation 2100 1.5
pubrunda pubrunda 1.4h, Easy just check as asked; linear pass 105 2.1
scalingrecipe scalingrecipe 1.4h, Easy apply math scaling formula with loop; be careful of precision issue 229 1.6
sevenwonders sevenwonders 1.4h, Easy one pass 4776 1.4
spellingbee spellingbee 1.4h, Easy trivial; just do as asked; string property checks 17 3.2
stopwatch stopwatch 1.4h, Easy linear pass; simulation 390 1.3
volim volim 1.4h, Easy simple simulation 1855 1.7
waterjournal waterjournal 1.4h, Easy check if a and/or b are/is seen in the log and decide the output accordingly 577 1.7
yinyangstones yinyangstones 1.4h, Easy trick question; just check if number of whites equals to number of blacks 1365 1.8
architecture architecture 1.4i, Still Easy 2D array problem with an easy two 1D arrays solution 78 2.7
bossbattle bossbattle 1.4i, Still Easy trick question 1391 1.8
boundingrobots boundingrobots 1.4i, Still Easy maintain separate variables 1141 1.6
brokencalculator brokencalculator 1.4i, Still Easy trivial; just do as asked 13 3.7
bubbletea bubbletea 1.4i, Still Easy simple simulation 806 2.2
driversdilemma driversdilemma 1.4i, Still Easy only 6 different cases; note that starting fuel is C/2 200 2.0
eventplanning eventplanning 1.4i, Still Easy just simulate; 2D loop 458 2.0
exactlyelectrical exactlyelectrical 1.4i, Still Easy Manhattan distance; waste energy at the end by moving 1 cell around target 469 2.0
eyeofsauron eyeofsauron 1.4i, Still Easy simple string check 998 1.3
flipflow flipflow 1.4i, Still Easy simulation 222 2.1
fromatob fromatob 1.4i, Still Easy we can only go up via (a bunch of) +1 move(s); we can only go down via (an optional +1 move to make even) and then divid... 44 3.1
ghostleg ghostleg 1.4i, Still Easy 1D array; simulation 772 1.4
guillaume guillaume 1.4i, Still Easy Scan from the back; avoid division by 0 73 3.3
makingameowth makingameowth 1.4i, Still Easy tricky simulation 474 1.6
missingnumbers missingnumbers 1.4i, Still Easy two linear loops; use a small array of Booleans 1622 1.7
peasoup peasoup 1.4i, Still Easy one linear pass 771 2.4
prerequisites prerequisites 1.4i, Still Easy process the requirements as the input is read; also available at UVa 10919 - Prerequisites? 284 1.9
pyramids pyramids 1.4i, Still Easy find the simple pattern to construct a pyramid of a certain height 459 1.5
sok sok 1.4i, Still Easy case analysis 750 1.7
spacerace spacerace 1.4i, Still Easy easy control flow 140 2.2
thanos thanos 1.4i, Still Easy simple simulation; R is at least 2 335 3.2
vote vote 1.4i, Still Easy follow the requirements 1584 2.2
anotherbrick anotherbrick 1.4j, Medium simple simulation 1424 1.9
babypanda babypanda 1.4j, Medium think backwards from m back to 0; n is not needed 338 2.2
basicprogramming1 basicprogramming1 1.4j, Medium a nice summative problem for programming examination of a basic programming methodology course 201 4.0
battlesimulation battlesimulation 1.4j, Medium one pass; special check on 3! = 6 possible combinations of 3 combo moves 900 2.8
beekeeper beekeeper 1.4j, Medium single loop; be careful that vowel set here includes 'y' 1025 2.7
bitsequalizer bitsequalizer 1.4j, Medium analyzing patterns; also available at UVa 12545 - Bits Equalizer 174 4.5
bottledup bottledup 1.4j, Medium find integer a and b so that a*v1 + b*v2 == s; single loop 637 2.6
carousel 1.4j, Medium single loop; keep best; skip a > m 335 2.8
climbingstairs climbingstairs 1.4j, Medium observation: go to office (k), go to registration desk (r), go up/down 1 floor until you reach n steps, go home; repetit... 210 4.1
climbingworm climbingworm 1.4j, Medium simulation; similar with UVa 00573 - The Snail 222 2.4
codecleanups codecleanups 1.4j, Medium a bit tricky 515 2.4
cowcrane cowcrane 1.4j, Medium reading comprehension; case analysis; eventually there are only 4 possible cases 181 3.9
deathtaxes deathtaxes 1.4j, Medium direct simulation; a bit of reading comprehension 179 3.3
fastfood fastfood 1.4j, Medium eventually just one pass due to the constraints 330 2.2
fizzbuzz2 fizzbuzz2 1.4j, Medium divisibility properties; very similar to Kattis - fizzbuzz 212 2.7
howl howl 1.4j, Medium simply extend the input by one correct character; case analysis exercise 288 1.8
shatteredcake shatteredcake 1.4j, Medium sum the area of the pieces and relate it with L*W 957 1.6
utf8 utf8 1.4j, Medium parsing; prefix checks 65 2.5
warringscoring warringscoring 1.4j, Medium just do as asked; 1D array manipulation 193 3.2
bela bela 1.6a, Game (Card) simple card scoring problem 3731 1.3
karte karte 1.6a, Game (Card) simple 1600 1.7
memorymatch memorymatch 1.6a, Game (Card) interesting simulation game; many corner cases 161 4.0
shuffling shuffling 1.6a, Game (Card) simulate card shuffling operation 218 2.8
bijele bijele 1.6b, Game (Chess) super simple 10381 1.4
checkmateinone checkmateinone 1.6b, Game (Chess) case analysis; only move rook once; cannot jump over own King; do not move rook to position that can be attacked by the ... 191 4.5
chess chess 1.6b, Game (Chess) bishop movements; either impossible, 0, 1, or 2 ways - one of this can be invalid; just use brute force 856 2.9
empleh empleh 1.6b, Game (Chess) the reverse problem of Kattis - helpme 245 1.8
helpme helpme 1.6b, Game (Chess) convert the given chess board into chess notation 302 2.4
hexagonalrooks hexagonalrooks 1.6b, Game (Chess) count number of two consecutive rook movements on hexagonal grid; try all possible 91 (intermediate) cells after simplif... 18 3.2
connectthedots connectthedots 1.6c, Game (Others), Easier classic children game; output formatting 213 3.6
gamerank gamerank 1.6c, Game (Others), Easier simulate the ranking update process 732 3.9
guessinggame guessinggame 1.6c, Game (Others), Easier use a 1D flag array; also available at UVa 10530 - Guessing Game 684 2.7
pvbg pvbg 1.6c, Game (Others), Easier find min plus 1 727 1.8
trik trik 1.6c, Game (Others), Easier simple simulation game 7191 1.4
battleship battleship 1.6d, Game (Others), Harder simulation; reading comprehension; many corner cases 120 5.4
matchgame matchgame 1.6d, Game (Others), Harder two cases for yes: 1 (sample 2) or 2 digits (sample 2) difference; no for 3 digits differences; be careful for cases lik... 204 4.6
rockpaperscissors rockpaperscissors 1.6d, Game (Others), Harder count wins and losses; output win average; also available at UVa 10903 - Rock-Paper-Scissors ... 820 3.7
rockscissorspaper rockscissorspaper 1.6d, Game (Others), Harder 2D arrays manipulation; also available at UVa 10443 - Rock, Scissors, Paper 153 4.8
tictactoe2 tictactoe2 1.6d, Game (Others), Harder check validity of Tic Tac Toe game; tricky; also available at UVa 10363 - Tic Tac Toe 167 5.3
turtlemaster turtlemaster 1.6d, Game (Others), Harder interesting board game to teach programming for children; simulation 323 2.9
attendance2 attendance2 1.6e, Real Life, Easier we frequently encounter this problem in real-life 220 1.9
calories calories 1.6e, Real Life, Easier are you concerned with your weights?; also available at UVa 10554 - Calories from Fat 328 2.0
chopin chopin 1.6e, Real Life, Easier you can learn a bit of music with this problem 823 1.8
compass compass 1.6e, Real Life, Easier your typical smartphone's compass function usually has this small feature 1529 2.0
cornhusker cornhusker 1.6e, Real Life, Easier do the estimation as explained 365 1.5
cprnummer cprnummer 1.6e, Real Life, Easier just do the check as described 197 1.5
fbiuniversal fbiuniversal 1.6e, Real Life, Easier a bit of base number conversion; base 27 to base 10, if valid 369 2.2
heartrate heartrate 1.6e, Real Life, Easier real life problem 3205 1.3
measurement measurement 1.6e, Real Life, Easier going down: multiply; going up: divide 641 2.0
parking parking 1.6e, Real Life, Easier a possible real life application; simple loops and if-statements are enough to solve this problem 1523 1.6
trainpassengers trainpassengers 1.6e, Real Life, Easier create a verifier; be careful of corner cases 1807 2.1
transitwoes transitwoes 1.6e, Real Life, Easier a possible real life scenario; simulate as asked 353 1.3
wertyu wertyu 1.6e, Real Life, Easier use 2D mapper array to simplify the problem; also available at UVa 10082 - WERTYU 768 2.9
beatspread beatspread 1.6f, Real Life, Medium be careful with boundary cases!; also available at UVa 10812 - Beat the Spread 980 2.4
dodecaphony dodecaphony 1.6f, Real Life, Medium music lesson; do as asked 98 3.2
luhnchecksum luhnchecksum 1.6f, Real Life, Medium very similar (~95%) to UVa 11743 836 1.6
musicalscales musicalscales 1.6f, Real Life, Medium music lesson; use array(s) to help simplify the code 674 1.6
recipes recipes 1.6f, Real Life, Medium real life problem for a cook; just simulate the requirements 731 1.8
score score 1.6f, Real Life, Medium medium difficulty; do as asked; just be careful 173 3.5
streamlag streamlag 1.6f, Real Life, Medium easier if we compute the required lag in offline mode, i.e., read all the packet arrival times upfront 188 3.1
toilet toilet 1.6f, Real Life, Medium simulation; be careful of corner cases 1756 2.4
wordcloud wordcloud 1.6f, Real Life, Medium just a simulation; but be careful of corner cases 322 2.4
workingfromhome workingfromhome 1.6f, Real Life, Medium contextual COVID-19 pandemic-related situation; just simulate the requirement 236 4.5
bungeejumping bungeejumping 1.6g, Real Life, Harder real life Physics simulation; need someone who is good with Physics to understand the problem and derive the required fo... 64 4.8
creditcard creditcard 1.6g, Real Life, Harder real life issue; precision error issue if we do not convert double (with just 2 digits after decimal point) into long lo... 123 6.3
demeritpoints demeritpoints 1.6g, Real Life, Harder real-life; harder; multiple corner cases 63 6.5
saxophone saxophone 1.6g, Real Life, Harder about musical instruments; also available at UVa 10415 - Eb Alto Saxophone Player 268 2.4
tenis tenis 1.6g, Real Life, Harder Tennis scoring rules; tricky test cases; be careful 78 5.0
touchscreenkeyboard touchscreenkeyboard 1.6g, Real Life, Harder follow the requirements; sort 636 1.9
workout workout 1.6g, Real Life, Harder gym simulation; use 1D arrays to help you simulate the time quickly 151 5.7
countingdays countingdays 1.6h, Time, Easier computing number of elapsed days via black-box functions 64 2.6
datum datum 1.6h, Time, Easier Java GregorianCalendar, DAY_OF_WEEK 3019 1.4
friday friday 1.6h, Time, Easier the answer depends on the start day of the month 1059 1.9
justaminute justaminute 1.6h, Time, Easier linear pass; total seconds/(total minutes*60) 1512 1.7
klockan2 klockan2 1.6h, Time, Easier try all 24*60 possibilities 208 1.8
marswindow marswindow 1.6h, Time, Easier simple advancing of year and month by 26 months or 2 years+2 months each; direct formula exists 830 2.0
parentgap parentgap 1.6h, Time, Easier difference of two specific Sundays 336 2.3
savingdaylight savingdaylight 1.6h, Time, Easier convert hh:mm to minute; compute difference of ending and starting; then convert minute to hh:mm again 986 2.1
spavanac spavanac 1.6h, Time, Easier convert hh:mm to minute, reduce by 45 minutes, then convert minute to hh:mm again 8877 1.4
bestbefore bestbefore 1.6i, Time, Harder tedious; 3! = 6 possibilities to check 148 4.0
birthdayboy birthdayboy 1.6i, Time, Harder convert mm-dd into [0..364]; use DAT; find largest gap via brute force 108 4.6
busyschedule busyschedule 1.6i, Time, Harder sort the time; be careful of corner cases 811 2.4
dst dst 1.6i, Time, Harder straightforward; modulo 611 2.1
natrij natrij 1.6i, Time, Harder convert hh:mm:ss to seconds; make sure the second time is larger than the first time; corner case: 24:00:00 1136 2.6
semafori semafori 1.6i, Time, Harder simple simulation 724 2.0
tgif tgif 1.6i, Time, Harder given the day of 1 Jan of an unspecified year, find the DAY_OF_WEEK of another day of that year; use Java GregorianCalen... 82 3.2
timezones timezones 1.6i, Time, Harder follow the description, tedious; also available at UVa 10371 - Time Zones 67 5.3
convertingromans convertingromans 1.6j, Roman Numerals Roman numbers variant; important: ``subtract any digit written to the left of a larger digit, even if they are not direc... 274 2.9
rimski rimski 1.6j, Roman Numerals to Roman/to Decimal conversion problem; use next permutation to be sure 118 4.5
romanholidays romanholidays 1.6j, Roman Numerals generate and sort the first 1K Roman strings; ''M'' is at index 945; append prefix 'M' for numbers larger than 1K 92 3.6
conundrum conundrum 1.6k, Cipher, Easier simple cipher 5240 1.4
cypherdecypher cypherdecypher 1.6k, Cipher, Easier encrypt n messages as requested 169 1.7
drmmessages drmmessages 1.6k, Cipher, Easier simple decrypt; follow instruction 1949 1.6
drunkvigenere drunkvigenere 1.6k, Cipher, Easier simple decrypt; reverse the given instruction 189 1.5
encodedmessage encodedmessage 1.6k, Cipher, Easier simple 2D grid cipher 2316 1.4
kemija08 kemija08 1.6k, Cipher, Easier simple vowel checks 3070 1.4
keytocrypto keytocrypto 1.6k, Cipher, Easier simple decrypt 1029 1.7
reverserot reverserot 1.6k, Cipher, Easier simple cipher 2641 1.7
runlengthencodingrun runlengthencodingrun 1.6k, Cipher, Easier encode and decode 1929 1.7
t9spelling t9spelling 1.6k, Cipher, Easier similar to (the reverse of) UVa 12896 2425 1.7
anewalphabet anewalphabet 1.6l, Cipher, Medium simple cipher; 26 characters 4154 1.8
falsesecurity falsesecurity 1.6l, Cipher, Medium a bit tedious decoder problem 948 1.6
keylogger keylogger 1.6l, Cipher, Medium cipher problem; map sound to index; see sample input 1 227 2.3
permcode permcode 1.6l, Cipher, Medium reading comprehension problem 166 2.2
piglatin piglatin 1.6l, Cipher, Medium simple; check the vowels that include 'y' and process it 916 2.1
secretmessage secretmessage 1.6l, Cipher, Medium just do as asked; use 2D grid 2866 1.7
tajna tajna 1.6l, Cipher, Medium simple 2D grid cipher 471 2.1
autori autori 1.6m, Input Parsing (Iter) simple string tokenizer problem 11602 1.2
bannord bannord 1.6m, Input Parsing (Iter) parse the input against set of forbidden characters 601 1.7
genealogical genealogical 1.6m, Input Parsing (Iter) iterative parser; need to be careful when trimming the tokens; do not print new line as the last line; otherwise this is... 77 3.5
headguard headguard 1.6m, Input Parsing (Iter) run length encoding 164 2.0
liquidassets liquidassets 1.6m, Input Parsing (Iter) iterative parsing; process the two rules one after another 274 3.4
mumblerap mumblerap 1.6m, Input Parsing (Iter) find the largest integer in the string 597 1.7
pervasiveheartmonitor pervasiveheartmonitor 1.6m, Input Parsing (Iter) simple parsing; then finding average 950 1.7
screen screen 1.6m, Input Parsing (Iter) there are lots of simplifying specifications that makes this problem doable, especially with Python eval(expression) 39 3.5
timebomb timebomb 1.6m, Input Parsing (Iter) just a tedious input parsing problem; divisibility by 6 1174 1.8
tripletexting tripletexting 1.6m, Input Parsing (Iter) print characters that appear at least two times out of three 56 1.8
asciikassi asciikassi 1.6n, Output Formatting, E ASCII art; create 2D grid as per requirement 478 1.5
display display 1.6n, Output Formatting, E unordered_map; map a digit -> enlarged 7x5 version 635 2.5
krizaljka krizaljka 1.6n, Output Formatting, E simple 2D character array formatting 483 1.8
mirror mirror 1.6n, Output Formatting, E simple 2D character array formatting 1757 1.7
mrcodeformatgrader mrcodeformatgrader 1.6n, Output Formatting, E tedious output formatting 441 2.0
multiplication multiplication 1.6n, Output Formatting, E tedious time waster output formatting problem 162 2.2
musicalnotation musicalnotation 1.6n, Output Formatting, E simple but tedious 421 2.0
okvir okvir 1.6n, Output Formatting, E simple 2D output formatting problem 399 2.0
okviri okviri 1.6n, Output Formatting, E use 2D array to simplify the process 447 1.9
skener skener 1.6n, Output Formatting, E enlarging 2D character array 2067 1.5
ultimatebinarywatch ultimatebinarywatch 1.6n, Output Formatting, E simple 2D output formatting problem; 4 vertical bitmasks 205 1.4
asciiaddition asciiaddition 1.6o, Time Waster, Easier a+b problem in text format; total gimmick; time waster 509 1.9
averagespeed averagespeed 1.6o, Time Waster, Easier distance = speed*time elapsed; also available at UVa 10281 - Average Speed 322 3.7
bluetooth bluetooth 1.6o, Time Waster, Easier input parsing; check many subcases 318 1.9
gerrymandering gerrymandering 1.6o, Time Waster, Easier just a reading comprehension problem; do as asked 1187 1.4
glitchbot glitchbot 1.6o, Time Waster, Easier time waster; O(n^2) simulation; do not output more than one possible answer 1036 2.0
pachydermpeanutpacking pachydermpeanutpacking 1.6o, Time Waster, Easier time waster; simple one loop simulation 322 1.9
printingcosts printingcosts 1.6o, Time Waster, Easier clear time waster; the hard part is in parsing the costs of each character in the problem description 705 2.2
froggie froggie 1.6p, Time Waster, Harder just a simulation; but many corner cases; S can be 0 296 6.8
functionalfun functionalfun 1.6p, Time Waster, Harder just follow the description; 5 cases; tedious parsing problem; requires a kind of mapper 487 1.9
interpreter interpreter 1.6p, Time Waster, Harder need careful implementation; just follow the instruction 224 3.7
lumbercraft lumbercraft 1.6p, Time Waster, Harder time waster; 2D grid simulation 69 5.0
sabor sabor 1.6p, Time Waster, Harder ad hoc; hard simulation; analyze that the simulation terminates 53 5.2
touchdown touchdown 1.6p, Time Waster, Harder time waster; reading comprehension; several corner cases 114 3.6
windows windows 1.6p, Time Waster, Harder LA 7162 - WorldFinals Marrakech15; tedious simulation problem; also available at UVa 01721 - Window Manager 92 7.6
baloni baloni 2.2a, 1D Array, Medium clever use of 1D histogram array to decompose the shots as per requirement 689 3.5
downtime downtime 2.2a, 1D Array, Medium 1D array; use Fenwick Tree-like operation for Range Update Point Query 1068 3.2
erase erase 2.2a, 1D Array, Medium if N is odd, the second line has to be the inverse of the first; if N is even, both lines have to be the same 2166 1.6
fluortanten fluortanten 2.2a, 1D Array, Medium remove Bjorn first; then do O(n) pass to check where is Bjorn's optimal position 181 3.1
greedilyincreasing greedilyincreasing 2.2a, 1D Array, Medium just 1D array manipulation; this is not the DP-LIS problem 1151 1.9
jollyjumpers jollyjumpers 2.2a, 1D Array, Medium 1D Boolean flags to check [1..n-1]; also available at UVa 10038 - Jolly Jumpers 413 3.4
rankproblem rankproblem 2.2a, 1D Array, Medium list (array) manipulation problem 120 2.8
trackingshares trackingshares 2.2a, 1D Array, Medium keep track of the shares in small arrays and simulate 73 2.2
astro astro 2.2b, 1D Array, Harder use large Boolean array 115 4.3
charged charged 2.2b, 1D Array, Harder convoluted problem statement; ignore E and F; for each cell, compute sum of Vs using rx/ry; convert the value of each ce... 61 1.8
crashingrobots crashingrobots 2.2b, 1D Array, Harder just simulate the x/y/direction of the N robots 107 4.6
divideby100 divideby100 2.2b, 1D Array, Harder big 1D character array processing; be careful 557 4.2
flippingpatties flippingpatties 2.2b, 1D Array, Harder use 1D int array of size 43 201; at each time t, we need one cook (hand) at time t-2d (to start), t-d (to flip), ... 116 2.4
inverteddeck inverteddeck 2.2b, 1D Array, Harder can we sort the array with just one contiguous swap?; compress duplicates; use sentinel so that we only check /&bsol... 203 3.7
keypad keypad 2.2b, 1D Array, Harder 2D array manipulation 200 3.3
mastermind mastermind 2.2b, 1D Array, Harder 1D array manipulation to count r and s 446 2.4
physicalmusic physicalmusic 2.2b, 1D Array, Harder a reading comprehension problem to come up with a simple algorithm to determine the answer 168 5.5
piperotation piperotation 2.2b, 1D Array, Harder use 1D Boolean array to check if cell (r, c) needs to be connected from the top (r-1) or left (c-1) and pass information... 50 2.6
pivot pivot 2.2b, 1D Array, Harder static range min/max query problem; special condition allows this problem to be solvable in O(n) using help of 1D arrays 1723 3.2
queens queens 2.2b, 1D Array, Harder simple N queens verifier program; use several 1D Boolean arrays to help do this check in O(N) 725 3.3
rockband rockband 2.2b, 1D Array, Harder interesting usage of 1D array to simplify the solution; a bit of sorting to arrange the output 194 3.9
traffic traffic 2.2b, 1D Array, Harder just simulate the movement of the car for 'longer than 10^6', analyze the required bound 233 4.1
upsanddownsofinvesting upsanddownsofinvesting 2.2b, 1D Array, Harder simplify by a factor of two by realizing that peaks and valleys are symmetrical 147 3.6
compromise compromise 2.2c, 2D Array, Easier 2D array manipulation; take the majority bits of each column; output either 0 or 1 for ties 363 2.2
epigdanceoff epigdanceoff 2.2c, 2D Array, Easier count number of CCs on 2D grid; simpler solution exists: count the number of blank columns plus one 505 1.9
fastestavailableroute fastestavailableroute 2.2c, 2D Array, Easier count the number of dots in a 2D grid; scale up by a factor of s 126 2.5
flowshop flowshop 2.2c, 2D Array, Easier interesting 2D array manipulation 392 2.5
guesswho guesswho 2.2c, 2D Array, Easier 2D and 1D array; simulate and eliminate impossible candidates 197 1.6
imageprocessing imageprocessing 2.2c, 2D Array, Easier interesting 2D array manipulation 344 2.1
laptopstickers laptopstickers 2.2c, 2D Array, Easier 2D array manipulation 318 2.5
meddelande meddelande 2.2c, 2D Array, Easier simple 2D array traversal; row major; skip '.' 122 1.6
moderatepace moderatepace 2.2c, 2D Array, Easier sort each column; take the middle one 272 1.6
mylla2 mylla2 2.2c, 2D Array, Easier simple 3x3 grid manipulation 247 1.6
nineknights nineknights 2.2c, 2D Array, Easier 2D array checks; 8 directions 881 1.9
patchwork patchwork 2.2c, 2D Array, Easier tedious 2D grid manipulation 109 2.0
prjonamynstur prjonamynstur 2.2c, 2D Array, Easier process-2d-grid-on-the-fly 395 1.5
rulen rulen 2.2c, 2D Array, Easier bitmask application; follow the instructions 59 2.9
starbattles1 starbattles1 2.2c, 2D Array, Easier simple 2D array checks; use delta row/col technique to simplify the implementation 189 3.1
thisaintyourgrandpascheckerboard thisaintyourgrandpaschecke... 2.2c, 2D Array, Easier simple 2D array manipulation 578 1.6
vemvinner vemvinner 2.2c, 2D Array, Easier small 3x3 array checks 408 2.1
2048 2048 2.2d, 2D Array, Harder just a 2D array manipulation problem; utilize symmetry using 90 degrees rotation(s) to reduce 4 cases into 1 3150 2.1
apples apples 2.2d, 2D Array, Harder 2D array manipulation; gravity simulation 439 3.6
falcondive falcondive 2.2d, 2D Array, Harder 2D array manipulation; translation vector of the Falcon 64 2.8
flagquiz flagquiz 2.2d, 2D Array, Harder array of array of strings; be careful; duplicates may exists 167 3.7
funhouse funhouse 2.2d, 2D Array, Harder 2D array manipulation; note the direction update 700 2.0
huntthewumpus huntthewumpus 2.2d, 2D Array, Harder tedious 2D array simulation 215 2.2
prva prva 2.2d, 2D Array, Harder 2D array manipulation; check vertically and horizontally 756 1.7
rings2 rings2 2.2d, 2D Array, Harder more challenging 2D array manipulation; special output formatting style 385 3.8
tetris tetris 2.2d, 2D Array, Harder actually 3D pattern array to simulate various shape positions 322 1.8
basicprogramming2 basicprogramming2 2.2e, Sorting, Easier a nice problem about basic sorting applications 189 3.4
classfieldtrip classfieldtrip 2.2e, Sorting, Easier just sort the characters 1019 1.3
closingtheloop closingtheloop 2.2e, Sorting, Easier sort first 1415 1.6
cups cups 2.2e, Sorting, Easier a bit of string parsing; sort 2987 1.5
height height 2.2e, Sorting, Easier insertion sort simulation 899 2.0
judging judging 2.2e, Sorting, Easier sort DOM judge and Kattis outputs; then do the O(n) merge procedure of mergesort to count common outputs 1183 2.5
magictrick magictrick 2.2e, Sorting, Easier can if all chars are unique or cannot otherwise; either sort s then check adjacent characters or use set to eliminate du... 1605 1.3
mjehuric mjehuric 2.2e, Sorting, Easier a direct simulation of a bubble sort algorithm 1349 1.6
musicaltrees musicaltrees 2.2e, Sorting, Easier sort p and t; then just simulate as asked with Boolean array 23 2.8
nothanks nothanks 2.2e, Sorting, Easier sort; then linear pass to check adjacent sorted elements 441 2.4
sidewayssorting sidewayssorting 2.2e, Sorting, Easier stable_sort or sort multi-fields of columns of a 2D array; ignore case 857 2.0
stokigalistor stokigalistor 2.2e, Sorting, Easier compare original list with its sorted version 537 2.2
addemup addemup 2.2f, Sorting, Harder create a helper function to read digits upside down; add all possibilities; sort; then use fast O(n) target pair solutio... 338 4.4
booking booking 2.2f, Sorting, Harder 2 events per booking (need room and release room); convert to minutes; be careful of leap year on 2016; sort the events;... 164 5.4
chartingprogress chartingprogress 2.2f, Sorting, Harder sort using modified comparison function (by column); transpose the input 757 2.2
classy classy 2.2f, Sorting, Harder sort using modified comparison function; a bit of string parsing/tokenization 1633 4.5
dirtydriving dirtydriving 2.2f, Sorting, Harder sort; find max - derive the formula; reading comprehension problem 279 2.1
dyslectionary dyslectionary 2.2f, Sorting, Harder sort the reverse of original string; output formatting 775 3.4
gearchanging gearchanging 2.2f, Sorting, Harder generate all O(N*M) possible gear ratios; sort; check consecutive ratios (it is ok to have duplicates) 161 3.2
includescoring includescoring 2.2f, Sorting, Harder sort; custom comparison function, tedious 342 3.7
lawnmower lawnmower 2.2f, Sorting, Harder sort and check if Guido covers all land (end-to-end and side-to-side); also available at UVa 12269 - Land Mower 448 2.1
longswaps longswaps 2.2f, Sorting, Harder observation: if k ≤ n/2, output 'Yes'; otherwise the middle chars at s[n-k..k-1] cannot move; sort s and compare the ... 172 3.3
musicyourway musicyourway 2.2f, Sorting, Harder stable_sort; custom comparison function 404 2.4
sortofsorting sortofsorting 2.2f, Sorting, Harder stable_sort or sort multi-fields 2667 2.2
statues statues 2.2f, Sorting, Harder sort distinct statue heights; test all 4 possible diagonal placements, pick the min 106 2.8
zipfsong zipfsong 2.2f, Sorting, Harder sort; custom comparison function; zipf law 209 4.5
bread bread 2.2g, Special Sorting inversion index; hard to derive 249 5.0
excursion excursion 2.2g, Special Sorting inversion index; requires O(n log n) merge sort 387 4.3
froshweek froshweek 2.2g, Special Sorting requires O(n log n) merge sort; 64-bit integer; also available at UVa 11858 - Frosh Week 694 5.6
gamenight gamenight 2.2g, Special Sorting Counting Sort is a subproblem; count frequency of A/B/Cs; complete search AA..ABB..BCC..C or AA..ACC..CBB..B 70 2.8
mali mali 2.2g, Special Sorting Counting Sort two arrays; greedy matching largest+smallest at that point 97 5.1
sort sort 2.2g, Special Sorting Counting Sort variant 318 2.3
ultraquicksort ultraquicksort 2.2g, Special Sorting requires O(n log n) merge sort; also available at UVa 10810 - Ultra Quicksort 180 5.2
bitbybit bitbybit 2.2h, Bit Manipulation be very careful with and + or corner cases 955 2.9
bits bits 2.2h, Bit Manipulation use GNU C++ __builtin_popcount 1066 2.6
deathstar deathstar 2.2h, Bit Manipulation can be solved with bit manipulation 415 2.0
hypercube hypercube 2.2h, Bit Manipulation given a gray code; we can binary search its index: upper half/first digit 0 and bottom half/first digit 1 376 3.0
iboard iboard 2.2h, Bit Manipulation simulation; LSB to MSB; all ASCII values are 7-bits; we may need to add leading zeroes 363 2.3
snappereasy snappereasy 2.2h, Bit Manipulation see Kattis - snapperhard 424 2.7
snapperhard snapperhard 2.2h, Bit Manipulation bit manipulation; find the pattern; the easier version is also available at Kattis - snappereasy 501 2.3
tictacstate tictacstate 2.2h, Bit Manipulation convert the octal state into 3x3 Tic-Tac-Toe state and decide the game's outcome; the 18-th bit is not used 403 2.5
zebrasocelots zebrasocelots 2.2h, Bit Manipulation zebra is 1; ocelot is 0; simulation of long long 563 3.2
buka buka 2.2i, Big Integer a trivial problem if we use Python or Java BigInteger 152 1.8
disastrousdoubling disastrousdoubling 2.2i, Big Integer simulation; wrong answer if not using Big Integer 324 3.7
generalizedrecursivefunctions generalizedrecursivefuncti... 2.2i, Big Integer direct implementation of the given generalized recursive functions; but using Big Integer 141 3.9
popkorn popkorn 2.2i, Big Integer simple formula; use Big Integer 1731 3.2
primaryarithmetic primaryarithmetic 2.2i, Big Integer not a Big Integer problem but a simulation of basic addition 399 2.7
simpleaddition simpleaddition 2.2i, Big Integer that A+B on BigInteger question 1913 1.9
simplearithmetic simplearithmetic 2.2i, Big Integer trivial problem with Python (Big) Decimal 389 4.7
threepowers threepowers 2.2i, Big Integer Big Integer is for 3^n; binary rep of set; also available at UVa 10669 - Three powers 700 2.6
wizardofodds wizardofodds 2.2i, Big Integer if K is bigger than 350, the answer is clear; else just check if 2^K ≥ N 488 2.6
bracketmatching bracketmatching 2.2j, Stack bracket matching; stack 1172 1.7
dream dream 2.2j, Stack stack simulation; reading comprehension problem, need other fast DS for mapping strings to indices 219 6.4
evenup evenup 2.2j, Stack use stack to solve this problem 1273 2.7
pairingsocks pairingsocks 2.2j, Stack simulation using two stacks; just do as asked 556 3.0
restaurant restaurant 2.2j, Stack simulation with stack-based concept; drop plates at stack 2 (LIFO); use move 2-$gt;1 to reverse order; take from stack 1... 364 4.5
reversebinary reversebinary 2.2j, Stack decimal to binary; reverse it; binary to decimal 7144 1.5
symmetricorder symmetricorder 2.2j, Stack use stack to help reverse even-indexed names 3584 1.5
thegrandadventure thegrandadventure 2.2j, Stack stack simulation 348 2.0
throwns throwns 2.2j, Stack use stack of egg positions to help with the undo operation; be careful of corner cases involving modulo operation 1091 2.6
bracketsequence bracketsequence 2.2k, Stack-based Problems bracket matching variant; stack; push a pair of (+ result, * result) for each '('; pop topmost pair for each ')'; operat... 100 5.5
bungeebuilder bungeebuilder 2.2k, Stack-based Problems clever usage of stack; linear pass; bracket (mountain) matching variant 83 3.3
circuitmath circuitmath 2.2k, Stack-based Problems postfix calculator problem 918 2.4
delimitersoup delimitersoup 2.2k, Stack-based Problems bracket matching; stack 382 1.9
backspace backspace 2.2l, List/Queue/Deque we can use deque (or vector) to help solve this problem 2517 3.0
ferryloading3 ferryloading3 2.2l, List/Queue/Deque simulation with queue; also available at UVa 10901 - Ferry Loading III 368 3.6
ferryloading4 ferryloading4 2.2l, List/Queue/Deque simulation with queue; also available at UVa 11034 - Ferry Loading IV 703 3.6
foosball foosball 2.2l, List/Queue/Deque queue simulation; tedious 186 3.7
integerlists integerlists 2.2l, List/Queue/Deque use deque for fast deletion from front (normal) & back (reversed list); use stack to reverse the final list if it is... 882 4.8
joinstrings joinstrings 2.2l, List/Queue/Deque all '+' operations must be O(1) 959 4.1
lyklagangriti lyklagangriti 2.2l, List/Queue/Deque use list and its iterator; very similar to Kattis - sim 114 2.7
server server 2.2l, List/Queue/Deque one first come first serve pass; we can use queue although overkill 3331 1.9
sim sim 2.2l, List/Queue/Deque use list and its iterator 99 2.0
teque teque 2.2l, List/Queue/Deque all operations must be O(1) 766 3.3
trendingtopic trendingtopic 2.2l, List/Queue/Deque use queue of length 7 to maintain words in the past 7 days, unordered_map to count frequencies, sort to format the outpu... 181 5.8
alehouse alehouse 2.3a, Priority Queue discretize the events; PQ simulation 223 4.6
clinic clinic 2.3a, Priority Queue interesting PQ simulation; reverse thinking; project to time 0 165 3.0
guessthedatastructure guessthedatastructure 2.3a, Priority Queue stack, queue, and priority_queue; also available at UVa 11995 - I Can Guess ... 2148 2.5
heap heap 2.3a, Priority Queue basic Binary (Max) Heap implementation task 11 5.8
janeeyre janeeyre 2.3a, Priority Queue simulate Anna's reading behavior with PQ; the input parsing is tedious 79 4.8
jugglingpatterns jugglingpatterns 2.3a, Priority Queue PQ simulation; reading comprehension 48 6.3
knigsoftheforest knigsoftheforest 2.3a, Priority Queue PQ simulation after sorting the entries by year 184 3.6
numbertree numbertree 2.3a, Priority Queue not a direct priority queue problem, but the indexing strategy is similar to binary heap indexing 1760 2.1
pharmacy pharmacy 2.3a, Priority Queue simulation with PQ (time) and 2 normal queues (in-store vs remote) 118 3.4
rationalsequence2 rationalsequence2 2.3a, Priority Queue the L/R pattern can be easily derived and indexing strategy is similar to binary heap indexing 1388 1.5
rationalsequence3 rationalsequence3 2.3a, Priority Queue the reverse problem of rationalsequence2 587 1.8
stockprices stockprices 2.3a, Priority Queue PQ simulation; both max and min PQ 109 3.7
alphabetspam alphabetspam 2.3b, DAT, ASCII count the frequencies of lowercase, uppercase, and whitespace characters 3902 1.4
cyclicalperiods cyclicalperiods 2.3b, DAT, ASCII DAT of last occurrence of 26 chars [`a`..`z`], keep the running max 112 3.0
keyboardd keyboardd 2.3b, DAT, ASCII frequency counting of A-Zs and spaces 92 2.0
quickbrownfox quickbrownfox 2.3b, DAT, ASCII pangram; frequency counting of 26 alphabets 4433 1.6
soundex soundex 2.3b, DAT, ASCII DAT for soundex A-Z code mapping; also available at UVa 10260 - Soundex 106 2.9
bookingaroom bookingaroom 2.3c, DAT, Others only 100 rooms; use 1D Boolean array 2849 1.7
busnumbers busnumbers 2.3c, DAT, Others only 1000 bus numbers; use 1D Boolean array 2776 2.4
dontbefake dontbefake 2.3c, DAT, Others it is sufficient to use DAT of size 86400 to get the required answers efficiently 100 2.9
freefood freefood 2.3c, DAT, Others only 365 days in a year 1965 1.5
hardware hardware 2.3c, DAT, Others parsing is tedious; count the frequency of digits 244 2.0
heimavinna heimavinna 2.3c, DAT, Others DAT of 1000 problems 431 1.4
princesspeach princesspeach 2.3c, DAT, Others DAT; linear pass 839 2.1
relocation relocation 2.3c, DAT, Others just use DAT 1112 1.5
simone simone 2.3c, DAT, Others DAT to count frequencies of [1..K] 106 1.6
bard bard 2.3d, Hash Table (set) use one unordered_set per villager; simulate the singing process 637 2.6
boatparts boatparts 2.3d, Hash Table (set) use unordered_set 1398 1.6
cd cd 2.3d, Hash Table (set) unordered_set is faster than set here; or use modified merge as the input is sorted; also available at UVa 11849 - CD 3176 5.3
deduplicatingfiles deduplicatingfiles 2.3d, Hash Table (set) use vector to store the strings; unordered_set to store unique strings; and complete search to compare the n^2 hash code... 583 4.4
engineeringenglish engineeringenglish 2.3d, Hash Table (set) use unordered_set to remember duplicated words; transform to lowercase 1627 2.2
esej esej 2.3d, Hash Table (set) use unordered_set to prevent duplicate 509 3.3
everywhere everywhere 2.3d, Hash Table (set) use unordered_set 7015 1.4
greetingcard greetingcard 2.3d, Hash Table (set) use unordered_set; good question; major hint: only 12 neighbors 607 4.9
icpcawards icpcawards 2.3d, Hash Table (set) use unordered_set; print first 12 distinct Universities (and their first teams) 2167 1.4
icpcrecordmatching icpcrecordmatching 2.3d, Hash Table (set) string processing; set of emails/names; sort the output 111 4.2
iwannabe iwannabe 2.3d, Hash Table (set) sort Pokenoms based on each stat; pick top K ids and put in an unordered_set; report final size of unordered_set 739 2.5
keywords keywords 2.3d, Hash Table (set) pre-process the strings; put inside unordered_set; report final size 349 2.3
knotknowledge knotknowledge 2.3d, Hash Table (set) simple set difference problem 890 1.5
nodup nodup 2.3d, Hash Table (set) use unordered_set; string 3564 1.3
oddmanout oddmanout 2.3d, Hash Table (set) use unordered_set to find and eliminate pairs 4450 1.5
pizzahawaii pizzahawaii 2.3d, Hash Table (set) use Python to help with (unordered) set intersection and difference operations 335 2.6
proofs proofs 2.3d, Hash Table (set) parsing; use unordered_set to store past conclusions; a few corner cases 48 2.4
securedoors securedoors 2.3d, Hash Table (set) use unordered_set to keep track of the people 2108 1.8
shiritori shiritori 2.3d, Hash Table (set) linear pass; use unordered_set to keep track of words that have been called 295 2.9
shoppinglist shoppinglist 2.3d, Hash Table (set) simple set intersection problem 16 4.4
shoppinglisteasy shoppinglisteasy 2.3d, Hash Table (set) see Kattis - shoppinglist 23 3.4
tripodometer tripodometer 2.3d, Hash Table (set) let s = sum(d); subtract s by each d_i; keep the answers in a set; sort 185 2.1
upprodun upprodun 2.3d, Hash Table (set) not really a Hash Table problem but uses Hash Table concept; the number of teams in each room is the 'load factor' of th... 197 1.9
variabelnamn variabelnamn 2.3d, Hash Table (set) hash table (set) and DAT simulation 411 3.0
whatdoesthefoxsay whatdoesthefoxsay 2.3d, Hash Table (set) use unordered_set to record excluded sounds 2578 2.1
babelfish babelfish 2.3e, Hash Table (map), E a pure dictionary problem; use unordered_map; also available at UVa 10282 - Babelfish 2835 2.3
competitivearcadebasketball competitivearcadebasketbal... 2.3e, Hash Table (map), E use unordered_map 209 2.8
conformity conformity 2.3e, Hash Table (map), E use unordered_map to count frequencies of the sorted permutations of 5 ids; also available at UVa 11286 - Conformity 1100 1.9
costumecontest costumecontest 2.3e, Hash Table (map), E use unordered_map to map frequency of each category; get the minimum one; print output lexicographically 532 2.0
election2 election2 2.3e, Hash Table (map), E frequency counting; be careful of tie breaker 166 2.4
gandalfsspell gandalfsspell 2.3e, Hash Table (map), E map string to char and char to string 86 2.5
grandpabernie grandpabernie 2.3e, Hash Table (map), E use unordered_map plus (sorted) vector 1065 3.2
haypoints haypoints 2.3e, Hash Table (map), E use unordered_map to deal with Hay Points dictionary; also available at UVa 10295 - Hay Points 1055 2.0
marko marko 2.3e, Hash Table (map), E frequency counting with unordered_map 495 1.9
metaprogramming metaprogramming 2.3e, Hash Table (map), E use unordered_map; somewhat similar with Kattis - addingwords 820 2.4
nicknames nicknames 2.3e, Hash Table (map), E use unordered_map of frequency of prefixes 364 3.3
pakethanterare pakethanterare 2.3e, Hash Table (map), E map package name to version number 454 2.0
planets2 planets2 2.3e, Hash Table (map), E map species name to planet name; frequency counting 106 3.5
recount recount 2.3e, Hash Table (map), E use map; frequency counting 1163 2.0
rollcall rollcall 2.3e, Hash Table (map), E use unordered_map to count frequency; sort 530 2.4
streetsahead streetsahead 2.3e, Hash Table (map), E map street name to linear indices; find the absolute differences of the indices per query 438 2.1
variablearithmetic variablearithmetic 2.3e, Hash Table (map), E use unordered_map as mapper 394 2.6
addingwords addingwords 2.3f, Hash Table (map), H use unordered_map 1880 3.9
awkwardparty awkwardparty 2.3f, Hash Table (map), H use unordered_map to running max and running min; report the largest difference 611 3.0
basicinterpreter basicinterpreter 2.3f, Hash Table (map), H the harder version of Kattis - variablearithmetic; tedious; be careful; print string inside double quotes verbatim 152 6.7
bokforing bokforing 2.3f, Hash Table (map), H use unordered_map to map index to value; for each 'RESTART', clear the hash table in 'faster than O(N)' (amortized) and ... 493 3.8
conversationlog conversationlog 2.3f, Hash Table (map), H use combo DS: unordered_map, set, plus (sorted) vector 507 2.8
iforaneye iforaneye 2.3f, Hash Table (map), H use unordered_map to map the various rules mentioned in the problem description; tedious 143 5.0
kaploeb kaploeb 2.3f, Hash Table (map), H hash the total time and lap count of each start number; sort at the end 899 2.3
magicalcows magicalcows 2.3f, Hash Table (map), H use unordered_map of farm size to frequency; small simulation; but since C is small, we can also use DAT 257 4.6
minorsetback minorsetback 2.3f, Hash Table (map), H use unordered_map of string to another unordered_map of int to string; need a bit of music theory to solve the problem; ... 147 3.6
parallelanalysis parallelanalysis 2.3f, Hash Table (map), H reading comprehension; use unordered_map to map memory address to last time it is written 80 4.8
recenice recenice 2.3f, Hash Table (map), H use unordered_map to prepare pronunciation of [1..999]; precalculate the answer afterwards using another unordered_map 225 3.1
snowflakes snowflakes 2.3f, Hash Table (map), H use unordered_map to record the occurrence index of a certain snowflake size; use this to determine the answer in linear... 404 4.4
bst bst 2.3g, Balanced BST (set) simulate special BST [1..N] insertions using set 449 7.3
caching caching 2.3g, Balanced BST (set) combo ds (unordered_map and set) 210 5.8
candydivision candydivision 2.3g, Balanced BST (set) complete search from 1 to sqrt(N); insert all divisors into set for automatic sorting and elimination of duplicates 702 3.4
compoundwords compoundwords 2.3g, Balanced BST (set) use set extensively; iterator 1807 1.7
coursescheduling coursescheduling 2.3g, Balanced BST (set) keep (ordered) set of courses and (unordered) map of course to students taking the course 40 3.1
ministryofmagic ministryofmagic 2.3g, Balanced BST (set) simulate directly, use of queue and set (PQ with update key/increase key; use STL set) 63 6.0
missinggnomes missinggnomes 2.3g, Balanced BST (set) use set to keep ordered list of missing gnomes 659 2.6
orphanbackups orphanbackups 2.3g, Balanced BST (set) use set for auto sorting 94 6.2
palindromicpassword palindromicpassword 2.3g, Balanced BST (set) there are not more than 900 3-digits number; generate all and store them in a (sorted) set; find ceil and floor of input... 431 3.3
raceday raceday 2.3g, Balanced BST (set) use combo of map; multiset (the most important part for the rankings); and unordered_map 184 3.8
raidteams raidteams 2.3g, Balanced BST (set) use more than one PQs that can support erase operation 75 3.5
administrativeproblems administrativeproblems 2.3h, Balanced BST (map) use several maps as the output (of spy names) has to be sorted; be careful of corner cases 194 6.3
baconeggsandspam baconeggsandspam 2.3h, Balanced BST (map) use map; sort 1712 1.6
cakeymccakeface cakeymccakeface 2.3h, Balanced BST (map) map differences to frequencies; return the one with maximum frequency and if ties, the smallest difference 197 3.8
doctorkattis doctorkattis 2.3h, Balanced BST (map) Max Priority Queue with frequent (increaseKey) updates; use map 114 4.7
fantasydraft fantasydraft 2.3h, Balanced BST (map) use map to keep ordering; simulate; need to erase 111 4.0
fodelsedagsmemorisering fodelsedagsmemorisering 2.3h, Balanced BST (map) use map; sorted output 289 1.8
hardwoodspecies hardwoodspecies 2.3h, Balanced BST (map) use map; sorted output; also available at UVa 10226 - Hardwood Species 378 2.7
kattissquest kattissquest 2.3h, Balanced BST (map) use map of priority queues; other solutions exist 834 3.1
maeting maeting 2.3h, Balanced BST (map) map name to frequencies; sort in non-increasing order 433 1.6
notamused notamused 2.3h, Balanced BST (map) use map; sorted output 601 2.0
opensource opensource 2.3h, Balanced BST (map) use map and set to check previous strings; order needed; also available at UVa 11239 - Open Source 291 3.3
problemclassification problemclassification 2.3h, Balanced BST (map) mapper; frequency counting 345 3.1
srednji srednji 2.3h, Balanced BST (map) go left and right of B; use fast data structure like map to help determine the result fast 164 4.1
warehouse warehouse 2.3h, Balanced BST (map) use unordered_map and multimap 920 2.1
zoo zoo 2.3h, Balanced BST (map) parsing; keep last token; tolower; frequency counting with map; order needed 1499 1.7
babynames babynames 2.3i, Order Statistics Tree dynamic rank problem; use two pb_ds 87 5.5
continuousmedian continuousmedian 2.3i, Order Statistics Tree dynamic selection problem; specifically the median values; pb_ds helps 140 3.9
cookieselection cookieselection 2.3i, Order Statistics Tree map large integers to up to 600K integers; use pb_ds or Fenwick Tree and the select(median) operation of Fenwick Tree 923 4.3
gcpc gcpc 2.3i, Order Statistics Tree dynamic rank problem; pb_ds helps 876 5.3
abinitio abinitio 2.4a, Graph Data Structures combo: EL input, AM as working graph DS, AL output (in hash format); all operations must be O(V) or better 104 7.3
alphabetanimals alphabetanimals 2.4a, Graph Data Structures somewhat an Adjacency List data structure 478 3.4
chopwood chopwood 2.4a, Graph Data Structures Prüfer sequence; use priority_queue 258 3.5
cutthenegativity cutthenegativity 2.4a, Graph Data Structures AM to EL conversion 1213 1.4
flyingsafely flyingsafely 2.4a, Graph Data Structures trivial solution exists 1421 1.7
hermits hermits 2.4a, Graph Data Structures a simple Graph Data Structure application question 98 3.2
illuminatispotti illuminatispotti 2.4a, Graph Data Structures store the graph in an Adjacency Matrix; O(N^3) try-all possible triangles 30 4.3
popularitycontest popularitycontest 2.4a, Graph Data Structures a simple graph DS problem 107 2.0
railroad railroad 2.4a, Graph Data Structures do as asked; graph DS modification; bypass vertices with degree 2 95 6.3
traveltheskies traveltheskies 2.4a, Graph Data Structures (graph) DS manipulation; an array of ALs (one per each day); simulate the number of people day by day 188 3.2
tripplanning tripplanning 2.4a, Graph Data Structures use unordered_map to map bidirectional edges into 1-based indices; simulate the linear journey 232 2.4
weakvertices weakvertices 2.4a, Graph Data Structures graph edge existence checks 1775 1.5
almostunionfind almostunionfind 2.4b, Union-Find new operation: move; idea: do not destroy the parent array structure; also available at UVa 11987 - Almost Union-Find 618 7.0
bridgesandtunnels bridgesandtunnels 2.4b, Union-Find map buildings to integer IDs; UFDS; size of set 57 3.2
chatter chatter 2.4b, Union-Find UFDS simulation using random number generation 59 3.1
control control 2.4b, Union-Find LA 7480 - Singapore15; simulation of UFDS; size of set; number of disjoint sets 424 4.6
forests forests 2.4b, Union-Find merge two disjoint sets if they are consistent; also available at UVa 10227 - Forests 127 3.0
ladice ladice 2.4b, Union-Find size of set; decrement one per usage 615 2.8
more10 more10 2.4b, Union-Find UFDS; a bit of string processing; tedious 94 7.1
skolavslutningen skolavslutningen 2.4b, Union-Find group classes that share the same column into the same CC; report number of CCs 152 1.9
swaptosort swaptosort 2.4b, Union-Find it boils down to finding CCs of 1 with N-1; 2 with N-2; and so on... 423 3.9
tildes tildes 2.4b, Union-Find basic UFDS with size of set query 165 2.6
unionfind unionfind 2.4b, Union-Find basic UFDS; similar to UVa 00793 1086 4.8
virtualfriends virtualfriends 2.4b, Union-Find maintain set attribute (size) in rep item; also available at UVa 11503 - Virtual Friends 1078 3.9
fenwick fenwick 2.4c, Tree-related DS basic Fenwick Tree; use long long 695 4.5
justforsidekicks justforsidekicks 2.4c, Tree-related DS use six Fenwick Trees, one for each gem type 359 3.8
moviecollection moviecollection 2.4c, Tree-related DS LA 5902 - NorthWesternEurope11; not a stack but a dynamic RSQ problem; also available at UVa 01513 - Movie collection 547 5.5
supercomputer supercomputer 2.4c, Tree-related DS easy problem if we use Fenwick Tree 760 3.8
turbo turbo 2.4c, Tree-related DS somewhat similar with UVa 01513/Kattis - moviecollection; use DAT (for mapping) and Fenwick Tree (for RSQ) 507 4.3
worstweather worstweather 2.4c, Tree-related DS store the year+rain data in a (sorted) array; binary search; Segment Tree/Sparse Table: static RMaxQueries 118 7.7
4thought 4thought 3.2a, Pre-calculate-able brute force 4^3 possibilities; integer division; pre-calculate 2353 2.8
cardtrick2 cardtrick2 3.2a, Pre-calculate-able n <= 13, we can simulate the process using queue and precalculate all 13 possible answers 869 1.6
chocolates chocolates 3.2a, Pre-calculate-able RxC ≤ 16; use iterative bitmask to try all combinations; test combination with 2 floodfills (on 1s/chocolates and on ... 48 5.0
contingencyplanning contingencyplanning 3.2a, Pre-calculate-able precalculate answers for n <= 11; output 'JUST RUN!!' for n >= 12 412 2.0
foolingaround foolingaround 3.2a, Pre-calculate-able there are only 379 different values of N where Bob wins; pre-calculateable 117 5.8
gridmagic gridmagic 3.2a, Pre-calculate-able run a complete search solution and pre-calculate the answers 104 2.2
lastfactorialdigit lastfactorialdigit 3.2a, Pre-calculate-able very easy due to small range of N; pre-calculateable 4942 1.3
luckynumber luckynumber 3.2a, Pre-calculate-able there is an increasing and decreasing output pattern; for N > 25, the answer is 0; for N ∈ [2..25], use naive brut... 275 4.7
mancala mancala 3.2a, Pre-calculate-able we can generate all possible winnable Mancala boards from smaller Mancala boards 320 1.7
primematrix primematrix 3.2a, Pre-calculate-able Notice that we can just find 1 row answer for 2 ≤ n ≤ 50; then store the results; we can use this to generate the ... 140 4.2
sgcoin sgcoin 3.2a, Pre-calculate-able we can either brute force short string message; precompute all possible hash values; or come up with O(1) solution 271 2.4
theplank theplank 3.2a, Pre-calculate-able n ≤ 24; backtrack (or DP) and save all 24 answers 142 2.0
8queens 8queens 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) classic 8-Queens problem; write a checker 2385 3.2
antiarithmetic antiarithmetic 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) 2 nested loops with pruning can still pass the time limit; compare this with UVa 11129; also available at UVa 10730 - An... 195 7.3
bestrelayteam bestrelayteam 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) sort runners based on flying start times; brute force first runner and pick top 3 other flying start runners 1420 1.9
bikegears bikegears 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) 2D nested loops; sort the output 185 5.4
blackfriday blackfriday 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) 2D nested loops; frequency counting 2384 2.2
closestsums closestsums 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) sort and then do O(n^2) pairings; also available at UVa 10487 - Closest Sums 1105 2.9
codeguessing codeguessing 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) try all possible two digits for Bob 154 2.1
countdoubles countdoubles 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) try all contiguous subarrays of m elements 311 2.0
erosionfilter erosionfilter 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) for each Ai, just try a few indices around it 93 4.6
golombrulers golombrulers 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) 2D nested loops; additional 1D loops for checking 297 3.2
kafkaesque kafkaesque 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) 2D nested loops; simple 293 1.7
largesthoarding largesthoarding 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) 2D nested loops; try all possible heights and try all N skycrapers 149 3.7
liga liga 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) 2D nested loops; interesting logic game; each team is independent; if number played and number loss both not defined, as... 71 6.1
majstor majstor 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) for the second output line; just try each of 'S', 'P', or 'R' at every round and take the max 101 1.9
mathtrade mathtrade 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) just try all starting point and simulate 241 3.3
missingnumber missingnumber 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) rolling prefix tests; doable with just 2D nested loops 387 3.3
peg peg 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) 2D nested loops; try all possible moves 931 1.8
pet pet 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) very simple 2D nested loops problem 7932 1.4
putovanje putovanje 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) clever problem with hint that masks possible brute force solution; just use 2D nested loops 413 2.5
reduction reduction 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) 2 nested loops; with sorting; also available at UVa 10670 - Work Reduction 119 5.8
register register 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) clever problem with hint that masks possible brute force solution; just use 2D nested loops 583 2.1
smoothiestand smoothiestand 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) simple 2D nested loops 195 3.0
straights straights 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) 2 nested loops with pruning 227 3.3
summertrip summertrip 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) 3 loops TLE; clever 2D nested loops; try all possible ending index i; use DAT to remember the latest lowest starting ind... 632 2.4
telephones telephones 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) brute force; check intervals; also available at UVa 12205 - Happy Telephones 302 2.6
tourdefrance tourdefrance 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) brute force plus sorting; also available at UVa 11242 - Tour de France 354 2.7
whogoesthere whogoesthere 3.2b, Iterative (Two Loops) small n and m; just simulate the process with 2D nested loop 157 4.1
busskortet busskortet 3.2c, Three+ Nested Loops, E try all possible 500, 200, and 100 to ensure correctness 704 3.0
cinemaseating cinemaseating 3.2c, Three+ Nested Loops, E 3 nested loops; O(8*R*C); with a small DAT for frequency counter 68 2.5
cudoviste cudoviste 3.2c, Three+ Nested Loops, E 4 nested loops; the inner loops is just 2x2; 5 possibilities of crushed cars; skip 2x2 area that contains building 1194 1.4
mathhomework mathhomework 3.2c, Three+ Nested Loops, E 3 nested loops 257 2.1
npuzzle npuzzle 3.2c, Three+ Nested Loops, E 4 nested loops; easy 683 2.2
patuljci patuljci 3.2c, Three+ Nested Loops, E 3 nested loops; n = 9 1123 1.8
radir radir 3.2c, Three+ Nested Loops, E 3 nested loops; never drop any card 70 3.1
restaurantopening restaurantopening 3.2c, Three+ Nested Loops, E 4 nested loops 307 1.9
safehouses safehouses 3.2c, Three+ Nested Loops, E 4 nested loops 261 3.1
set set 3.2c, Three+ Nested Loops, E 4 nested loops; easy 364 1.8
triangledrama triangledrama 3.2c, Three+ Nested Loops, E try all O(N^3) triplets 46 2.5
calculatingdartscores calculatingdartscores 3.2d, Three+ Nested Loops, H 6 nested loops but easy; see if a*i +b*j + c*k == n 752 2.8
goblingardenguards goblingardenguards 3.2d, Three+ Nested Loops, H 3 nested loops; use 2D Boolean array to avoid over counting 345 6.1
lektira lektira 3.2d, Three+ Nested Loops, H 2 nested loops to try all 2 cutting points plus 1 more loop to actually do the reversing of sub words 376 3.2
medals medals 3.2d, Three+ Nested Loops, H not an easy problem; require analysis to realize that the search space is small; also available at UVa 10997 - Medals 69 5.9
misa misa 3.2d, Three+ Nested Loops, H 4 nested loops; grid; check to 8 directions 502 2.2
tautology tautology 3.2d, Three+ Nested Loops, H try all 2^5 = 32 values with pruning; also available at UVa 11108 - Tautology 160 3.4
classpicture classpicture 3.2e, Iterative (Permutation) try all permutation; filter forbidden pairs; fast simulation 157 6.9
dancerecital dancerecital 3.2e, Iterative (Permutation) try all R! permutations; compare adjacent routines 274 4.2
dreamer dreamer 3.2e, Iterative (Permutation) try all 8! permutations of digits; check if the date is valid; output earliest valid date 406 2.0
towering towering 3.2e, Iterative (Permutation) try all 6! permutations; get the one that works 986 2.1
veci veci 3.2e, Iterative (Permutation) try all permutations; get the one that is larger than X 1193 1.8
victorythroughsynergy victorythroughsynergy 3.2e, Iterative (Permutation) try all 10! team formations; get the one that works 60 4.3
buildingboundaries buildingboundaries 3.2f, Iterative (Combination) try all 2^3 = 8 orientations of 3 buildings; 3 horizontal packing; 3 vertical packing; 3! = 3 of 1 building on top of 2 ... 207 3.4
doubleplusgood doubleplusgood 3.2f, Iterative (Combination) only up to 2^17 possible combinations; use to_string and stoll 228 2.8
exammanipulation exammanipulation 3.2f, Iterative (Combination) only up to 2^10 possible answer keys; test which one is the most suitable one 232 5.5
geppetto geppetto 3.2f, Iterative (Combination) try all 2^N subsets of ingredients 305 3.3
perket perket 3.2f, Iterative (Combination) try all 2^N subsets of ingredients 511 2.2
squaredeal squaredeal 3.2f, Iterative (Combination) try all 3! permutations of rectangles and try all 2^3 combinations of rectangle orientations; test figure 1.a and 1.b co... 232 4.6
zagrade zagrade 3.2f, Iterative (Combination) try all subsets of bracket pairs to be removed 298 3.1
99problems 99problems 3.2g, Try All Answers try all possible candidate answers from 99 to 9999 213 1.6
communication communication 3.2g, Try All Answers try all possible bytes; apply the bitmask formula 764 2.0
cookingwater cookingwater 3.2g, Try All Answers try all possible answers 446 2.0
flexible flexible 3.2g, Try All Answers try all possible answers 2354 1.7
heirsdilemma heirsdilemma 3.2g, Try All Answers try all possible answers; small range; avoid division by zero (this digit is not used) 821 1.6
islands islands 3.2g, Try All Answers try all possible subsets; prune the non-contiguous ones (only 55 valid bitmasks between [0..1023]); check the 'island' p... 443 2.6
lamps lamps 3.2g, Try All Answers try all possible small range of the answer (number of days) 284 2.6
owlandfox owlandfox 3.2g, Try All Answers try all answers; complete search 743 1.8
parking2 parking2 3.2g, Try All Answers try all possible parking spaces; pick the best 2049 1.4
prinova prinova 3.2g, Try All Answers sort first, then try all possible answers, which are the values in betweens two even boy 'names' and values around A, A+... 96 4.2
savingforretirement savingforretirement 3.2g, Try All Answers try all possible answers; small constraint 1248 1.7
successfulzoom successfulzoom 3.2g, Try All Answers try all possible answers (k); the time complexity is like Sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm 692 2.2
sunandmoon sunandmoon 3.2g, Try All Answers try all possible answers up to 5000 532 2.1
tabsandspaces tabsandspaces 3.2g, Try All Answers try all possible tab lengths; pick the one with best space saving 55 2.9
walls walls 3.2g, Try All Answers try whether the answer is 1/2/3/4; or Impossible; use up to 4 nested loops 513 4.0
aboveaverage aboveaverage 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier compute average; see how many are above it; also available at UVa 10370 - Above Average 3190 2.0
damagedequation damagedequation 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier try all 4*4 = 16 possibilities and test them 62 2.1
dicecup dicecup 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier complete search; use map - order needed; pick the sum with the max frequency 5454 1.2
easiest easiest 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier complete search; sum of digit 3991 1.6
growlinggears growlinggears 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier physics of parabola; derivation; try all gears 496 2.4
hailstone2 hailstone2 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier just simulate; Collatz conjecture has max length 1349 for any n up to $10^12 226 1.8
harshadnumbers harshadnumbers 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier sum of digits; brute force 1715 1.4
powersof2easy powersof2easy 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier try all integers in [0..n]; convert to string; search for 2^e as substring 13 3.5
refrigerator refrigerator 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier use two nested loops to try all 118 2.5
simplefactoring simplefactoring 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier try all possible d and e (f and g follow) 159 2.6
smallestcalculatedvalue smallestcalculatedvalue 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier try all possible +, -, *, // in between a, b, c 840 2.9
socialrunning socialrunning 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier try all possible starting runner; first and last runners will run alone at first and last segment, respectively 138 1.8
sodaslurper sodaslurper 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier similar to UVa 10346; also available at UVa 11689 - Soda Surpler 1920 1.6
somesum somesum 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier use complete search to get the answer 575 1.8
sumoftheothers sumoftheothers 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier parsing; try each number as the sum; sum the rest 1261 1.9
treirad treirad 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier brute force up to cubic root of N 819 1.7
tri tri 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier brute force all possibilities 3924 1.6
trollhunt trollhunt 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier brute force; simple 976 2.6
videospeedup videospeedup 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier brute force; simple for loop; do as asked 298 2.0
zamka zamka 3.2h, Math Simulation, Easier Sum of Digit problem; brute force is sufficient 5255 1.4
crackingrsa crackingrsa 3.2i, Math Simulation, Harder a bit number theory; solvable with complete search 258 2.3
disgruntledjudge disgruntledjudge 3.2i, Math Simulation, Harder brute force constants a and b between [0..10 000] and do O(n) checks; break early as soon as a solution is found; also... 76 3.3
falling falling 3.2i, Math Simulation, Harder rework the formula; complete search up to sqrt(D) 588 3.1
houselawn houselawn 3.2i, Math Simulation, Harder just do ask asked; use long long 313 3.4
lipschitzconstant lipschitzconstant 3.2i, Math Simulation, Harder sort; brute force; math observation 253 4.6
milestones milestones 3.2i, Math Simulation, Harder brute force all possibilities, use floating point fraction as both numerator and denominator are very high 137 2.8
repeatingdecimal repeatingdecimal 3.2i, Math Simulation, Harder simulate the process until we have printed c digits; append trailing zeroes if necessary 397 3.6
robotopia robotopia 3.2i, Math Simulation, Harder 2 linear equations; 2 unknowns; small range 582 6.2
stopcounting stopcounting 3.2i, Math Simulation, Harder observation; max prefix; brute force linear pass; from left/right 352 4.9
thanosthehero thanosthehero 3.2i, Math Simulation, Harder for-loop from backwards 320 3.9
coconut coconut 3.2j, Josephus Problem maintain a circular linked list of hand symbols; variant of Josephus problem; other solution exists 636 1.6
eenymeeny eenymeeny 3.2j, Josephus Problem Josephus problem; small n; just simulate 492 1.7
musicalchairs musicalchairs 3.2j, Josephus Problem Josephus variant; brute force 139 4.0
toys toys 3.2j, Josephus Problem use general case Josephus recurrence 142 4.5
draughts draughts 3.2k, Backtracking (Easier) backtracking with pruning; similar to Kattis - crackerbarrel/peggamefortwo 69 4.1
goodmorning goodmorning 3.2k, Backtracking (Easier) we can use backtracking to generate all possible (small) numbers that can be pressed according to the constraints 347 2.7
gradecurving gradecurving 3.2k, Backtracking (Easier) try all possible answers; function grows fast to 100 170 4.5
natjecanje natjecanje 3.2k, Backtracking (Easier) 4 options for each team with kayak: do nothing, pass to left (if damaged), keep to self (if damaged), pass to right (if ... 701 2.5
paintings paintings 3.2k, Backtracking (Easier) try all possible paintings based on Catherine's preference; skip hideous color pairs 162 3.6
carvet carvet 3.2l, Backtracking (Harder) backtrack; similar to Kattis - solitaire; checkers jumping style 120 3.9
dobra dobra 3.2l, Backtracking (Harder) try all possible 3^n changes of '_' (to a vowel, an 'L', or other consonant not 'L'); prune invalid states; count valid ... 44 3.9
fruitbaskets fruitbaskets 3.2l, Backtracking (Harder) interesting backtracking problem; compute the small numbers < 200; output all minus this value computed via backtrack... 493 4.1
pagelayout pagelayout 3.2l, Backtracking (Harder) a bit of geometry; O(2^n imes n^2 iterative bitmask will TLE; need to use recursive backtracking with pruning 84 5.1
primes primes 3.2l, Backtracking (Harder) backtrack; s: (id; num); prune if num exceeds Y; t: keeps this prime P[id] or try next prime factor; count num that is b... 165 5.8
solitaire solitaire 3.2l, Backtracking (Harder) backtrack; similar to Kattis - crackerbarrel and Kattis - peggamefortwo; but on simpler grid graph and there is no need ... 169 3.4
firefly firefly 3.3a, Binary Search sort stalactites vs stalagmites separately; brute force height; binary search the obstacles hit 323 4.0
massivecardgame massivecardgame 3.3a, Binary Search sort once upfront; upperbound-lowerbound per query 803 3.0
outofsorts outofsorts 3.3a, Binary Search do O(log n) binary searches on unsorted array n times 107 3.7
roompainting roompainting 3.3a, Binary Search sort the cans at shop (can be used more than once); use lower_bound for what Joe needs at shop 416 3.8
synchronizinglists synchronizinglists 3.3a, Binary Search sort and lower_bound 2130 1.5
bootstrappingnumber bootstrappingnumber 3.3b, Bisection and BSTA, E BSTA+exponent 144 2.4
carefulascent carefulascent 3.3b, Bisection and BSTA, E BSTA + Physics simulation 558 1.8
financialplanning financialplanning 3.3b, Bisection and BSTA, E BSTA + observation 108 3.5
freeweights freeweights 3.3b, Bisection and BSTA, E BSTA + simulation; Mathematical observation 356 4.5
hindex hindex 3.3b, Bisection and BSTA, E BSTA + another binary search 460 3.3
htoo htoo 3.3b, Bisection and BSTA, E BSTA + simulation; use DAT 200 2.4
monk monk 3.3b, Bisection and BSTA, E BSTA + simulation; cool 86 3.3
slalom2 slalom2 3.3b, Bisection and BSTA, E BSTA + Physics simulation; also available at UVa 11627 - Slalom 43 5.4
smallschedule smallschedule 3.3b, Bisection and BSTA, E BSTA + greedy or math 302 3.1
speed speed 3.3b, Bisection and BSTA, E LA 8043 - WorldFinals RapidCity17; BSTA + Physics; also available at UVa 01753 - Need for Speed 955 3.2
suspensionbridges suspensionbridges 3.3b, Bisection and BSTA, E BSTA + Maths; be careful of precision error 409 4.6
svada svada 3.3b, Bisection and BSTA, E BSTA + simulation; process the two types of monkeys separately 144 3.5
taxing taxing 3.3b, Bisection and BSTA, E BSTA + simulation; use double; be careful of precision errors 143 4.7
a1paper a1paper 3.3c, Ternary Search & Others division of A1 paper is a kind of DnC principle 1212 3.9
bottleflip bottleflip 3.3c, Ternary Search & Others r is not needed; ternary search the optimal water height; derive center of mass formula 202 2.4
cantor cantor 3.3c, Ternary Search & Others ternary search; also available at UVa 11701 - Cantor 255 2.7
ceiling ceiling 3.3c, Ternary Search & Others LA 7578 - WorldFinals Phuket16; BST insertion then tree equality check; also available at UVa 01738 - Ceiling Function 1871 1.9
euclideantsp euclideantsp 3.3c, Ternary Search & Others that complex formula described in problem description is unimodal; c ranges from ≥ 0.1 to ≤ 500.0; ternary search;... 288 2.3
goingtoseed goingtoseed 3.3c, Ternary Search & Others divide to search into four regions; extension of binary/ternary search concept 156 6.2
grazedgrains grazedgrains 3.3c, Ternary Search & Others recursive subdivision the area into four regions that keeps getting smaller; in-circle checks 301 3.1
jewelrybox jewelrybox 3.3c, Ternary Search & Others the objective function is unimodal; ternary search 775 1.6
qanat qanat 3.3c, Ternary Search & Others the low rating is misleading; this is a difficult math problem that requires (two) ternary searches; other solution exis... 173 2.2
reconnaissance reconnaissance 3.3c, Ternary Search & Others the objective function is unimodal; ternary search 101 3.8
sretan sretan 3.3c, Ternary Search & Others the pattern is like Gray code; find the pattern via Divide and Conquer 110 4.1
sylvester sylvester 3.3c, Ternary Search & Others 2D grid; DnC into 4 regions; count how many times that cell is part of the fourth quadrant 359 2.2
tricktreat tricktreat 3.3c, Ternary Search & Others ternary search; the function is unimodal 156 3.9
zipline zipline 3.3c, Ternary Search & Others min = straight line distance; max = use ternary search 555 3.5
avoidland avoidland 3.4a, Greedy (Classical) observe that number of rows with 0 pawn and rows with > 1 pawns should be the same; greedy bipartite matching 256 3.4
classrooms classrooms 3.4a, Greedy (Classical) variant of interval covering; multiple rooms 229 5.9
color color 3.4a, Greedy (Classical) sort the sock colors and greedily assign them to washing machines 980 2.2
distributingseats distributingseats 3.4a, Greedy (Classical) sort; greedy bipartite matching; assign passenger to earliest available row first 60 5.8
fishmongers fishmongers 3.4a, Greedy (Classical) sort; greedy bipartite matching 160 3.6
froshweek2 froshweek2 3.4a, Greedy (Classical) greedy; sort first; similar to Dragon of Loowater; greedy matching 489 2.3
grass grass 3.4a, Greedy (Classical) interval covering; also available at UVa 10382 - Watering Grass 330 5.3
inflation inflation 3.4a, Greedy (Classical) sort; greedy matching 711 1.8
intervalcover intervalcover 3.4a, Greedy (Classical) classic interval covering; be very careful with floating point errors 268 5.6
intervalscheduling intervalscheduling 3.4a, Greedy (Classical) classic interval scheduling; sort by non-decreasing ending times 420 1.6
jamboree jamboree 3.4a, Greedy (Classical) greedy load balancing like UVa 00410 295 2.4
loowater loowater 3.4a, Greedy (Classical) sort; greedy matching; also available at UVa 11292 - The Dragon of Loowater 710 3.0
messages messages 3.4a, Greedy (Classical) simple string matching; sort; like greedy interval covering 134 5.2
remorse remorse 3.4a, Greedy (Classical) simplified Huffman coding; only first 26 203 2.2
speedrun speedrun 3.4a, Greedy (Classical) sort by non-decreasing end times; classic interval covering 28 2.3
squarepegs squarepegs 3.4a, Greedy (Classical) convert square to circular; sort; greedy matching 265 3.1
acm2 acm2 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 790 2.6
akcija akcija 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 2658 2.0
aprizenoonecanwin aprizenoonecanwin 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 790 2.5
cocktail cocktail 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E sort; greedy 1191 2.9
fallingapart fallingapart 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 1011 1.6
fridge fridge 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 429 3.1
gettowork gettowork 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 255 2.2
help help 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 60 7.5
hotsprings hotsprings 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 86 1.9
icpcteamselection icpcteamselection 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 586 3.0
linesperhour linesperhour 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E sort; greedy 595 1.7
minimumscalar minimumscalar 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 1202 2.3
pikemaneasy pikemaneasy 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 473 3.5
pizzubestun pizzubestun 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E sort; greedy every two indices; a bit different between odd and even n 323 2.2
planetaris planetaris 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 143 2.8
plantingtrees plantingtrees 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 3462 2.0
redistribution redistribution 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 537 2.0
sangbok sangbok 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E sort; greedy 200 1.9
shopaholic shopaholic 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 959 2.4
stadiljus stadiljus 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E sort; greedy 315 2.2
standings standings 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 329 4.1
textmessaging textmessaging 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 222 2.9
toflur toflur 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 178 2.5
universityzoning universityzoning 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting; use Manhattan distance to compute distances 122 2.5
woodcutting woodcutting 3.4b, Involving Sorting, E greedy; sorting 572 3.1
airconditioned airconditioned 3.4c, Involving Sorting, H greedy; sorting 1116 3.9
andrewant andrewant 3.4c, Involving Sorting, H greedy; sorting 97 4.9
birds birds 3.4c, Involving Sorting, H greedy; sorting 566 3.5
ceremony ceremony 3.4c, Involving Sorting, H greedy; sorting 849 4.3
dasort dasort 3.4c, Involving Sorting, H greedy; sorting 284 2.9
delivery delivery 3.4c, Involving Sorting, H greedy; sorting 253 3.3
fairdivision fairdivision 3.4c, Involving Sorting, H greedy; sorting 74 4.4
implementationirregularities implementationirregulariti... 3.4c, Involving Sorting, H sort; greedy 305 3.3
intergalacticbidding intergalacticbidding 3.4c, Involving Sorting, H greedy; sorting 346 3.4
keepitcool keepitcool 3.4c, Involving Sorting, H greedy; sorting 290 2.4
lopsidedlineup lopsidedlineup 3.4c, Involving Sorting, H sort; greedy 146 2.9
trip2007 trip2007 3.4c, Involving Sorting, H greedy; sorting; also available at UVa 11100 - The Trip, 2007 191 2.8
wffnproof wffnproof 3.4c, Involving Sorting, H greedy; sorting; also available at UVa 11103 - WFF'N Proof 117 2.9
annoyedcoworkers annoyedcoworkers 3.4d, Involving PQ greedy PQ simulation 429 3.2
arraysmoothening arraysmoothening 3.4d, Involving PQ greedy PQ simulation 1291 2.6
ballotboxes ballotboxes 3.4d, Involving PQ greedy; priority queue 776 4.4
canvas canvas 3.4d, Involving PQ greedy; priority queue 214 3.5
entertainmentbox entertainmentbox 3.4d, Involving PQ sort; greedy simulation; Priority Queue with update key (we can use multiset) 274 6.0
vegetables vegetables 3.4d, Involving PQ greedy; priority queue 347 3.4
workstations workstations 3.4d, Involving PQ greedy; priority queue 1110 3.6
ants ants 3.4e, Non Classical, Easier greedy; also available at UVa 10714 - Ants 1145 2.5
applesack applesack 3.4e, Non Classical, Easier greedy 202 3.5
bank bank 3.4e, Non Classical, Easier greedy 2389 2.6
colourwars colourwars 3.4e, Non Classical, Easier greedy 199 3.1
driver driver 3.4e, Non Classical, Easier greedy 198 3.8
horrorfilmnight horrorfilmnight 3.4e, Non Classical, Easier greedy 207 3.4
knitpicking knitpicking 3.4e, Non Classical, Easier greedy 82 2.4
marblestree marblestree 3.4e, Non Classical, Easier greedy; also available at UVa 10672 - Marbles on a tree 258 3.0
pripreme pripreme 3.4e, Non Classical, Easier greedy 259 2.7
simplicity simplicity 3.4e, Non Classical, Easier greedy 694 2.5
skocimis skocimis 3.4e, Non Classical, Easier greedy 2156 1.6
teacherevaluation teacherevaluation 3.4e, Non Classical, Easier greedy 262 3.0
cardtrading cardtrading 3.4f, Non Classical, Harder greedy 38 5.0
dvds dvds 3.4f, Non Classical, Harder greedy 731 2.9
logland logland 3.4f, Non Classical, Harder greedy 47 5.8
playground playground 3.4f, Non Classical, Harder greedy 60 4.7
stockbroker stockbroker 3.4f, Non Classical, Harder greedy 578 3.4
virus virus 3.4f, Non Classical, Harder greedy 753 3.6
alicedigital alicedigital 3.5a, Max 1D/2D Range Sum max 1D range sum variant; the solution is not DP; notice that m is small 687 4.2
commercials commercials 3.5a, Max 1D/2D Range Sum transform each input by -P; Kadane's algorithm 1570 2.0
fieldtrip fieldtrip 3.5a, Max 1D/2D Range Sum necessary condition: s (sum of class section sizes) must be divisible by 3; use DP 1D range sum to do select(s/3) and se... 32 3.0
foldedmap foldedmap 3.5a, Max 1D/2D Range Sum 2D range sum; brute force the position of starting tile 49 4.6
nered nered 3.5a, Max 1D/2D Range Sum 2D range sum; brute force possible rectangular submatrix and keep the one with minimum modification 41 3.2
prozor prozor 3.5a, Max 1D/2D Range Sum 2D range sum with fix range; output formatting 558 1.6
purplerain purplerain 3.5a, Max 1D/2D Range Sum max 1D range sum variant; Kadane's algorithm 288 4.3
sellingspatulas sellingspatulas 3.5a, Max 1D/2D Range Sum -8 per time slot initially; read sale data; 1D range sum; complete search 109 8.0
shortsell shortsell 3.5a, Max 1D/2D Range Sum similar to Kadane's algorithm; linear pass; prefix sum 104 4.1
alphabet alphabet 3.5b, LIS find LIS of a short string; the answer is 26-LIS_length 666 3.2
increasingsubsequence increasingsubsequence 3.5b, LIS LIS; n ≤ 200$; print lexicographically smallest solution, 99% similar to 'longincsubseq' 352 4.1
longincsubseq longincsubseq 3.5b, LIS standard O(n log k) LIS; print any solution 579 5.7
manhattanmornings manhattanmornings 3.5b, LIS utilize symmetries to simplify the problem; then run LIS variant in O(N log K) 154 4.7
nesteddolls nesteddolls 3.5b, LIS sort in one dimension; Dilworth's theorem; LIS in the other; also available at UVa 11368 - Nested Dolls 115 7.1
studentsko studentsko 3.5b, LIS sort skills of N players; map them to K teams; find LNDS in O(N log K); answer is N-LNDS 124 3.9
trainsorting trainsorting 3.5b, LIS max(LIS(i)+LDS(i)-1), ∀i ∈ [0...n-1]; also available at UVa 11456 522 5.4
knapsack knapsack 3.5c, 0-1 KNAPSACK basic DP KNAPSACK; print the solution 687 4.8
muzicari muzicari 3.5c, 0-1 KNAPSACK set Knapsack of size = T, each break length as item weight, and value = 1/2 (put that break at 'virtual knapsack 1/2', r... 343 4.9
ninepacks ninepacks 3.5c, 0-1 KNAPSACK brute force all possible sums; use DP SUBSET-SUM on each hotdog and bun packs; clever problem 499 4.4
orders orders 3.5c, 0-1 KNAPSACK interesting KNAPSACK variant; print the solution 713 4.5
presidentialelections presidentialelections 3.5c, 0-1 KNAPSACK pre-process the input to discard non winnable states; be careful of negative total voters; then standard DP KNAPSACK 116 5.7
bagoftiles bagoftiles 3.5d, COIN-CHANGE count number of ways to do COIN-CHANGE; meet in the middle; DP combinatorics (n choose k) to find the answer for a+b 102 6.5
canonical canonical 3.5d, COIN-CHANGE complete search possible range of counter examples; do both greedy COIN-CHANGE and DP COIN-CHANGE 502 5.7
exactchange2 exactchange2 3.5d, COIN-CHANGE a variation to the Coin-Change problem; also available at UVa 11517 - Exact Change 708 5.4
beepers beepers 3.5e, TSP DP or recursive backtracking with sufficient pruning; also available at UVa 10496 - Collecting Beepers 196 4.6
bustour bustour 3.5e, TSP LA 6028 - WorldFinals Warsaw12; DP TSP variant; also available at UVa 01281 - Bus Tour 124 6.1
cycleseasy cycleseasy 3.5e, TSP Count number of HAMILTONIAN-TOURs 108 4.1
errands errands 3.5e, TSP map location names to integer indices; DP TSP 51 7.0
maximizingyourpay maximizingyourpay 3.5e, TSP Max-Traveling-Salesman-Problem; can go back to vertex 0 early; use DP bitmask 60 6.4
pokemongogo pokemongogo 3.5e, TSP DP TSP variant; there can be more than one Pokemon in the same location 154 5.0
race race 3.5e, TSP try all possible subset of locations; run DP TSP variant from start to ending to see if the plan is doable; keep the bes... 65 7.5
hopavinna hopavinna 3.5f, DP level 1 s: (participate_before, i); t: if participate_before, you can choose to skip assignment i; or do assignment i 72 3.2
keyboardconcert keyboardconcert 3.5f, DP level 1 s: (pos, cur); at tune[pos], playing instrument cur; t: try staying or switch; better solution exists 100 4.5
nikola nikola 3.5f, DP level 1 s: (pos, last_jump); t: jump forward or backward 295 3.6
permutationdescent permutationdescent 3.5f, DP level 1 derive the required formula; use memoization 291 1.8
spiderman spiderman 3.5f, DP level 1 simple DP; go up or down; print solution 1010 3.9
ticketpricing ticketpricing 3.5f, DP level 1 LA 6867 - Rocky Mountain15; similar with UVa 11450 discussed in this book; real life problem; print (the first) part of ... 138 4.9
weightofwords weightofwords 3.5f, DP level 1 s: (cur_l, cur_w); t: try all 26 characters; print any solution 286 2.6
wordclouds wordclouds 3.5f, DP level 1 s: (i); t: try breaking to next row at subsequent j = [i..N]; O(N^2) DP 104 5.0
damsindistress damsindistress 3.5g, DP level 2 bottom up DP; the input is already in topological order 431 3.9
debugging debugging 3.5g, DP level 2 s: (n); t: divide the program into [2..n] blocks 226 6.0
drivinglanes drivinglanes 3.5g, DP level 2 s: (st, ln); t: try all other lanes; be careful of corner cases 105 3.7
kutevi kutevi 3.5g, DP level 2 s: (360 integer degrees) 170 2.6
predictinggme predictinggme 3.5g, DP level 2 s: (day, has_stock, stock_value); t: skip to tomorrow/buy today's stock/sell the stock and jump two days 125 4.3
tight tight 3.5g, DP level 2 s: (i, j); #tight words of length i that end in digit j divided by #words: (k+1)^n; also available at UVa 10081 - Tight ... 100 3.5
walrusweights walrusweights 3.5g, DP level 2 backtracking with memoization 570 3.8
watersheds watersheds 3.5g, DP level 2 DP on an implicit DAG 41 3.2
cartrouble cartrouble 4.2a, Finding CCs graph traversal on forward and reverse graphs 106 4.4
daceydice daceydice 4.2a, Finding CCs reachability test of a state-space graph; s: (r, c, where_is_five) 171 3.5
dominoes2 dominoes2 4.2a, Finding CCs unlike UVa 11504, we treat SCCs as CCs; also available at UVa 11518 - Dominos 2 599 3.3
moneymatters moneymatters 4.2a, Finding CCs see if the sum of vertex weights of each CC = 0 990 3.1
pearwise pearwise 4.2a, Finding CCs clever problem wording; can be reduced into basic graph traversal 159 3.7
reachableroads reachableroads 4.2a, Finding CCs report number of CC-1 892 2.1
securitybadge securitybadge 4.2a, Finding CCs reachability test; clever idea to compress ids 87 6.6
skyislands skyislands 4.2a, Finding CCs reachability test 37 2.1
terraces terraces 4.2a, Finding CCs group cells with similar height together; if it cannot flow to any other component with lower height, add the size of th... 339 3.6
wheresmyinternet wheresmyinternet 4.2a, Finding CCs check connectivity to vertex 1 1716 3.7
amoebas amoebas 4.2b, Flood Fill, Easier easy floodfill 1079 1.8
countingstars countingstars 4.2b, Flood Fill, Easier basic flood fill problem; count CCs 1494 2.7
floodit floodit 4.2b, Flood Fill, Easier multiple calls of flood fill tests 74 2.9
fontan fontan 4.2b, Flood Fill, Easier modified multi-sources BFS/floodfill 101 2.2
gold gold 4.2b, Flood Fill, Easier flood fill with extra blocking constraint; also available at UVa 11561 - Getting Gold 735 2.2
10kindsofpeople 10kindsofpeople 4.2c, Flood Fill, Harder intelligent flood fill; just run once to avoid TLE as there are many queries 2380 3.9
coast coast 4.2c, Flood Fill, Harder intelligent flood fill; just run once to avoid TLE as there are many queries 1339 3.2
island island 4.2c, Flood Fill, Harder super tedious flood fill; involving one directional flood fill involving bridges 'B's; bridges may connect islands in cy... 113 6.2
islands3 islands3 4.2c, Flood Fill, Harder optimistic flood fill; assume all Cs are Ls 936 2.1
vindiagrams vindiagrams 4.2c, Flood Fill, Harder challenging and tedious flood fill problem 76 5.3
brexit brexit 4.2d, Topological Sort toposort; chain reaction; modified Kahn's algorithm 826 3.6
brexitnegotiations brexitnegotiations 4.2d, Topological Sort toposort with modified Kahn's algorithm; greedy 270 4.8
builddeps builddeps 4.2d, Topological Sort the graph is acyclic; toposort with DFS from the changed file 626 4.7
collapse collapse 4.2d, Topological Sort similar with Kattis - brexit 77 5.8
conservation conservation 4.2d, Topological Sort modified Kahn's algorithm; greedily process all steps in a certain lab before alternating to the other lab 133 4.2
curveknights curveknights 4.2d, Topological Sort input is a DAG; multi-sources, find toposort; propagate using topological order 46 3.3
digicomp2 digicomp2 4.2d, Topological Sort toposort helps avoid TLE; do not simulate the process n times as n can be as big as 10^18 288 5.9
grapevine grapevine 4.2d, Topological Sort BFS variant; like Kahn's algorithm, only propagate from a person once his/her skepticism level is cleared; be careful wi... 84 6.4
managingpackaging managingpackaging 4.2d, Topological Sort if the graph is cyclic, output 'cannot be ordered'; otherwise, find the lexicographically smallest topological order 128 5.9
pickupsticks pickupsticks 4.2d, Topological Sort cycle check + toposort if DAG; also available at item UVa 11686 - Pick up sticks 373 4.7
amanda amanda 4.2e, Graph Properties Check add edge only among airports where only one end point has lounge; bicolouring/bipartite check; pick colour with smaller ... 368 5.2
ballsandneedles ballsandneedles 4.2e, Graph Properties Check cycle check on 2 similar graphs; easier solution exists 161 3.2
breakingbad breakingbad 4.2e, Graph Properties Check check if we can decompose the vertices into two disjoint sets; bipartite graph check 643 4.2
hoppers hoppers 4.2e, Graph Properties Check the answer is number of CC-1 if there is at least one non-bipartite component in the graph; or number of CC otherwise 234 3.9
molekule molekule 4.2e, Graph Properties Check undirected tree is also Bipartite/bi-colorable; bi-color it with 0 and 1; direct all edges from 0 to 1 (or vice versa) 175 3.5
pubs pubs 4.2e, Graph Properties Check isolated vertex has no solution; this is actually not a bipartite graph check; we can do alternate labeling of vertices ... 216 3.5
runningmom runningmom 4.2e, Graph Properties Check find a cycle in a directed graph 591 3.8
torn2pieces torn2pieces 4.2e, Graph Properties Check construct graph from strings; traversal from source to target; reachability check; print path 1115 3.6
birthday birthday 4.2f, Cut Vertices/Bridges check if the input graph contains any bridge; N is small though so weaker solution can still be accepted 323 4.3
caveexploration caveexploration 4.2f, Cut Vertices/Bridges find size of bi-connected components that contains vertex 0; identify the bridges 306 3.4
gymleadersterritory gymleadersterritory 4.2f, Cut Vertices/Bridges if all edges connected to vertex k are bridges, then `YES`; otherwise `NO` 135 3.4
intercept intercept 4.2f, Cut Vertices/Bridges Articulation Points in SSSP Spanning DAG; clever modification of Dijkstra's 112 6.6
kingpinescape kingpinescape 4.2f, Cut Vertices/Bridges DFS from headquarter (may also be a leaf); find all L leaves; add ceil(L/2.0) edges to connect 2 leaves (correctly) to p... 54 6.5
cantinaofbabel cantinaofbabel 4.2g, Finding SCCs build directed graph 'can_speak'; compute the largest SCC of 'can_speak'; keep this largest SCC 379 3.5
dominos dominos 4.2g, Finding SCCs count the number of SCCs without incoming edge from a vertex outside that SCC; also available at UVa 11504 - Dominos 248 6.2
equivalences equivalences 4.2g, Finding SCCs contract input directed graph into SCCs; count SCCs that have in-/out-degrees = 0; report the max 281 5.4
loopycabdrivers loopycabdrivers 4.2g, Finding SCCs print all SCCs that have size ≥ 2; tricky output ordering 55 5.5
reversingroads reversingroads 4.2g, Finding SCCs small graph; if #SCC = 1, print 'valid'; otherwise try reversing one of the m directed edges one by one until we either ... 274 4.4
test2 test2 4.2g, Finding SCCs SCC + printing solution; also available at UVa 10731 - Test 20 5.5
ads ads 4.2h, Really Ad Hoc modified traversal; can we reach an illegal character from a frame - remove that ads once 218 5.1
brickwall brickwall 4.2h, Really Ad Hoc s: (n1, n2, n3); number of type 1/2/3 bricks used so far; max is (c1, c2, c3); prefix sum to check if a position has a b... 91 5.1
connectn connectn 4.2h, Really Ad Hoc ad hoc straight-line (implicit) graph traversal 397 3.1
droppingdirections droppingdirections 4.2h, Really Ad Hoc modified graph: a vertex is (origin intersection id, intersection id); modified DFS from vertices leading to goal; count... 87 3.5
faultyrobot faultyrobot 4.2h, Really Ad Hoc interesting graph traversal variant 182 4.5
promotions promotions 4.2h, Really Ad Hoc modified DFS; special graph; DAG; also available at UVa 13015 - Promotions 129 5.5
silueta silueta 4.2h, Really Ad Hoc 2D grid processing initially; modified DFS to count perimeter of polygon in grid 37 5.3
succession succession 4.2h, Really Ad Hoc (upwards) traversal of family DAG; use unordered_maps; make the founder has very large starting blood to avoid fraction 165 3.1
buildinghighways buildinghighways 4.3a, MST, Standard this is a special MST problem; the final solution is just a formula 1624 1.9
cats cats 4.3a, MST, Standard standard MST 456 4.1
cheatingstudents cheatingstudents 4.3a, MST, Standard standard MST; times two 181 3.2
communicationssatellite communicationssatellite 4.3a, MST, Standard standard MST; complete graph with n ≤ 2 000 227 3.5
drivingrange drivingrange 4.3a, MST, Standard find weight of the last edge added to MST by Kruskal's; also available at UVa 11857 - Driving Range 336 3.5
freckles freckles 4.3a, MST, Standard straightforward MST problem; also available at UVa 10034 - Freckles 412 4.6
islandhopping islandhopping 4.3a, MST, Standard MST on small complete graph 440 3.0
jurassicjigsaw jurassicjigsaw 4.3a, MST, Standard just a reading comprehension problem; afterwards it is just a basic MST problem 110 2.2
lostmap lostmap 4.3a, MST, Standard actually just a standard MST problem 782 2.1
minspantree minspantree 4.3a, MST, Standard very standard MST problem; check if a spanning tree is formed; also output the edges in any spanning tree in lexicograph... 862 4.0
arcticnetwork arcticnetwork 4.3b, MST, Variants minimum spanning 'forest'; also available at UVa 10369 - Arctic Networks 435 4.4
firetrucksarered firetrucksarered 4.3b, MST, Variants output any spanning tree that connects n people 162 3.4
inventing inventing 4.3b, MST, Variants clever modification of Kruskal's; every time two CCs are about to be connected, give weight (w+1) to all pairs of edges ... 75 3.8
landline landline 4.3b, MST, Variants MST with special leaf vertices; get (M)ST of secure buildings; connect unsecure buildings (new leaf) to (M)ST of secure ... 168 5.7
millionairemadness millionairemadness 4.3b, MST, Variants MiniMax path problem 649 2.4
muddyhike muddyhike 4.3b, MST, Variants MiniMax path problem 209 3.9
naturereserve naturereserve 4.3b, MST, Variants Prim's algorithm from multiple sources 180 4.6
treehouses treehouses 4.3b, MST, Variants 'minimum' spanning subgraph; very similar to UVa 10397 185 4.2
buttonbashing buttonbashing 4.4a, SSSP, BFS, Easier very similar to UVa 12160 728 3.4
elevatortrouble elevatortrouble 4.4a, SSSP, BFS, Easier s: (cur_level); only 1M floors; go up/down; BFS 362 3.1
grid grid 4.4a, SSSP, BFS, Easier modified BFS with step size multiplier 1026 2.8
horror horror 4.4a, SSSP, BFS, Easier SSSP from all sources = horror movies; report lowest ID with the highest unweighted SSSP distance 500 3.3
modulosolitaire modulosolitaire 4.4a, SSSP, BFS, Easier s: (cur_sj); try all n (n ≤ 10) possible moves; BFS 286 3.0
onaveragetheyrepurple onaveragetheyrepurple 4.4a, SSSP, BFS, Easier reading comprehension; the answer is just unweighted SSSP from 1 to N, minus one; BFS 518 3.1
spiral spiral 4.4a, SSSP, BFS, Easier generate the 2D 100x100 spiraling grid first; involving small primes; BFS 148 3.5
wettiles wettiles 4.4a, SSSP, BFS, Easier multi-sources BFS; limited flood fill or unweighted SSSP limited to step T 227 3.6
beehives2 beehives2 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder find the girth (length of shortest cycle) of input graph; multiple calls of BFS 98 4.4
bryr bryr 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder 0/1-weighted SSSP; solvable with BFS and deque; 0-weight for single-lane bridge, 1-weight for double-lane bridge 70 2.5
colorland colorland 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder BFS; use binary search on sorted indices of color locations to get the next spot with the same color 17 4.3
conquestcampaign conquestcampaign 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder multi-sources BFS 353 1.9
dungeon dungeon 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder 3D BFS; also available at UVa 00532 - Dungeon Master 288 3.6
erdosnumbers erdosnumbers 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder use unordered_map as Adjacency List of author names; BFS from 'PAUL_ERDOS' 159 4.4
erraticants erraticants 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder simulate; move twice per single move to differentiate the path; revisit the path using BFS 340 5.1
escapewallmaria escapewallmaria 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder BFS on grid graph; generate edges dynamically according to the rules 32 2.7
fire2 fire2 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder very similar to UVa 11624 395 4.2
fire3 fire3 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder multi-sources BFS; also available at UVa 11624 - Fire! 289 5.4
landlocked landlocked 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder 0/1-weighted SSSP; 0-weight for same country; 1-weight for different country; multi-sources; BFS+deque; 8 directions 42 4.6
lava lava 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder BFS; interesting output; very real life situation 79 4.5
lost lost 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder interesting twist of BFS/SSSP spanning tree 269 4.7
mallmania mallmania 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder multi-sources BFS from m1; get minimum at border of m2; also available at UVa 11101 - Mall Mania 48 4.9
oceancurrents oceancurrents 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder 0/1-weighted SSSP; BFS+deque; also available at UVa 11573 - Ocean Currents 118 5.4
showroom showroom 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder 0/1-weighted SSSP; solvable with BFS and deque; 0-weight for passing a door, 1-weight for passing a car 256 4.4
sixdegrees sixdegrees 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder map strings to integers; BFS from all sources; prune at depth 6; compare size of unreachable vertices with the size of a... 83 5.3
slikar slikar 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder very similar to Kattis - fire2 and UVa 11624 204 3.4
zoning zoning 4.4b, SSSP, BFS, Harder multi-sources BFS 140 4.5
grasshopper grasshopper 4.4c, Knight Moves BFS on implicit Knight jump graph 136 4.0
hidingplaces hidingplaces 4.4c, Knight Moves SSSP from (r, c); find cells with max distance; print 607 1.9
knightjump knightjump 4.4c, Knight Moves unweighted SSSP from the cell that contains 'K' to (1, 1) using Knight jump movements; avoid '#' cells 292 2.5
flowerytrails flowerytrails 4.4d, SSSP, Dijkstra, Easier Dijkstra's; record predecessor graph as there can be multiple shortest paths; also available at UVa 12878 - Flowery Trai... 305 3.9
george george 4.4d, SSSP, Dijkstra, Easier not easy, rating deceptive: Dijkstra's but with a few constraints; some roads are blocked at certain timings; similar wi... 205 2.0
getshorty getshorty 4.4d, SSSP, Dijkstra, Easier log(f) when f in [0..1] is negative; log(f1 * f2 * ... * fn) = log(f1) + log(f2) + ... + log(fn); longest path; use max... 1572 3.4
hopscotch50 hopscotch50 4.4d, SSSP, Dijkstra, Easier MSSP from all 1s; implicit weighted graph; stop at first cell with value k 200 2.3
shortestpath1 shortestpath1 4.4d, SSSP, Dijkstra, Easier very standard Dijkstra's problem 1470 3.5
shortestpath2 shortestpath2 4.4d, SSSP, Dijkstra, Easier Dijkstra's with modification; edges only available periodically; be careful with P = 0 case 423 3.9
subway2 subway2 4.4d, SSSP, Dijkstra, Easier use basic geometry skill to build the weighted graph; then run Dijkstra's; also available at UVa 10389 - Subway 70 5.9
texassummers texassummers 4.4d, SSSP, Dijkstra, Easier Dijkstra's; complete weighted graph; print path 97 4.0
backpackbuddies backpackbuddies 4.4e, SSSP, Dijkstra, Harder Run Dijkstra's 2x on slightly different graphs; be careful of corner cases 84 4.6
blockcrusher blockcrusher 4.4e, SSSP, Dijkstra, Harder Dijkstra's from top row to bottom row (or vice versa); print path 257 5.1
detour detour 4.4e, SSSP, Dijkstra, Harder SSSP from destination/Amsterdam; from all vertices, block outgoing edge that is part of the shortest paths to destinatio... 167 4.0
emptyingbaltic emptyingbaltic 4.4e, SSSP, Dijkstra, Harder Dijkstra's variant; grow spanning tree from drain/source 287 5.4
firestation firestation 4.4e, SSSP, Dijkstra, Harder Dijkstra's from fire stations to all intersections; need pruning to pass the time limit; also available at UVa 10278 - F... 67 6.5
forestfruits forestfruits 4.4e, SSSP, Dijkstra, Harder Dijkstra's from clearing 1; sort clearings with fruits by increasing distances; find the required formula; be careful of... 103 4.1
fulltank fulltank 4.4e, SSSP, Dijkstra, Harder model the graph carefully; state: (location, fuel), source s = (s, 0), sink t = (e, any), only enqueue fuel+1; also avai... 192 4.8
geezerscripts geezerscripts 4.4e, SSSP, Dijkstra, Harder model the directed weighted graph carefully; Dijkstra's 68 2.7
gruesomecave gruesomecave 4.4e, SSSP, Dijkstra, Harder need to understand the meaning of 'risk' of an empty cell; SSSP from E to D using least risky path; Dijkstra's 87 3.6
invasion invasion 4.4e, SSSP, Dijkstra, Harder SSSP with multiple and successive sources; multiple calls of Dijkstra's (gets lighter each time if pruned properly) 46 4.3
passingsecrets passingsecrets 4.4e, SSSP, Dijkstra, Harder harder form of Dijkstra's; print path 36 4.9
shoppingmalls shoppingmalls 4.4e, SSSP, Dijkstra, Harder special graph construction; multiple queries; Dijkstra's and print path 79 4.5
tide tide 4.4e, SSSP, Dijkstra, Harder SSSP with complex rules; 3 different weights (0, 1, or 10 seconds); Dijkstra's 21 5.4
upandaway upandaway 4.4e, SSSP, Dijkstra, Harder s: (m, k_left); t: next mountain; SSSP 70 4.6
visualgo visualgo 4.4e, SSSP, Dijkstra, Harder Dijkstra's produces SSSP spanning DAG if there are multiple shortest paths from s to t; counting paths on DAG 496 3.4
crosscountry crosscountry 4.4f, SSSP, -ve weight medium complete graph with N ≤ 1000; Bellman-Ford can still pass (or use Dijkstra's) 217 3.0
hauntedgraveyard hauntedgraveyard 4.4f, SSSP, -ve weight Bellman-Ford; negative cycle check needed 95 8.2
shortestpath3 shortestpath3 4.4f, SSSP, -ve weight Bellman-Ford; do DFS/BFS from vertices that are part of any negative cycle 524 5.1
xyzzy xyzzy 4.4f, SSSP, -ve weight check 'positive' cycle; check connectedness; also available at UVa 10557 152 6.7
allpairspath allpairspath 4.5a, APSP, Standard basic Floyd-Warshall; tricky negative cycle checks 772 5.5
importspaghetti importspaghetti 4.5a, APSP, Standard smallest cycle; print path by breaking the self-loop into i - other vertex j - i 292 5.1
slowleak slowleak 4.5a, APSP, Standard APSP; FW twice 279 5.6
transportationplanning transportationplanning 4.5a, APSP, Standard APSP; FW; for each unused edge, use it and see how much distance is reduced; get minimum; O(n^4) 65 3.9
arbitrage arbitrage 4.5b, APSP, Variants arbitrage problem; similar to UVa 00104 and 00436 324 3.3
assembly assembly 4.5b, APSP, Variants we can model the problem as a small connectivity graph; use Warshall's transitive closure algorithm to check if there is... 305 3.9
isahasa isahasa 4.5b, APSP, Variants map strings to integers; the real n is ≤ 500; Warshall's transitive closure algorithm 2x; first on 'is' relationships... 171 7.2
kastenlauf kastenlauf 4.5b, APSP, Variants n ≤ 100; Warshall's transitive closure problem 713 3.8
secretchamber secretchamber 4.5b, APSP, Variants LA 8047 - WorldFinals RapidCity17; Warshall's transitive closure; also available at UVa 01757 - Secret Chamber ... 1187 2.2
baas baas 4.6a, S/Longest Paths on DAG try all possible vertex to be 'optimized'; LONGEST-PATH on DAG 55 4.5
delftdistance delftdistance 4.6a, S/Longest Paths on DAG SSSP on DAG (4 N/E/S/W vertices on each square/round buildings); t: two straights, two 90 degrees straight turns, two ro... 161 3.8
excavatorexpedition excavatorexpedition 4.6a, S/Longest Paths on DAG s: (pos); t: try all directed edge; +1/-1 weight; LONGEST-PATH on DAG problem; be careful of negative final answer 70 5.4
fibtour fibtour 4.6a, S/Longest Paths on DAG only ~90 Fibonacci numbers not more than 10^18; LONGEST-PATH on DAG problem; special case for first two Fibonacci number... 105 6.4
monopoly monopoly 4.6a, S/Longest Paths on DAG K, b, r are all irrelevant; vertex value is either +ve (salary) or -ve (tax); LONGEST-PATH on DAG (u < v); exclude so... 69 3.0
mravi mravi 4.6a, S/Longest Paths on DAG reverse edge directions to change the input tree into a DAG; find longest path from leaf that contains ant to root 197 2.7
safepassage safepassage 4.6a, S/Longest Paths on DAG SSSP; implicit DAG; s: (cloak_pos, bitmask); try all ways to go back and forth between gate and dorm; report minimum 387 4.9
savinguniverse savinguniverse 4.6a, S/Longest Paths on DAG s: (cur_SE; Q_pos); t: stay in this search engine or switch to one other; unweighted SSSP on DAG 122 4.7
compositions compositions 4.6b, Counting Paths, Easier LA 7365 - Greater NY15; s: (N_left); t: try all values, skip some numbers 160 2.3
helpfulcurrents helpfulcurrents 4.6b, Counting Paths, Easier problem description ensures a DAG; counting path modulo 1000003; output "begin repairs" if Lysias's castle is unreachabl... 51 5.3
marypartitions marypartitions 4.6b, Counting Paths, Easier 3 ≤ m, so we will only use a few power values; counting paths on DAG 245 3.5
robotsonagrid robotsonagrid 4.6b, Counting Paths, Easier counting paths in grid (implicit DAG); DP 147 4.3
runningsteps runningsteps 4.6b, Counting Paths, Easier LA 7360 - Greater NY15; s: (leg, l2, r2, l1, r1); t: left/right leg 1/2 steps; use unordered_map as memo table; use prun... 168 2.6
scenes scenes 4.6b, Counting Paths, Easier s: (pos, ribbon_left); t: try all possible heights; ignore the flat scenes first and subtract those cases at the end 407 3.6
adventuremoving4 adventuremoving4 4.6c, Conversion to DAG s: (pos, fuel_left); also available at UVa 10201 - Adventures in Moving - Part IV 315 5.4
cardmagic cardmagic 4.6c, Conversion to DAG s: (deck, tgt_left); t: val 1 to K ≤ tgt_left 133 3.9
drinkresponsibly drinkresponsibly 4.6c, Conversion to DAG s: (cur_drink, money_left, u_left); be careful with precision errors; print solution 98 4.2
maximizingwinnings maximizingwinnings 4.6c, Conversion to DAG separate the maximizing and minimizing problem; s: (cur_room, turns_left); t: go to other room or stay 193 3.9
quantumsuperposition quantumsuperposition 4.6c, Conversion to DAG s: (id, u, step); id is either DAG 1 or DAG 2, u is current vertex, step is the number of step used; t: try all neighbor... 172 6.0
shortestpath4 shortestpath4 4.6c, Conversion to DAG s: (u, vtx_left); t: neighbors of u 76 3.0
adjoin adjoin 4.6d, Tree the key parts are finding tree diameter and its center (along that diameter); also see UVa 11695 373 5.3
appealtotheaudience appealtotheaudience 4.6d, Tree LONGEST-PATH on tree + greedy matching (strongest player plays the most and so on) 31 3.1
decisions decisions 4.6d, Tree collapse a sub-tree into a super vertex if all f values on its leaves are equal; count size of min BDD tree recursively 151 3.1
flight flight 4.6d, Tree cut the worst edge along the tree diameter; link two centers; also available at UVa 11695 - Flight Planning 46 6.3
frozenrose frozenrose 4.6d, Tree tree traversal; is it better to close the valve that goes in to a vertex u or close subset of valve(s) in subtree of u 56 3.5
kitten kitten 4.6d, Tree simple rooted tree traversal; from a vertex back to root 1278 1.7
mazemakers mazemakers 4.6d, Tree long problem statement to describe a custom 2D grid graph; just a graph traversal: check if all cells are visited and th... 171 2.8
tourists tourists 4.6d, Tree APSP on Tree (special requirements); LCA 431 3.8
whostheboss whostheboss 4.6d, Tree sort; create the tree graph; DFS from root; parent array and size of subtree (a bit of DP) 29 6.1
absurdistan3 absurdistan3 4.6e, Bipartite Graph can be modeled as MCBM; or greedy graph construction with PQ 312 5.6
bookclub bookclub 4.6e, Bipartite Graph check if perfect MCBM is possible 307 4.5
elementarymath elementarymath 4.6e, Bipartite Graph left set: (a, b); right set: possible scores; possible if MCBM = n; use long long 365 5.1
escapeplan escapeplan 4.6e, Bipartite Graph left set: robots; right set: holes; 3 version of similar bipartite graphs; MCBM 98 5.7
flippingcards flippingcards 4.6e, Bipartite Graph left set: n card numbers; right set: 2*n picture numbers; possible if MCBM = n; need fast algorithm 169 7.0
gopher2 gopher2 4.6e, Bipartite Graph MCBM; also available at UVa 10080 - Gopher II 337 4.3
paintball paintball 4.6e, Bipartite Graph very similar with bookclub 335 4.3
pianolessons pianolessons 4.6e, Bipartite Graph straightforward MCBM 151 4.5
catenyms catenyms 4.6f, Eulerian Graph Euler graph property check; 26 vertices; directed non simple graph; printing the Euler tour in lexicographic order 67 7.1
eulerian eulerian 4.6f, Eulerian Graph basic Eulerian graph property checks 58 2.9
eulerianpath eulerianpath 4.6f, Eulerian Graph Euler graph property check; directed graph; printing the Euler tour 219 5.6
grandopening grandopening 4.6f, Eulerian Graph false alarm case is trivial; model the movement as a directed graph; check if Eulerian path exists 89 5.9
railroad2 railroad2 4.6f, Eulerian Graph x-shaped level junctions have even degrees - ignore X; y-shaped switches have degree 3 - Y has to be even 2188 1.4
alloys alloys 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier easy formula; be careful when c < 1.0 202 3.8
averageseasy averageseasy 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier find O(n) formula; also see Kattis - averageshard 758 2.4
averageshard averageshard 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier find O(n) formula; also see Kattis - averageseasy 605 2.6
bishops bishops 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier chess pattern involving bishops; from IPSC 2004 1185 2.2
chanukah chanukah 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier simple formula involving sum of arithmetic progression 1064 1.5
crne crne 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier simulate cutting process on small numbers; get formula 477 2.5
distributingpoffins distributingpoffins 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier easy pattern; either 0 or 1 158 2.1
electricaloutlets electricaloutlets 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier there is a one liner formula for this problem; don't overthink it 179 1.3
eveningout1 eveningout1 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier take the minimum of A%B or B-A%B 202 2.6
geneblock geneblock 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier deduct by 7 until N ends with a 7 304 2.0
lastminute lastminute 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier greedily pair A/B unique with A/B reuse to maximize the answer; simple formula 63 2.2
limbo1 limbo1 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier if we go L only, we have 1,2,4,7,11,16; then add R 127 3.5
longestprimesum longestprimesum 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier just divide by 2 296 2.2
malfunctioningrobot malfunctioningrobot 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier Manhattan Distance with zig zag pattern; special case (-1) for different dx/dy parities 103 2.2
ordinals ordinals 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier find the pattern up to n = 8; pre-calculate-able 312 1.9
pauleigon pauleigon 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier easy to derive 1614 1.8
sequentialmanufacturing sequentialmanufacturing 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier we can control the input; the answer involves max element 51 2.9
soylent soylent 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier ceiling function 3008 1.7
spehrling spehrling 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier find the simple formula 209 2.2
sumkindofproblem sumkindofproblem 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier sum of arithmetic progression 3258 1.7
twostones twostones 5.2a, Finding Formula, Easier just check odd or even 15317 1.3
appallingarchitecture appallingarchitecture 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder get formula of center of gravity; involving averages 139 4.0
beautifulprimes beautifulprimes 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder use all 2s first; use 11 to increase digits 171 4.1
dickandjane dickandjane 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder need some mathematical insights; also available at UVa 10257 - Dick and Jane 87 5.8
doorman doorman 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder find the required formula 1116 2.3
eatingout eatingout 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder there is a one liner formula for this problem 480 3.1
floorplan floorplan 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder do not brute force; there are easy ways to generate the answer with simple formulas 213 3.5
howmanyzeros howmanyzeros 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder find formula to count 0's from 0 to x; inclusion-exclusion 498 4.2
invokereasy invokereasy 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder convoluted problem statement; derive the short formula 130 2.2
limbo2 limbo2 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder the expansion alternates right/down; filling order alternates down/right; size doubles each time 44 3.5
loorolls loorolls 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder Nick replaces his regular roll immediately; but he does NOT do that immediately with his backup rolls k = 2, 3, ... 258 1.9
mortgage mortgage 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder geometric progression; divergent but finite; special case when r = 1.0 (no interest) 51 7.9
neighborhoodwatch neighborhoodwatch 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder sum of AP; inclusion-exclusion 319 3.1
nine nine 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder find the required formula 681 3.2
otherside otherside 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder there is an O(1) solution for this problem; not easy to spot though 351 5.0
pleasegofirst pleasegofirst 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder linear pass; monitor size of group and last appearance of member of the group to compute the savings 90 3.0
pyramidkonstruktion pyramidkonstruktion 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder sum of AP; maximize 4x2 LEGO bricks; we can merge two 2x2 LEGO bricks into one 4x2; we need one 2x2 LEGO brick for the t... 58 3.1
rectangularspiral rectangularspiral 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder the first 3 minimal moves always 1R, 2U, 3D that will bring us to coordinate (-2, 2); case analysis 96 3.3
sequence sequence 5.2b, Finding Formula, Harder this is NOT an LIS problem; the longest possible answer is a LIS that consists of powers of twos 310 3.6
alienmath alienmath 5.2c, Base Number Conversion a bit of string processing, then base conversion 208 2.9
allaboutthatbase allaboutthatbase 5.2c, Base Number Conversion check base 1 to 36; base 1 is special; Big Integer 927 2.9
arithmetic arithmetic 5.2c, Base Number Conversion conversion of octal (per 4 bits) to hexa (per 3 bits); be careful with leading zeroes 726 3.9
arithmeticdecoding arithmeticdecoding 5.2c, Base Number Conversion binary to decimal; but do as asked 46 3.1
basicremains basicremains 5.2c, Base Number Conversion also involving Big Integer modulo; also available at UVa 10551 - Basic Remains 174 3.4
oktalni oktalni 5.2c, Base Number Conversion convert each 3-bits of binary strings to octal; Big Integer 634 1.8
whichbase whichbase 5.2c, Base Number Conversion try reading input in base 8/10/16 523 2.4
aliennumbers aliennumbers 5.2d, Base Number Variants source base to decimal; decimal to target base 1050 2.1
babylonian babylonian 5.2d, Base Number Variants base 60 464 2.2
basic basic 5.2d, Base Number Variants parsing; state processing; base number; tedious 47 6.4
crypto crypto 5.2d, Base Number Variants assert(N <= 100000000) does NOT get RTE; so brute force can actually pass... 270 3.7
ignore ignore 5.2d, Base Number Variants actually a base 7 conversion problem as only 7 digits are meaningful when rotated 268 3.2
mixedbasearithmetic mixedbasearithmetic 5.2d, Base Number Variants mix of base 10 and two versions of base 26 54 5.9
parsinghex parsinghex 5.2d, Base Number Variants a bit of string parsing; hexadecimal to decimal 529 2.9
slystudents slystudents 5.2d, Base Number Variants compute gcd; convert decimal to base 3 72 2.5
sumsquareddigits sumsquareddigits 5.2d, Base Number Variants base number conversion; square the digits 1503 1.4
candlebox candlebox 5.2e, Number Systems/Seqs sum of arithmetic series [1..N]; -6 for Rita or -3 for Theo; brute force Rita's age; also available at UVa 13161 - Candl... 448 2.6
collatz collatz 5.2e, Number Systems/Seqs similar to UVa 00694; just do as asked 757 3.7
hailstone hailstone 5.2e, Number Systems/Seqs similar to Kattis - collatz; just do as asked; no need to write recursive solution 224 3.2
permutedarithmeticsequence permutedarithmeticsequence 5.2e, Number Systems/Seqs sort differences of adjacent items 1262 2.0
rationalsequence rationalsequence 5.2e, Number Systems/Seqs pattern finding; tree traversal on a special tree 458 4.6
sheldon sheldon 5.2e, Number Systems/Seqs brute force; try all possibilities of Sheldon Numbers; convert binary string to ULL; put into sorted set 129 4.8
3dprinter 3dprinter 5.2f, Log, Exp, Pow ceil(log2(n))+1 3758 2.0
bestcompression bestcompression 5.2f, Log, Exp, Pow related to power of two; use long long; also available at UVa 11556 - Best Compression Ever 719 2.1
bus bus 5.2f, Log, Exp, Pow involving powers of two 1785 1.7
cokolada cokolada 5.2f, Log, Exp, Pow the answers involve powers of two and a simulation 605 2.2
differentdistances differentdistances 5.2f, Log, Exp, Pow power 1833 1.6
factstone factstone 5.2f, Log, Exp, Pow use logarithm; power; also available at UVa 10916 - Factstone Benchmark 200 3.6
lemonadetrade lemonadetrade 5.2f, Log, Exp, Pow use logarithm transformation technique; linear pass 82 5.3
pot pot 5.2f, Log, Exp, Pow the power is always the last digit 8562 1.3
schoolspirit schoolspirit 5.2f, Log, Exp, Pow compute group score using power of 0.8 as described; simulation 371 1.5
slatkisi slatkisi 5.2f, Log, Exp, Pow power of 10; division; rounding 331 2.3
stirlingsapproximation stirlingsapproximation 5.2f, Log, Exp, Pow O(n) pass; use log transformation to help beat TLE 157 4.5
tetration tetration 5.2f, Log, Exp, Pow n to the power of 1/n 718 1.6
thebackslashproblem thebackslashproblem 5.2f, Log, Exp, Pow actually power of two 349 2.2
triangle triangle 5.2f, Log, Exp, Pow use log 10 to compute the required answer 722 2.7
beehouseperimeter beehouseperimeter 5.2g, Grid transform the hexagonal grid like Kattis - honeyheist; flood fill from outside Alice's house; count #walls touched 155 4.0
fleaonachessboard fleaonachessboard 5.2g, Grid just simulate the jumps; also available at UVa 10620 - A Flea on a Chessboard 77 5.7
honeyheist honeyheist 5.2g, Grid transform the hexagonal grid input into 2D grid first; then run SSSP on unweighted graph; BFS 135 3.8
maptiles2 maptiles2 5.2g, Grid simple conversion between two grid indexing systems 1338 1.6
settlers2 settlers2 5.2g, Grid we can convert a hexagonal grid into a 2D grid 224 4.2
ada ada 5.2h, Polynomial polynomial problem; apply the given procedure recursively 346 2.8
bastubad bastubad 5.2h, Polynomial sort the Finns by non-increasing t; add quadratic equations; take max at f(0), f(t), and if a is negative, also f(-b/2a)... 133 4.2
curvyblocks curvyblocks 5.2h, Polynomial differentiate degree 3 to degree 2 polynomial; get roots of quadratic equation; the two blocks will touch at either root... 89 4.3
hammingellipses hammingellipses 5.2h, Polynomial reduce this problem into a series of polynomial multiplications; we can still use O(n^2) polynomial multiplication; or D... 97 3.2
plot plot 5.2h, Polynomial analyze the given pseudocode; the required pattern involves Binomial Coefficients 210 2.5
polymul1 polymul1 5.2h, Polynomial basic polynomial multiplication problem 646 2.0
bestrational bestrational 5.2i, Fractions just use limit_denominator of Fraction class in Python 153 4.9
deadfraction deadfraction 5.2i, Fractions try every single possible repeating decimals; also available at UVa 10555 - Dead Fraction 153 4.9
fraction fraction 5.2i, Fractions continued fraction to normal fraction and vice versa 154 3.8
fractionallotion fractionallotion 5.2i, Fractions brute force x > n; compute y; stop when y < x 349 2.9
jointattack jointattack 5.2i, Fractions fraction; flip the fraction after each step; gcd 182 2.6
mixedfractions mixedfractions 5.2i, Fractions convert fraction to mixed fraction 5154 1.5
rationalarithmetic rationalarithmetic 5.2i, Fractions fraction; use GCD to simplify output 661 3.3
rationalratio rationalratio 5.2i, Fractions express repeating decimal as reduced fraction; use Python fractions 216 5.5
temperatureconfusion temperatureconfusion 5.2i, Fractions simple conversion; fraction; GCD 393 2.1
thermostat thermostat 5.2i, Fractions convert one temperature to another; use fraction; use Java BigInteger; gcd 81 3.4
matrix matrix 5.2j, Really Ad Hoc use simple linear algebra; one special case when c = 0 784 3.1
trip trip 5.2j, Really Ad Hoc be careful with precision error; also available at UVa 10137 - The Trip 103 5.5
yoda yoda 5.2j, Really Ad Hoc ad hoc; 9 digits comparison 1607 2.1
enlarginghashtables enlarginghashtables 5.3a, Prime Numbers use sieve up to 40 000; prime test numbers greater than 2n; check primality of n itself 448 3.4
pallatolur pallatolur 5.3a, Prime Numbers 2 is the only even prime 118 2.1
primesieve primesieve 5.3a, Prime Numbers use sieve up to 10^8; it is fast enough 865 4.5
reseto reseto 5.3a, Prime Numbers sieve of Eratosthenes until the k-th crossing 460 2.7
flowergarden flowergarden 5.3b, (Prob) Prime Testing Euclidean dist; small prime check; use isProbablePrime; simulation; faster solutions exist 317 4.4
goldbach2 goldbach2 5.3b, (Prob) Prime Testing simple brute force problem; use isProbablePrime; faster solutions exist 1219 2.7
primes2 primes2 5.3b, (Prob) Prime Testing convert input to either base 2/8/10/16; skip those that cause NumberFormatException error; use isProbablePrime test and ... 289 4.7
pseudoprime pseudoprime 5.3b, (Prob) Prime Testing yes if !isPrime(p) && a.modPow(p, p) = a; Big Integer; also available at UVa 11287 - Pseudoprime Numbers 347 3.5
pascal pascal 5.3c, Finding Prime Factors find lowest prime factor of N; special case: N = 1 351 3.8
primalrepresentation primalrepresentation 5.3c, Finding Prime Factors factorization problem; use sieve to avoid TLE; use long long; 231-1 is a prime 258 5.4
primereduction primereduction 5.3c, Finding Prime Factors factorization problem 465 3.9
almostperfect almostperfect 5.3d, Prime Factors Functions sumDiv(N)-N; minor variation 1507 3.2
divisors divisors 5.3d, Prime Factors Functions return numDiv(nCk); but do not compute nCk directly; work with its prime factors 208 5.2
listgame listgame 5.3d, Prime Factors Functions simply return numPF(X) 1938 3.1
relatives relatives 5.3d, Prime Factors Functions EulerPhi(N); also available at UVa 10299 - Relatives 231 3.8
data data 5.3e, Modified Sieve numDiffPF(V) for V up to N x 1000; Brute force combination/all subsets; DP Subset 68 5.9
farey farey 5.3e, Modified Sieve pre-calculate EulerPhi(N); do prefix sum (1D RSQ) of EulerPhi(N) from 1 to each N; the answer is related to this value 257 3.6
fareysums fareysums 5.3e, Modified Sieve modified sieve; Euler Phi; a bit of pattern finding involving Euler Phi values 137 4.4
nonprimefactors nonprimefactors 5.3e, Modified Sieve numDiv(i) - numDiffPF(i) ∀i in the range; the I/O files are large so Buffered I/O speed is needed 389 5.6
dasblinkenlights dasblinkenlights 5.3f, GCD and/or LCM just check if the LCM of p and q ≤ s 1745 1.7
diagonalcut diagonalcut 5.3f, GCD and/or LCM find formula involving GCD 810 3.5
doodling doodling 5.3f, GCD and/or LCM need to observe pattern; involving LCM/GCD 30 4.9
gcd gcd 5.3f, GCD and/or LCM trivial gcd 510 1.7
interviewquestion interviewquestion 5.3f, GCD and/or LCM go through the transcript; use gcd to identify a and b 177 2.9
jackpot jackpot 5.3f, GCD and/or LCM similar to Kattis - smallestmultiple; use Java BigInteger or other faster solutions 379 3.2
locustlocus locustlocus 5.3f, GCD and/or LCM get the smallest y+lcm(c1,c2) of all k pairs 449 2.1
prsteni prsteni 5.3f, GCD and/or LCM GCD of first circle radius with subsequent circle radiuses 993 1.6
smallestmultiple smallestmultiple 5.3f, GCD and/or LCM simple LCMs of all numbers; use Java BigInteger to be safe 335 3.5
eulersnumber eulersnumber 5.3g, Factorial simulate the computation of the approximation (involving factorial) using double data type; the answer will converge; su... 963 1.9
howmanydigits howmanydigits 5.3g, Factorial good problem; number of digits in factorial; similar as Kattis - inversefactorial 1071 3.7
inversefactorial inversefactorial 5.3g, Factorial good problem; number of digits in factorial 1059 5.3
loworderzeros loworderzeros 5.3g, Factorial last non zero digit of factorial; classic 288 4.2
namethatpermutation namethatpermutation 5.3g, Factorial permutation number; involving factorial 154 4.8
tutorial tutorial 5.3g, Factorial factorial is just part of the problem; pruning 1249 2.8
consecutivesums consecutivesums 5.3h, Working with PFs work with factor; sum of Arithmetic Progression series 239 5.2
factovisors factovisors 5.3h, Working with PFs factorize m; see if it has support in n!; Legendre's formula; also available at UVa 10139 - Factovisors 373 6.4
fundamentalneighbors fundamentalneighbors 5.3h, Working with PFs reverse prime power notation 237 4.5
iks iks 5.3h, Working with PFs sieve of Eratosthenes; prime factorize each number; spread the factors around to maximize final GCD/minimize total opera... 115 3.0
olderbrother olderbrother 5.3h, Working with PFs just check if q = p^k 420 3.4
parket parket 5.3h, Working with PFs just factorize (R+B) 172 2.6
perfectpowers perfectpowers 5.3h, Working with PFs GCD of all prime powers; note if x is negative; also available at UVa 10622 - Perfect P-th Power 590 5.3
persistent persistent 5.3h, Working with PFs similar to UVa 00993; also available at UVa 10527 - Persistent Numbers 161 3.8
rsamistake rsamistake 5.3h, Working with PFs factorize two long-longs; to differentiate no versus partial credit, check for any prime factor with power 2 (or more) 60 3.9
zadaca zadaca 5.3h, Working with PFs find lowest frequencies of each prime factors, that is the GCD; output the answer modulo 10^9 113 3.6
anothercandies anothercandies 5.3i, Modular Arithmetic simple modular arithmetic 1843 2.7
modulo modulo 5.3i, Modular Arithmetic very simple problem 5658 1.4
ones ones 5.3i, Modular Arithmetic no factor of 2 and 5 implies that there is no trailing zero; also available at UVa 10127 - Ones 567 4.6
threedigits threedigits 5.3i, Modular Arithmetic simulate factorial computation; remove trailing zeroes; keep many last few non-zero digits using modulo 289 5.9
vauvau vauvau 5.3i, Modular Arithmetic modular arithmetic problem 1265 1.8
candydistribution candydistribution 5.3j, Extended Euclid the problem boils down to finding C-1 (mod K); be careful when the answer is "IMPOSSIBLE" or ≤ K 199 4.9
jughard jughard 5.3j, Extended Euclid somewhat Linear Diophantine Equation 132 3.3
modulararithmetic modulararithmetic 5.3j, Extended Euclid the division operation requires modular inverse; use Extended Euclidean algorithm 333 2.9
soyoulikeyourfoodhot soyoulikeyourfoodhot 5.3j, Extended Euclid Linear Diophantine Equation; still solvable with brute force 103 5.2
cocoacoalition cocoacoalition 5.3k, Divisibility Test after observations: the answer is 1 (simple divisibility test), 2 (simple factorization test), or 3 355 5.2
divisible divisible 5.3k, Divisibility Test divisibility; linear pass algorithm 327 4.3
jazzitup jazzitup 5.3k, Divisibility Test square free divisibility test 59 2.1
magical3 magical3 5.3k, Divisibility Test divisibility test of n-3; a few corner cases 348 6.1
meowfactor meowfactor 5.3k, Divisibility Test divisibility test of 9^ans; small range of ans 310 3.5
positivedivisors positivedivisors 5.3k, Divisibility Test just do trial divisions, use deque to add from front and back 207 3.1
shortcut shortcut 5.3k, Divisibility Test find the largest divisor of (b-1) ≥ k 96 3.7
thinkingofanumber thinkingofanumber 5.3k, Divisibility Test simple range; use min/max properly; then small divisibility tests 379 3.8
anti11 anti11 5.4a, Fibonacci Numbers this problem degenerates into a modified Fibonacci numbers 518 2.7
batmanacci batmanacci 5.4a, Fibonacci Numbers Fibonacci; observation on N; Divide and Conquer 331 3.8
fibonaccisum fibonaccisum 5.4a, Fibonacci Numbers Zeckendorf's theorem 125 2.3
rijeci rijeci 5.4a, Fibonacci Numbers simple simulation with a single loop; Fibonacci 2478 1.5
snakesandmasters snakesandmasters 5.4a, Fibonacci Numbers N-th Fibonacci mod 10^6 90 3.6
election election 5.4b, Binomial Coefficients compute the answers with help of binomial coefficients 213 6.2
insert insert 5.4b, Binomial Coefficients simulation of BST insertion; then C(l+r, r) for each vertex where l/r are the sizes of the left/right subtree of that ve... 259 2.0
lockedtreasure lockedtreasure 5.4b, Binomial Coefficients the answer is nCm-1 321 2.8
oddbinom oddbinom 5.4b, Binomial Coefficients OEIS A006046 245 3.5
perica perica 5.4b, Binomial Coefficients sorting + binomial coefficient; take i-th largest element and use its binomial coefficient to get the number of times it... 120 5.9
catalan catalan 5.4c, Catalan Numbers basic Catalan Numbers 521 3.6
catalansquare catalansquare 5.4c, Catalan Numbers Catalan Numbers++; follow the description 507 3.5
fiat fiat 5.4c, Catalan Numbers N-th Catalan Number; use Fermat's little theorem 75 6.7
character character 5.4d, Others, Easier OEIS A000295 841 2.4
honey honey 5.4d, Others, Easier OEIS A002898 415 2.4
integerdivision integerdivision 5.4d, Others, Easier count frequencies of each remainder of [0..d-1]; add C(freq, 2) per such remainder 242 3.3
anagramcounting anagramcounting 5.4e, Others, Harder use Big Integer 1117 3.1
incognito incognito 5.4e, Others, Harder count frequencies; combinatorics; minus one 791 2.7
kitchencombinatorics kitchencombinatorics 5.4e, Others, Harder use fast data structures to help; combinatorics; intermediate result may overflow 198 5.0
tritiling tritiling 5.4e, Others, Harder there are two related recurrences here; also available at UVa 10918 - Tri Tiling 465 2.1
bobby bobby 5.5a, Probability, Easier computation of expected value 618 2.8
deceptivedice deceptivedice 5.5a, Probability, Easier DP probability; expected value 30 3.0
dicebetting dicebetting 5.5a, Probability, Easier s: (dice_left, distinct_numbers_so_far); each throw can increase distinct_numbers_so_far or not 261 3.3
dicegame dicegame 5.5a, Probability, Easier simple comparison of two expected values 3410 1.5
diehard diehard 5.5a, Probability, Easier complete search: try all two dice that John and Hans picks, then simulate all 6x6 = 36 possible pairings, skipping ties 250 2.6
expectedearnings expectedearnings 5.5a, Probability, Easier expected value; 2 cases 68 2.3
monopol monopol 5.5a, Probability, Easier basic probability with two subtasks 971 1.4
odds odds 5.5a, Probability, Easier complete search; simple probability 142 2.5
orchard orchard 5.5a, Probability, Easier DP probability; s: (current R, G, B, Y, S_left); t: Raven's move, fruit basket, or one up to four fruits; a bit tedious 82 2.7
password password 5.5a, Probability, Easier expected value; the given probabilities already sum to 1.0 980 2.2
secretsanta secretsanta 5.5a, Probability, Easier simple probability; derangement vs factorial; the answer for larger N converges 321 2.7
2naire 2naire 5.5b, Probability, Harder probability; expected value 192 2.7
anotherdice anotherdice 5.5b, Probability, Harder DP probability; s: (n_left, d_left, mask); try all possible copies of each value; combinatorics 58 4.1
anthony anthony 5.5b, Probability, Harder DP probability; need to drop one parameter (N or M) and recover it from the other one 203 5.2
bond bond 5.5b, Probability, Harder DP probability; bitmask; just be careful with precision error 103 5.9
bribe bribe 5.5b, Probability, Harder DP probability; bitmask, need to drop one parameter (cur_money) and recover it from the bitmask 53 6.3
genius genius 5.5b, Probability, Harder generate X sequentially as asked; compute probability of X winning; bottom-up DP; sum the probability of having at least... 51 2.8
gnollhypothesis gnollhypothesis 5.5b, Probability, Harder linearity of expectation; try all possible d consecutive non-chosen monsters behind monster i (wrap around); nCk 135 3.3
goodcoalition goodcoalition 5.5b, Probability, Harder DP probability; like KNAPSACK 276 3.4
lostinthewoods lostinthewoods 5.5b, Probability, Harder simulate random walks of various lengths and distribute the probabilities per iteration; the answer will converge eventu... 77 3.1
pegsandlegs pegsandlegs 5.5b, Probability, Harder DAG; DP probabilities/expected value; bottom up DP; topological order is already given 97 3.2
pollygone pollygone 5.5b, Probability, Harder DP probability; bottom up; s: (probability); t: what can each opened box do to the probabilities computed so far 94 5.0
raffle raffle 5.5b, Probability, Harder the probability of winning a prize if we add x name cards is C(x, 1) * C(n, p-1) / C(n+x, p); this is unimodal; ternary ... 328 4.3
cool1 cool1 5.6a, Cycle Finding the first part is a cycle-finding problem; state is small (8M); be careful of the definition of trail 142 7.1
fibonaccicycles fibonaccicycles 5.6a, Cycle Finding detect cycle of fib(n)%k using fast data structure 118 3.2
happyprime happyprime 5.6a, Cycle Finding simple cycle-finding; TLE otherwise; small prime check 1151 2.5
rats rats 5.6a, Cycle Finding string processing plus cycle-finding; unordered_set 92 6.3
alexandbarb alexandbarb 5.7a, Game Theory (Basic) analyze the requirements for winning states; simple solution 179 3.1
amultiplicationgame amultiplicationgame 5.7a, Game Theory (Basic) simulate the perfect play; also available at UVa 00847 - A multiplication game 213 4.7
bachetsgame bachetsgame 5.7a, Game Theory (Basic) 2 players game; Dynamic Programming; also available at UVa 10404 - Bachet's Game 724 2.1
blockgame2 blockgame2 5.7a, Game Theory (Basic) observe the pattern; 2 winnable cases if N == M and N%M == 0; only 1 move if M < N < 2M; we can always win if N &g... 314 3.2
breakingbranches breakingbranches 5.7a, Game Theory (Basic) analyze small test cases to get the solution 105 1.6
chocolatedivision chocolatedivision 5.7a, Game Theory (Basic) try on small RxC to find the pattern 428 1.8
cuttingbrownies cuttingbrownies 5.7a, Game Theory (Basic) observe the pattern; involves logarithm 166 4.1
euclidsgame euclidsgame 5.7a, Game Theory (Basic) minimax; backtracking; also available at UVa 10368 - Euclid's Game 199 4.8
ivana ivana 5.7a, Game Theory (Basic) brute force all possible first move (break cycle into a chain); DP; s: (l, r), maximize difference between two consecuti... 55 5.3
joylessgame joylessgame 5.7a, Game Theory (Basic) game theory 384 4.3
knightpacking knightpacking 5.7a, Game Theory (Basic) basic game theory; trivial pattern 1676 1.3
linije linije 5.7a, Game Theory (Basic) game theory; check conditions on how Mirko can win and when Slavko can win; involves MCBM 39 7.9
peachpowderpolygon peachpowderpolygon 5.7a, Game Theory (Basic) there is a simple pattern 121 2.1
peggamefortwo peggamefortwo 5.7a, Game Theory (Basic) game theory; minimax; 2 alternating players; backtracking/DP on special grid; harder version of Kattis - crackerbarrel 206 3.1
checkingforcorrectness checkingforcorrectness 5.8a, Matrix Power Java Big Integer; one subtask uses modPow 244 4.1
porpoises porpoises 5.8a, Matrix Power Fibonacci; matrix power; modulo 268 2.9
powers powers 5.8a, Matrix Power when a is even, the answer is (a/2)^b, otherwise the answer is 0 180 5.4
squawk squawk 5.8a, Matrix Power count the number of paths of length L in an undirected graph after t steps that are reachable from source s 409 3.5
crackingthecode crackingthecode 6.2a, Cipher, Harder one corner case involving the 25th to 26th character determination 48 6.4
goodmessages goodmessages 6.2a, Cipher, Harder cipher 86 3.3
grille grille 6.2a, Cipher, Harder involving 2D array with rotation 361 3.8
itsasecret itsasecret 6.2a, Cipher, Harder playfair cipher; 2D array; quite tedious 81 5.9
kleptography kleptography 6.2a, Cipher, Harder cipher 701 1.5
monumentmaker monumentmaker 6.2a, Cipher, Harder cipher; need a bit work; trimming tokens 76 4.8
overthehill1 overthehill1 6.2a, Cipher, Harder cipher; a bit of matrix multiplication 94 2.2
permutationencryption permutationencryption 6.2a, Cipher, Harder be careful of newline 1163 2.5
playfair playfair 6.2a, Cipher, Harder follow the description; a bit tedious; also available at UVa 11697 - Playfair Cipher 156 2.5
progressivescramble progressivescramble 6.2a, Cipher, Harder the encode part is trivial; the decode part requires a bit of thinking 977 2.1
sacredtexts sacredtexts 6.2a, Cipher, Harder find the value of each rune; understand the concept of Great circle first 52 4.1
textencryption textencryption 6.2a, Cipher, Harder convert input alphabets to UPPERCASEs; loop 305 3.2
ummcode ummcode 6.2a, Cipher, Harder cipher; just do as asked 144 3.5
calculator calculator 6.2b, Input Parsing (Rec) recursive parser and evaluator 351 3.3
otpor otpor 6.2b, Input Parsing (Rec) parallel vs series evaluation; write a recursive parser; or use linear pass with stack 94 4.3
polish polish 6.2b, Input Parsing (Rec) recursive parser 224 3.3
selectgroup selectgroup 6.2b, Input Parsing (Rec) recursive parser; afterwards it is just set operations 138 3.5
subexpression subexpression 6.2b, Input Parsing (Rec) recursive parsing; use DP; similar to tree versus DAG 44 5.9
apaxiaaans apaxiaaans 6.2c, Regular Expression solvable with regex 6751 1.4
countthevowels countthevowels 6.2c, Regular Expression one-liner with regular expression 816 1.4
hidden hidden 6.2c, Regular Expression just a careful 1D array manipulation; we can also use regex 1100 2.3
lindenmayorsystem lindenmayorsystem 6.2c, Regular Expression DAT; map char to string; simulation; max answer ≤ 30*5^5; we can also use regex 302 2.5
asciifigurerotation asciifigurerotation 6.2d, Output Formatting, H rotate the input 90 degrees clockwise; remove trailing whitespaces; tedious 521 3.5
imagedecoding imagedecoding 6.2d, Output Formatting, H simple Run-Length Encoding 321 3.4
juryjeopardy juryjeopardy 6.2d, Output Formatting, H tedious problem 309 2.3
mathworksheet mathworksheet 6.2d, Output Formatting, H print the width of each token appropriately 142 5.5
nizovi nizovi 6.2d, Output Formatting, H formatting with indentation; not that trivial but sample input/output helps 199 3.8
pathtracing pathtracing 6.2d, Output Formatting, H just simulate and draw the path; tedious 675 3.1
rot rot 6.2d, Output Formatting, H rotate 2D array by 90 degrees (easier) and 45 degrees (more challenging) 107 2.8
wordsfornumbers wordsfornumbers 6.2d, Output Formatting, H tedious problem; use mini program to generate [1..99]; also see Kattis - recenice that goes up to [1..999] 604 2.5
aaah aaah 6.2e, String Comparison just compare the length of the two strings 10978 1.6
detaileddifferences detaileddifferences 6.2e, String Comparison extremely simple string comparison problem 4320 1.4
phonelist phonelist 6.2e, String Comparison sort the numbers; see if num i is a prefix of num i+1 1955 4.3
rhyming rhyming 6.2e, String Comparison compare suffix of a common word with the list of other given words 296 2.5
smartphone smartphone 6.2e, String Comparison compare prefix so far with the target string and the 3 suggestions; output 1 of 4 options with shortest number of keypre... 354 2.6
softpasswords softpasswords 6.2e, String Comparison custom string comparison; follow the requirements 350 2.1
zyxab zyxab 6.2e, String Comparison custom string comparison; follow the requirements 1490 2.5
apaxianparent apaxianparent 6.2f, Really Ad Hoc really ad hoc; the rules are specific for this problem 707 1.5
help2 help2 6.2f, Really Ad Hoc match placeholder in one pattern with word in the other pattern; two similar placeholders in different patterns are cons... 170 6.6
irepeatmyself irepeatmyself 6.2f, Really Ad Hoc string period; complete search 380 2.4
kolone kolone 6.2f, Really Ad Hoc simulate the requirement; be careful of corner cases 316 2.6
nimionese nimionese 6.2f, Really Ad Hoc adhoc; simulate the requirement 184 2.2
orderlyclass orderlyclass 6.2f, Really Ad Hoc some counting problem on string; not heavy combinatoric; linear loop 128 3.9
periodicstrings periodicstrings 6.2f, Really Ad Hoc brute force; skip non divisor 299 3.0
quickestimate quickestimate 6.2f, Really Ad Hoc just use strlen 4219 1.4
raggedright raggedright 6.2f, Really Ad Hoc just simulate the requirement 1708 1.8
rotatecut rotatecut 6.2f, Really Ad Hoc simulation; use formula; stop after we have <4 letters 266 3.0
textureanalysis textureanalysis 6.2f, Really Ad Hoc one loop 571 2.4
tolower tolower 6.2f, Really Ad Hoc trivial string problem 696 1.8
zipfslaw zipfslaw 6.2f, Really Ad Hoc sort the words to simplify this problem; also available at UVa 10126 - Zipf's Law 157 5.7
inflagrantedelicto inflagrantedelicto 6.3a, DP String, Classic k_p is always 2 (read the problem description); k_r is the LCS of the two permutations plus one; O(n log k) solution 75 4.8
ls ls 6.3a, DP String, Classic Edit Distance variant 176 5.2
pandachess pandachess 6.3a, DP String, Classic LCS of 2 permutations → LIS; O(n log k) solution; also see UVa 10635 267 6.0
princeandprincess princeandprincess 6.3a, DP String, Classic find LCS of two permutations; also available at UVa 10635 - Prince and Princess 140 6.7
signals signals 6.3a, DP String, Classic LCS of 2 permutations → LIS; O(n log k) solution; also see UVa 10635 40 3.1
chemistsvows chemistsvows 6.3b, DP String, Non Classic s: (pos); t: try all elements in periodic table, add 1 or 2 characters 110 3.3
cudak cudak 6.3b, DP String, Non Classic s: (prefix, digits_left, sum_left); t: try [0..9]; long long 61 6.4
digitsum digitsum 6.3b, DP String, Non Classic the sum of digits have fattern, find it; use a bit of DP to avoid re-computations 517 5.5
exam exam 6.3b, DP String, Non Classic s: (pos, correct_left); t: either your friend is wrong or your friend is right, process accordingly; easier solution exi... 891 1.9
haiku haiku 6.3b, DP String, Non Classic s: (pos, target); t: try all syllables 77 5.3
heritage heritage 6.3b, DP String, Non Classic s: (cur_pos); t: try all N words in dictionary; final answer modulo prime 348 5.2
hillnumbers hillnumbers 6.3b, DP String, Non Classic digit DP; s: (prev_digit, pos, is_rising, is_lower); try digit by digit 84 6.7
stringfactoring stringfactoring 6.3b, DP String, Non Classic s: the min weight of substring [i..j]; also available at UVa 11022 - String Factoring 57 5.1
zapis zapis 6.3b, DP String, Non Classic bracket matching variant; s: (l, r); t: try all possible position; combinatorics 89 5.1
avion avion 6.4a, String Matching trivial string matching; just find 'FBI' in the input 1361 1.4
deathknight deathknight 6.4a, String Matching trivial string matching; just find 'CD' in the input 1970 1.5
fiftyshades fiftyshades 6.4a, String Matching convert input to lower case; search occurrences of word 'pink' or 'rose' 310 1.4
geneticsearch geneticsearch 6.4a, String Matching multiple string matchings 346 2.1
hangman hangman 6.4a, String Matching find specific character in the given string and replace all occurrences; repeat 795 1.6
ostgotska ostgotska 6.4a, String Matching find substring 'ae' and count its frequency 657 1.7
powerstrings powerstrings 6.4a, String Matching find s in s+s; similar with UVa 00455; also available at UVa 10298 - Power Strings 451 5.2
quiteaproblem quiteaproblem 6.4a, String Matching trivial string matching per line 1212 2.1
redrover redrover 6.4a, String Matching brute force each substring; string matching 429 1.9
scrollingsign scrollingsign 6.4a, String Matching modified string matching; complete search; also available at UVa 11576 - Scrolling Sign 238 3.1
simon simon 6.4a, String Matching trivial string matching/string comparison 2203 2.4
simonsays simonsays 6.4a, String Matching trivial string matching/string comparison 5511 1.5
boggle boggle 6.4b, String Matching, 2D 2D grid; backtracking 323 3.8
hiddenwords hiddenwords 6.4b, String Matching, 2D 2D grid; backtracking, a bit of memoization 72 6.8
kinarow kinarow 6.4b, String Matching, 2D brute the top left point of each possible x or o row, then straight-line (horizontal, vertical) or two diagonals 2D stri... 107 4.6
knightsearch knightsearch 6.4b, String Matching, 2D 2D grid; backtracking or DP 425 3.2
aliens aliens 6.5a, Suffix Trie/Tree/Array Longest Repeated Substring that appears at least m times; Suffix Array; Use Sparse Table data structure to answer RMQs o... 89 6.3
automatictrading automatictrading 6.5a, Suffix Trie/Tree/Array Suffix Array; LCP of a range; use Sparse Table 160 5.2
baza baza 6.5a, Suffix Trie/Tree/Array Trie; store list of sorted indices that starts with that prefix; counting 83 5.5
burrowswheeler burrowswheeler 6.5a, Suffix Trie/Tree/Array duplicate input string; basic Suffix Array construction problem; print the required characters 96 6.2
buzzwords buzzwords 6.5a, Suffix Trie/Tree/Array Longest Repeated Substring that appears X times (2 ≤ X < N); also available at UVa 11855 - Buzzwords 141 5.0
dvaput dvaput 6.5a, Suffix Trie/Tree/Array easy Longest Repeated Substring problem 306 5.7
repeatedsubstrings repeatedsubstrings 6.5a, Suffix Trie/Tree/Array simple LRS application 119 5.8
stringmultimatching stringmultimatching 6.5a, Suffix Trie/Tree/Array Suffix Array; multiple calls of String Matching 185 6.8
substrings substrings 6.5a, Suffix Trie/Tree/Array Suffix Array; clever usage of LCP information; interesting problem 194 6.5
suffixarrayreconstruction suffixarrayreconstruction 6.5a, Suffix Trie/Tree/Array clever creative problem involving Suffix Array concept; be careful that '*' can be more than one character 125 4.1
suffixsorting suffixsorting 6.5a, Suffix Trie/Tree/Array basic Suffix Array construction problem; be careful with terminating symbol 201 5.7
animal animal 6.6a, String Hashing Singapore15 preliminary; hash the subtrees and compare them 203 6.8
hashing hashing 6.6a, String Hashing the problem description is very clear; good rolling hash practice; or use Suffix Array+Sparse Table 142 7.3
stringmatching stringmatching 6.6a, String Hashing try Rabin-Karp or KMP 719 4.5
typo typo 6.6a, String Hashing rolling hash; update hash value when character s[i] is deleted from string s; use 2 large prime modulo to be safe 122 6.7
multigram multigram 6.7a, Anagram brute force lengths that is divisor of the original length of the string; test 221 2.8
samedigitseasy samedigitseasy 6.7a, Anagram brute force math; check if x*y is an anagram of digits of x and y 142 2.4
antipalindrome antipalindrome 6.7b, Palindrome (Checking) try all substrings and check if any is palindrome 200 1.9
kaleidoscopicpalindromes kaleidoscopicpalindromes 6.7b, Palindrome (Checking) test all; when you try enlarging k, the answers are actually 'small' 233 3.2
palindromesubstring palindromesubstring 6.7b, Palindrome (Checking) try all pairs of O(n^2) substrings with at least 2 characters; keep the ones that are palindrome (use DP) in a sorted se... 298 4.2
peragrams peragrams 6.7b, Palindrome (Checking) only one odd frequency character can be in the center of palindrome once; the rest need to have even frequency 1692 1.7
evilstraw evilstraw 6.7c, Palindrome (Generating) greedily match leftmost char s[0]/rightmost char s[n-1] with rightmost/leftmost matching s[i], respectively 137 3.8
names names 6.7c, Palindrome (Generating) add a letter or change a letter; complete search 368 4.0
browniepoints browniepoints 7.2a, Points points and quadrants; simple; also available at UVa 10865 - Brownie Points 154 2.3
cursethedarkness cursethedarkness 7.2a, Points Euclidean dist 596 2.2
imperfectgps imperfectgps 7.2a, Points Euclidean dist; simulation 487 4.2
jointjogjam jointjogjam 7.2a, Points take the max Euclidean dist between two starting vs two ending points 448 1.6
logo 7.2a, Points Euclidean dist; also available at UVa 11505 - Logo 2.4
mandelbrot mandelbrot 7.2a, Points the modulus operation in complex number is like Euclidean dist; simulate as asked 616 3.0
sibice sibice 7.2a, Points Euclidean dist 7006 1.3
completingthesquare completingthesquare 7.2b, Lines Euclidean dist checks; then translate a point with a vector 548 1.9
countingtriangles countingtriangles 7.2b, Lines actually the constraints simplify this problem to line segment intersection tests 258 2.5
goatrope goatrope 7.2b, Lines distance of point to line segments of a rectangle; we can use case analysis (only 8 possibilities) 854 1.6
hurricanedanger hurricanedanger 7.2b, Lines distance from point to line (not vector); be careful of precision error; work with integers 114 5.9
logo2 logo2 7.2b, Lines n vectors that sum to 0; given n-1 vectors, find the unknown vector; also available at UVa 11519 - Logo 2 114 5.6
platforme platforme 7.2b, Lines line segment intersection tests; N ≤ 100; complete search 210 2.7
rafting rafting 7.2b, Lines distance of points of one polygon to line segments of the other polygon; do this test for both inner to outer and outer ... 301 3.4
segmentdistance segmentdistance 7.2b, Lines if the two line segment intersects, output 0.00; otherwise, compute distance of all 4 end points to the other line segme... 227 4.1
svm svm 7.2b, Lines vector evaluation 172 4.3
triangleornaments triangleornaments 7.2b, Lines the problems can be decomposed into vector projections or to be precise: vector rejections 204 2.1
trojke trojke 7.2b, Lines complete search; 3 nested loops; check if three points have the same gradient 185 3.0
unlockpattern unlockpattern 7.2b, Lines complete search; Euclidean dist 902 1.7
amsterdamdistance amsterdamdistance 7.2c, Circles arcs of circles; no need to model this as an SSSP problem/Dijkstra's 571 2.9
anthonyanddiablo anthonyanddiablo 7.2c, Circles area and perimeter of a circle 937 2.3
ballbearings ballbearings 7.2c, Circles O(1) adhoc math formula exists 227 3.8
biggest biggest 7.2c, Circles find biggest area of sector using simulation; use array (not that larget) to avoid precision error 147 6.6
dartscores dartscores 7.2c, Circles simple point in circle test; all integers 445 2.4
estimatingtheareaofacircle estimatingtheareaofacircle 7.2c, Circles PI estimation experiment 2084 1.6
fractalarea fractalarea 7.2c, Circles area of progressively smaller circles 224 3.1
halfacookie halfacookie 7.2c, Circles simple point rotation (without rotation matrix); circle; chord; segment 626 1.7
herman herman 7.2c, Circles simple; area of circle; normal vs Manhattan/taxicab 2124 1.5
ornaments ornaments 7.2c, Circles arch length plus two times tangent lengths 236 2.2
pizza2 pizza2 7.2c, Circles simple; involving circle; the formula is very easy to derive 3316 1.7
racingalphabet racingalphabet 7.2c, Circles circle; arc; simulation 992 1.5
sanic sanic 7.2c, Circles rolling a small circle inside a bigger circle; 'offset-by-one' 115 2.4
tracksmoothing tracksmoothing 7.2c, Circles actually clever; those round corners will form a circle 194 1.8
watchdog watchdog 7.2c, Circles in circle test; brute force 212 2.0
alldifferentdirections alldifferentdirections 7.2d, Triangles (Trig) use trigonometry to compute x and y displacement 446 2.6
bazen bazen 7.2d, Triangles (Trig) half area of triangle; six possible cases only 218 2.7
billiard billiard 7.2d, Triangles (Trig) enlarge the billiard table; then this is solvable with atan2 856 1.6
egypt egypt 7.2d, Triangles (Trig) Pythagorean theorem/triple; also available at UVa 11854 - Egypt 862 1.9
glassesfoggymomsspaghetti glassesfoggymomsspaghetti 7.2d, Triangles (Trig) trigonometry; atan; tan 100 2.2
humancannonball2 humancannonball2 7.2d, Triangles (Trig) trigonometry; simple Physics 2399 1.4
ladder ladder 7.2d, Triangles (Trig) simple trigonometry problem 6141 1.4
mountainbiking mountainbiking 7.2d, Triangles (Trig) up to 4 line segments; simple trigonometry; simple Physics/Kinematic equation 216 2.8
santaklas santaklas 7.2d, Triangles (Trig) another simple trigonometry problem: sine 422 2.5
vacuumba vacuumba 7.2d, Triangles (Trig) trigonometry to measure the X and Y displacements 689 1.9
cropeasy cropeasy 7.2e, Triangles + Circles complete search 3 points/tree; check if the center is integer 178 3.0
exoplanetlighthouse exoplanetlighthouse 7.2e, Triangles + Circles decompose the diagram into two right triangles; cosine; arc of a circle; notice km vs m 36 1.7
greedypolygons greedypolygons 7.2e, Triangles + Circles the answer is the area of n smaller isosceles triangles + one full circle + a few rectangles 302 1.5
queenspatio queenspatio 7.2e, Triangles + Circles compute ring by ring; involving Trigonometry 71 2.9
stickysituation stickysituation 7.2e, Triangles + Circles see if 3 sides form a triangle; see UVa 11579 675 2.7
triarea triarea 7.2e, Triangles + Circles simple triangle area 1326 1.3
trilemma trilemma 7.2e, Triangles + Circles triangle properties; sort the 3 sides first 225 3.6
areal areal 7.2f, Quadrilaterals just output 4*sqrt(a) 3732 1.5
armcoordination armcoordination 7.2f, Quadrilaterals pick the easiest one: axis-aligned bounding square of the given circle 336 1.7
cetvrta cetvrta 7.2f, Quadrilaterals sort the x and y points, then you will know the 4th point 4727 1.3
flowlayout flowlayout 7.2f, Quadrilaterals simulate the process; output the final answers 965 2.0
frosting frosting 7.2f, Quadrilaterals area of rectangles; but do it cleverly to avoid TLE 303 3.8
grassseed grassseed 7.2f, Quadrilaterals one pass; area of rectangle 4980 1.3
hittingtargets hittingtargets 7.2f, Quadrilaterals simple inside rectangle and circle tests 1026 1.7
kornislav kornislav 7.2f, Quadrilaterals sort the 4 edges; and think which edges should be taken 2741 1.4
officespace officespace 7.2f, Quadrilaterals rectangles; small numbers; 2D Boolean arrays 143 5.5
pieceofcake2 pieceofcake2 7.2f, Quadrilaterals max of 4 rectangle areas; times thickness to get the volume 2078 1.3
rectanglearea rectanglearea 7.2f, Quadrilaterals simple rectangle area 310 1.6
rectanglesurrounding rectanglesurrounding 7.2f, Quadrilaterals rectangles; small; 2D Boolean arrays 187 3.8
roundedbuttons roundedbuttons 7.2f, Quadrilaterals in-rectangle/in-square test; in-4-circles tests 176 2.9
squarepeg squarepeg 7.2f, Quadrilaterals there is a simple check if we put the square in the center 172 1.6
taisformula taisformula 7.2f, Quadrilaterals area of consecutive trapezoids 923 1.5
convexhull convexhull 7.3a, Polygon, Easier basic convex hull problem; be careful with duplicate points and collinear points 644 4.8
convexhull2 convexhull2 7.3a, Polygon, Easier CH; collinear points 107 7.2
convexpolygonarea convexpolygonarea 7.3a, Polygon, Easier even more basic problem about area of polygon than Kattis - polygonarea 703 1.9
cookiecutter cookiecutter 7.3a, Polygon, Easier polygon area; polygon scaling; polygon translation 172 2.4
cuttingcorners cuttingcorners 7.3a, Polygon, Easier simulation of angle checks 95 3.5
dartscoring dartscoring 7.3a, Polygon, Easier CH; perimeter of CH 90 4.4
jabuke jabuke 7.3a, Polygon, Easier area of triangle; point in triangle; use easier method to see if area of three sub triangles equals to area of the origi... 614 1.9
polygonarea polygonarea 7.3a, Polygon, Easier basic polygon area computation; determine CCW/CW order by checking if the signed area is positive/negative, respectively... 967 2.8
robotprotection robotprotection 7.3a, Polygon, Easier simply find the area of convex hull 236 2.4
simplepolygon simplepolygon 7.3a, Polygon, Easier center of polygon; Graham's scan like angular sorting 155 5.5
abstractart abstractart 7.3b, Polygon, Harder cool area union problem; solvable with java.awt.geom.* library package; Shoelace's formula 66 6.0
convex convex 7.3b, Polygon, Harder must understand the concept of convex polygon; a bit of mathematical insights: GCD; sort 132 6.4
largesttriangle largesttriangle 7.3b, Polygon, Harder CH to remove irrelevant points; O(N^2) rotating caliper-like algorithm 160 6.8
playingtheslots playingtheslots 7.3b, Polygon, Harder similar with UVa 01111 75 3.0
pointinpolygon pointinpolygon 7.3b, Polygon, Harder in/out and on polygon 311 5.5
roberthood roberthood 7.3b, Polygon, Harder the classic furthest pair problem; use convex hull and then rotating caliper 376 4.6
skyline skyline 7.3b, Polygon, Harder cool area subtraction problem from back to front; solvable with java.awt.geom.* library package; Shoelace's formula 25 4.8
wrapping wrapping 7.3b, Polygon, Harder rotate; translate; CH; area; also available at UVa 10652 223 3.6
airlinehub airlinehub 7.4a, 3D Geometry gcDistance; also available at UVa 10316 - Airline Hub 211 6.6
beavergnaw beavergnaw 7.4a, 3D Geometry volumes of cylinders and cones; inclusion-exclusion; also available at UVa 10297 - Beavergnaw 1210 1.4
bottles bottles 7.4a, 3D Geometry LA 6027 - WorldFinals Warsaw12; BSTA+geometric formula; also available at UVa 01280 - Curvy Little Bottles 217 3.0
cheese cheese 7.4a, 3D Geometry binary search the answer; geometry formula; a bit of calculus if the cut intersect a sphere 338 3.0
flowers flowers 7.4a, 3D Geometry the key part of this problem is integration 63 4.4
infiniteslides infiniteslides 7.4a, 3D Geometry 3D Euclidian distance (parameterized by time t); ternary search best t that minimizes 3D distance 63 3.1
movingday movingday 7.4a, 3D Geometry output volume of the largest cuboid - V 261 2.1
tunnelingtheearth tunnelingtheearth 7.4a, 3D Geometry gcDistance; 3D Euclidean distance; also available at UVa 11817 - Tunnelling The Earth 55 3.2
waronweather waronweather 7.4a, 3D Geometry brute force; distance of 3D points; obtuse triangle checks 100 3.5
bells bells 8.2a, Harder Backtracking harder backtracking; see pattern; use deque to help with push_front 210 4.7
capsules capsules 8.2a, Harder Backtracking recursive backtracking with pruning; SUDOKU variant; may or may not be NP-complete 84 3.2
committeeassignment committeeassignment 8.2a, Harder Backtracking backtracking; pruning; add a member to existing committee or create a new committee; TLE with DP bitmask 68 7.4
greatswercporto greatswercporto 8.2a, Harder Backtracking use backtracking with pruning; testing up to 10! possible permutations possibly TLE 120 4.1
holeynqueensbatman holeynqueensbatman 8.2a, Harder Backtracking similar with UVa 11195 527 2.2
knightsfen knightsfen 8.2a, Harder Backtracking Depth Limited Search (up to 11 moves); also available at UVa 10422 - Knights in FEN 312 3.2
minibattleship minibattleship 8.2a, Harder Backtracking try all possible bitmasks of nxn bits that are consistent; try installing ships via backtracking; prune as much as possi... 140 2.9
pebblesolitaire pebblesolitaire 8.2a, Harder Backtracking s: (bitmask); simulation; pick the smallest answer 480 2.2
sumdoku sumdoku 8.2a, Harder Backtracking tedious backtracking with bitmask; simplify your implementation as much as possible 52 3.3
ecoins ecoins 8.2b, State-Space, BFS, E s: (conventional-value, infotechnological-value); BFS; also available at UVa 10306 - e-Coins 169 4.6
flipfive flipfive 8.2b, State-Space, BFS, E s: (bitmask); only 2^9 = 512 grid configurations; BFS 621 2.7
hydrasheads hydrasheads 8.2b, State-Space, BFS, E s: (cur_H, cur_T); BFS; but easier solution exists 551 1.7
illiteracy illiteracy 8.2b, State-Space, BFS, E s: (string); 6 different transition rules; BFS 126 2.9
safe safe 8.2b, State-Space, BFS, E s: (convert 3x3 grid into a base 4 integer); BFS 181 3.0
buggyrobot buggyrobot 8.2c, State-Space, BFS, H s: (r, c, k); robot at (r, c) executing kth command; t: skip or follow the command (success/fail), or add new DRUL comma... 84 5.2
buggyrobot2 buggyrobot2 8.2c, State-Space, BFS, H see Kattis - buggyrobot 55 6.3
distinctivecharacter distinctivecharacter 8.2c, State-Space, BFS, H s: (bitmask); multi-sources BFS; find bitmask that has the furthest distance to any of the source 272 6.5
enteringthetime enteringthetime 8.2c, State-Space, BFS, H s: (h1, h2, m1, m2); try adjusting each digit by +1 or -1 126 5.1
jabuke2 jabuke2 8.2c, State-Space, BFS, H s: (r, c); multiple call of BFS; but gets shorter each time; use 'no-memset' strategy 40 6.6
jumpingyoshi jumpingyoshi 8.2c, State-Space, BFS, H s: (u); there are up to 1m vertices but only 1m edges; build edges on the fly using a kind of 'meet in the middle' techn... 48 4.7
keyboard keyboard 8.2c, State-Space, BFS, H LA 7155 - WorldFinals Marrakech15; s: (row, col, char_typed); also available at UVa 01714 - Keyboarding 258 5.0
ricochetrobots ricochetrobots 8.2c, State-Space, BFS, H s: ((r, c) positions of the 4 robots; each robot can move to any of the 4 directions with variable lengths 89 3.2
robotmaze robotmaze 8.2c, State-Space, BFS, H s: (r, c, dir, steps); be careful of corner cases 87 5.7
robotturtles robotturtles 8.2c, State-Space, BFS, H s: (r, c, dir, bitmask_ice_castles); print solution; very tedious 114 4.5
bigtruck bigtruck 8.2d, State-Space, Dijkstra s: (city, items_picked); use Dijkstra's 1144 3.2
bumped bumped 8.2d, State-Space, Dijkstra s: (city, has_use_free_ticket); use Dijkstra's 545 4.4
destinationunknown destinationunknown 8.2d, State-Space, Dijkstra use Dijkstra's twice; one normally; one with s: (point, has_edge_g_h_used); compare the results 101 5.6
justpassingthrough justpassingthrough 8.2d, State-Space, Dijkstra s: (r, c, n_left); Dijkstra's/SSSP on DAG 92 5.1
kitchen kitchen 8.2d, State-Space, Dijkstra s: (volume_of_the_n_cups); t: try all possible pourings; use Dijkstra's 152 3.5
quantum quantum 8.2d, State-Space, Dijkstra s: (bitmask); t: all of the nop operations; use Dijkstra's 82 3.3
rainbowroadrace rainbowroadrace 8.2d, State-Space, Dijkstra s: (pos, bitmask_of_7_colors); use Dijkstra's 101 2.9
treasure treasure 8.2d, State-Space, Dijkstra s: (day, k_left, cur_r, cur_c); use Dijkstra's 118 8.0
xentopia xentopia 8.2d, State-Space, Dijkstra s: (u, k1_used, k2_used); use Dijkstra's 184 4.6
aspenavenue aspenavenue 8.3a, DP level 3 sort; compute tree positions; s: (l_left, r_left), t: put next tree on the left/right; also available at UVa 11555 - Asp... 223 5.8
busticket busticket 8.3a, DP level 3 s: (day_i); t: either buy daily ticket or jump to end of period ticket (use binary search to avoid TLE) 186 4.4
crackerbarrel crackerbarrel 8.3a, DP level 3 very similar to Kattis - peggamefortwo but without the 2 alternating players; backtrack/DP on special grid 55 4.0
eatingeverything eatingeverything 8.3a, DP level 3 pizza world is a DAG; s: (pizza_stall); t: eat a (full) pizza here and stop; skip this stall; eat a pizza here and take ... 59 3.7
exchangerates exchangerates 8.3a, DP level 3 maintain the best CAD and USD each day; also available at UVa 11285 - Exchange Rates 87 4.5
homework homework 8.3a, DP level 3 s: (i, j); the currently considered character s is (i+j); t: s matches s1[i] or s2[j] 172 6.7
ingestion ingestion 8.3a, DP level 3 s: (hour, consecutive_eating, has_refrain); t: eat at this hour, refrain eating for one or two hours; floating point 260 5.7
mailbox mailbox 8.3a, DP level 3 s: (lo, hi, mailbox_left); try all; also available at UVa 00882 - The Mailbox Manufacturers Problem 386 2.1
posterize posterize 8.3a, DP level 3 s: (prev_value; k_left); t: pick one of the 256 values to be included in the k selected distinct red values 411 3.0
protectingthecollection protectingthecollection 8.3a, DP level 3 s: (r, c, dir, has_installed_a_mirror); t: just proceed or install '/' or '\' mirror at a '.' 55 6.2
welcomeeasy welcomeeasy 8.3a, DP level 3 also see Kattis - welcomehard 655 2.1
welcomehard welcomehard 8.3a, DP level 3 also see Kattis - welcomeeasy 345 4.8
city city 8.3b, DP level 4 s: (i, left_building_explode); t: use 2nd parameter properly 94 6.5
coke coke 8.3b, DP level 4 drop parameter n1; recover it from b (number of coke bought), n5, and n10; also available at UVa 10626 - Buying Coke 304 5.6
companypicnic companypicnic 8.3b, DP level 4 s: (name, has_been_matched); DP weighted matching (both cardinality and weight) on Tree 200 5.0
johnsstack johnsstack 8.3b, DP level 4 memoize sub-problem using map of vector of integers to long long 96 5.9
mububa mububa 8.3b, DP level 4 LA 7484 - Singapore15; BSTA; use the correct DP state 267 7.0
rollercoasterfun rollercoasterfun 8.3b, DP level 4 s: (T); split DPs when b = 0 and when b != 0 101 7.7
volumeamplification volumeamplification 8.3b, DP level 4 s: (reachable); bottom-up 50 7.5
constrainedfreedomofchoice constrainedfreedomofchoice 8.3c, Counting Paths, Harder s: (row, col, last_action); t: go up/right/down based on last_action 80 5.3
countcircuits countcircuits 8.3c, Counting Paths, Harder s: (id, cur_x, cur_y); t: skip or use this vector; use offset technique to avoid negative indices 278 5.8
favourable favourable 8.3c, Counting Paths, Harder s: (cur_page); t: jump to one of the 3 sections 304 4.5
frustratedqueue frustratedqueue 8.3c, Counting Paths, Harder s: (i, n5); recover n10 and n5_at_operator; process accordingly 68 4.4
gigcombinatorics gigcombinatorics 8.3c, Counting Paths, Harder s: (i, hype_rating), t: 3 cases, depends on hype_rating; we can do computation on-the-fly with DP bottom up 595 3.9
pachinkoprobability pachinkoprobability 8.3c, Counting Paths, Harder s: (pos); DAG modeling; long long 113 5.8
ratings ratings 8.3c, Counting Paths, Harder s: (id, sum_left, tie_status); t: try all possible rating scores; the tie_status parameter is important 165 3.6
tractor tractor 8.3c, Counting Paths, Harder s: (row, col, move_number), DAG; t: go up/left 220 6.1
woodensigns woodensigns 8.3c, Counting Paths, Harder s: (idx, base1, base2), t: point left, right, or both; need to use hash table as memo table 65 2.3
hidingchickens hidingchickens 8.3d, DP with Bitmask weighted MCM; small complete weighted graph; make fox goes back to the killing spot first after hiding one or two chicke... 89 5.7
narrowartgallery narrowartgallery 8.3d, DP with Bitmask interesting DP; s: (row, state_of_prev_row, k_left) 1417 2.8
paths paths 8.3d, DP with Bitmask counting paths on DAG with state s: (u, mask_of_K_colors) 247 3.1
pebblesolitaire2 pebblesolitaire2 8.3d, DP with Bitmask backtracking suffices for Kattis - pebblesolitair; but this version needs extra memoization 400 3.6
uxuhulvoting uxuhulvoting 8.3d, DP with Bitmask s: (priest_id, mask_of_3_bits); t: try all 3 possibilities of toggling a bit per priest, keep the best 240 3.2
wherehaveyoubin wherehaveyoubin 8.3d, DP with Bitmask s: (i, mask_of_processed) - we have assign bin [0..i-1] and companies mask_of_processed; t: give consecutive bins to eac... 30 5.0
councilling councilling 8.4a, Network Flow, Standard matching; max flow; print the assignment; also available at UVa 10511 - Councilling 89 7.1
dutyscheduler dutyscheduler 8.4a, Network Flow, Standard try all possible (small range of answers); assignment problem; matching with capacity; max flow 94 3.8
jupiter jupiter 8.4a, Network Flow, Standard good modeling problem; a good exercise for those who wants to master max flow modeling 150 5.8
maxflow maxflow 8.4a, Network Flow, Standard standard max flow problem for practice; print edges used in the max flow 531 6.3
mazemovement mazemovement 8.4a, Network Flow, Standard use gcd for all pairs of vertices to construct the flow graph; then it is just a standard max flow problem 135 4.4
mincut mincut 8.4a, Network Flow, Standard standard min cut problem for practice; print vertices reachable from source s after max flow 293 4.1
piano piano 8.4a, Network Flow, Standard good modeling problem; afterwards it is just a standard max flow problem 230 4.1
tomography tomography 8.4a, Network Flow, Standard max flow; somewhat assignment problem; matching with capacity; bipartite graph: left-set: rows/right-set: col; can also ... 239 3.8
waif waif 8.4a, Network Flow, Standard two layers of graph matching; with capacity; use max flow solution 159 2.7
water water 8.4a, Network Flow, Standard max flow on undirected flow graph; add edges; rerun max flow K times (short) 49 4.5
avoidingtheapocalypse avoidingtheapocalypse 8.4b, Network Flow, Variants interesting max flow modeling; blow the vertices based on time 191 4.4
budget budget 8.4b, Network Flow, Variants max flow with lower bound 66 6.8
chesscompetition chesscompetition 8.4b, Network Flow, Variants baseball elimination problem; similar to Kattis - unfairplay 87 4.9
congest congest 8.4b, Network Flow, Variants LA 6395 - World Finals StPetersburg13; compute SSSP from downtown to other vertices; repeated edge-disjoint path computa... 256 3.7
conveyorbelts conveyorbelts 8.4b, Network Flow, Variants max flow; blow up the vertices K times; reroute edges 89 3.7
copsandrobbers copsandrobbers 8.4b, Network Flow, Variants min cut; similar to Kattis - thekingofthenorth 125 3.7
darkness darkness 8.4b, Network Flow, Variants interesting min cut problem; each light source affects all other cells at x and y units away (the z is always H); cost i... 28 6.5
floodingfields floodingfields 8.4b, Network Flow, Variants similar with UVa 11380; must be very careful 48 5.5
landscaping landscaping 8.4b, Network Flow, Variants min cut; hard to spot the required modeling 70 6.0
marchofpenguins marchofpenguins 8.4b, Network Flow, Variants max flow modeling; vertex capacities; also see UVa 11380; also available at UVa 12125 - March of the Penguins 68 3.8
neutralground neutralground 8.4b, Network Flow, Variants min cut; similar to Kattis - thekingofthenorth 28 6.0
thekingofthenorth thekingofthenorth 8.4b, Network Flow, Variants interesting min cut problem 193 5.0
transportation transportation 8.4b, Network Flow, Variants max flow with vertex capacities 165 5.6
unfairplay unfairplay 8.4b, Network Flow, Variants baseball elimination problem; similar to Kattis - chesscompetition; need to print solution too 89 4.7
balanceddiet balanceddiet 8.6a, NP-hard/C, small, E PARTITION; n ≤ 20; use DP SUBSET-SUM style 316 4.0
countingchocolate countingchocolate 8.6a, NP-hard/C, small, E PARTITION; small instance; DP SUBSET-SUM style 158 4.2
equalsumseasy equalsumseasy 8.6a, NP-hard/C, small, E PARTITION; generate all possible subsets with bitmask; use set to record which sums have been computed 474 2.3
flowfree flowfree 8.6a, NP-hard/C, small, E brute force combination 3^10 or 4^8; then LONGEST-PATH problem on non DAG between two end points of the same color 109 4.4
font font 8.6a, NP-hard/C, small, E count number of possible SET-COVERs; use 2^N backtracking; but use bitmask to represent small set of covered letters 199 4.2
satisfiability satisfiability 8.6a, NP-hard/C, small, E SAT(isfiability); n ≤ 20; try all possible subsets 244 3.8
socialadvertising socialadvertising 8.6a, NP-hard/C, small, E MIN-DOMINATING-SET/MIN-SET-COVER; n ≤ 20; use compact Adjacency Matrix technique 59 5.1
tightfitsudoku tightfitsudoku 8.6a, NP-hard/C, small, E SUDOKU variant; backtracking + pruning 87 4.2
vivoparc vivoparc 8.6a, NP-hard/C, small, E GRAPH-COLORING on medium-sized graph; only 4 colors are used in this problem; backtracking 151 5.1
beanbag beanbag 8.6b, NP-hard/C, small, H SET-COVER problem; T farmers can collude to give Jack the hardest possible subset of beans to be given freely to Jack 119 4.9
busplanning busplanning 8.6b, NP-hard/C, small, H MIN-CLIQUE-COVER; DP bitmask over sets 91 5.4
coloring coloring 8.6b, NP-hard/C, small, H GRAPH-COLORING; n ≤ 11; greedily set vertex 0 to have color 0 to reduce max N to 10; backtracking 313 4.8
mapcolouring mapcolouring 8.6b, NP-hard/C, small, H GRAPH-COLORING; n ≤ 16; DP over sets; O(3^n); Subset of vertices that are Independent can be 1-colored 200 5.2
perfectskyline perfectskyline 8.6b, NP-hard/C, small, H N, S ≤ 15; SUBSET-SUM backtracking with bitmasks 39 4.1
programmingteamselection programmingteamselection 8.6b, NP-hard/C, small, H PARTITION-INTO-TRIANGLES; prune if #students % 3 != 0; generate up to m/3 teams; backtracking with memo 64 7.2
tugofwar tugofwar 8.6b, NP-hard/C, small, H PARTITION; DP Knapsack with optimization to avoid TLE; also available at UVa 10032 - Tug of War 117 7.4
antennaplacement antennaplacement 8.6c, NP-hard/C, special, E MIS: V-MCBM; also available at UVa 10349 - Antenna Placement 36 5.2
bilateral bilateral 8.6c, NP-hard/C, special, E MIN-VERTEX-COVER on Bipartite Graph; MCBM; Konig's theorem that can handle the 1009 case correctly 43 6.5
bookcircle bookcircle 8.6c, NP-hard/C, special, E left set: boys; right set: girls; add edge (i, j) if boy i reads same book as girl j; MIN-VERTEX-COVER on Bipartite Grap... 137 4.4
catvsdog catvsdog 8.6c, NP-hard/C, special, E LA 4288 - NorthwesternEurope08; MIS; also available at UVa 12168 - Cat vs. Dog 199 5.5
citrusintern citrusintern 8.6c, NP-hard/C, special, E modified MIN-DOMINATING-SET on tree where two adjacent vertices cannot be both inside the Dominating Set 169 3.6
countingclauses countingclauses 8.6c, NP-hard/C, special, E special case of 3-SAT; a bluffing task 480 1.7
cross cross 8.6c, NP-hard/C, special, E run special heuristics of the SUDOKU puzzle 273 3.9
europeantrip europeantrip 8.6c, NP-hard/C, special, E STEINER-TREE with 3 terminal vertices and up to 1 Steiner point; we can use two ternary searches 297 3.3
guardianofdecency guardianofdecency 8.6c, NP-hard/C, special, E LA 3415 - NorthwesternEurope05; MIS; also available at UVa 12083 - Guardian of Decency 45 6.3
reactivity reactivity 8.6c, NP-hard/C, special, E verify if a HAMILTONIAN-PATH exists in the DAG; find one topological sort of the DAG; verify if it is the only one in li... 280 4.0
airports airports 8.6d, NP-hard/C, special, H MIN-PATH-COVER; on DAG; MCBM 92 6.4
eastereggs eastereggs 8.6d, NP-hard/C, special, H BSTA; MAX-INDEPENDENT-SET on Bipartite Graph; V-MCBM 82 5.2
ironcoal ironcoal 8.6d, NP-hard/C, special, H STEINER-TREE with 3 terminal vertices and up to 1 Steiner point; SSSP on unweighted graph; BFS; similar to Kattis - jail... 216 5.0
itcanbearranged itcanbearranged 8.6d, NP-hard/C, special, H MIN-PATH-COVER; on DAG; weighted; Max Flow 50 5.1
jailbreak jailbreak 8.6d, NP-hard/C, special, H STEINER-TREE; grid; BFS from 3 vertices: 'outside' and 2 prisoners (open doors independently or meet a Steiner point fir... 130 4.8
joggers joggers 8.6d, NP-hard/C, special, H MIN-VERTEX-COVER on Tree; root tree at vertex 0; limit tree up to depth S/2 46 6.1
mafija mafija 8.6d, NP-hard/C, special, H MAX-INDEPENDENT-SET; Special case: on Pseudoforest; use Greedy MIS; handle unvisited cycle separately 100 3.7
ridofcoins ridofcoins 8.6d, NP-hard/C, special, H not the minimizing COIN-CHANGE problem; but the maximizing one; greedy pruning; complete search on much smaller instance 94 7.9
taxicab taxicab 8.6d, NP-hard/C, special, H LA 3126 - NorthwesternEurope04; MPC on DAG; also available at UVa 01201 - Taxi Cab Scheme 38 5.5
wedding wedding 8.6d, NP-hard/C, special, H can be modeled as a 2-SAT problem; also available at UVa 11294 - Wedding 36 6.7
arrivingontime arrivingontime 8.7a, BSTA+Other, Easier BSTA: the latest starting time; use Dijkstra's to compute whether we can still arrive at meeting point on time 79 6.3
bigboxes bigboxes 8.7a, BSTA+Other, Easier BSTA+greedy 135 3.5
canyoncrossing canyoncrossing 8.7a, BSTA+Other, Easier BSTA (lowest point on the path) + BFS on state-space graph that prioritizes path with lesser number of bridges used firs... 43 5.2
charlesincharge charlesincharge 8.7a, BSTA+Other, Easier BSTA: max edge that Charles can use; SSSP from 1 to $N$ passing through edges that do not exceed that; is it OK? 149 4.8
expandingrods expandingrods 8.7a, BSTA+Other, Easier bisection method; also available at UVa 10668 - Expanding Rods 36 5.3
fencebowling fencebowling 8.7a, BSTA+Other, Easier BSTA (the angle Beta) + trigonometry formulas 64 2.7
forestforthetrees forestforthetrees 8.7a, BSTA+Other, Easier gcd; BSTA+geometry in-rectangle tests 141 4.1
gridgame gridgame 8.7a, BSTA+Other, Easier BSTA + MCBM 199 5.0
pie pie 8.7a, BSTA+Other, Easier BSTA (the volume) + geometry; see if we can divide the pies into F+1 people equally 171 3.0
prettygoodcuberoot prettygoodcuberoot 8.7a, BSTA+Other, Easier bisection method; find cube root of a very large integer; use Big Integer 143 5.8
programmingtutors programmingtutors 8.7a, BSTA+Other, Easier +perfect MCBM 161 3.7
rockclimbing rockclimbing 8.7a, BSTA+Other, Easier BSTA + BFS 60 5.6
skijumping skijumping 8.7a, BSTA+Other, Easier BSTA + heavy math/Physics; involving derivation 56 3.4
carpet carpet 8.7b, BSTA+Other, Harder binary search the length of the side; use law of cosines to test 64 7.6
catandmice catandmice 8.7b, BSTA+Other, Harder BSTA: the initial velocity of Cartesian Cat; DP TSP to verify if the cat can catch all mice in the shortest possible tim... 141 6.8
enemyterritory enemyterritory 8.7b, BSTA+Other, Harder MSSP from all enemy vertices; BSTA, run BFS from (xi, yi) to (xr, yr) avoiding vertices that are too close to any enemy 66 4.2
gravamen gravamen 8.7b, BSTA+Other, Harder BSTA + max flow 45 6.1
low low 8.7b, BSTA+Other, Harder LA 6398 - WorldFinals StPetersburg13; BSTA+greedy; also available at UVa 01577 - Low Power 451 5.1
risk risk 8.7b, BSTA+Other, Harder BSTA: smallest edge at the bordering regions; construct flow graph according to valid movement of troops in one turn; ru... 86 6.7
wifi wifi 8.7b, BSTA+Other, Harder +greedy; also available at UVa 11516 - WiFi 214 4.3
bing bing 8.7c, Fast DS+Other, Easier map all prefixes to frequencies using Hash Table; or use Trie 1061 3.6
busnumbers2 busnumbers2 8.7c, Fast DS+Other, Easier complete search; use unordered_map 377 3.0
caveexploration2 caveexploration2 8.7c, Fast DS+Other, Easier BSTA (water level) + graph connectivity test from (0, 0) to (N-1, N-1) or greedy graph traversal with PQ 91 3.3
conquest conquest 8.7c, Fast DS+Other, Easier greedy traversal with help of a Priority Queue; attack adjacent island with smallest army size 154 3.6
deildajofnudur deildajofnudur 8.7c, Fast DS+Other, Easier try all possible substrings; see if the frequencies of each character are equal using hash table; keep the longest 89 2.8
gcds gcds 8.7c, Fast DS+Other, Easier complete search; use set for speedup 205 4.9
loopytransit loopytransit 8.7c, Fast DS+Other, Easier backtracking; use set to store canonical forms, ignoring cyclic shifts 70 3.2
musiccollection musiccollection 8.7c, Fast DS+Other, Easier try all substrings in a song; store in unordered_map; get answers; special case when N = 1 81 3.7
quickscope quickscope 8.7c, Fast DS+Other, Easier use stack of sets and hash table of stacks 1326 3.9
reducedidnumbers reducedidnumbers 8.7c, Fast DS+Other, Easier brute force the answer with fast unordered_set data structure 168 3.2
selfsimilarstrings selfsimilarstrings 8.7c, Fast DS+Other, Easier complete search as the string is short; frequency counting; use unordered_map; repetition 181 3.5
simplecronspec simplecronspec 8.7c, Fast DS+Other, Easier a bit of parsing; 4 nested loops to try all simple cron specs/h/m/s; use DAT of seconds to avoid double counting of seco... 293 2.0