Competitive Programming

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Likely two books too

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When we feel the delta vs CP4 is sufficient

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Contents of CP5

Chapter 1: Introduction
  1. Python overtakes Java as 2nd best programming language in Competitive Programming
  2. Kattis online judge is now the primary online judge as (UVa) online judge does not have recent problems (2019-present)
  3. Most sections now end with a discussion of one 'most representative' problem at Kattis that readers are encouraged to solve
Chapter 2: Data Structures and Libraries
  1. TBA
Chapter 3: Problem Solving Paradigms
  1. TBA
Chapter 4: Graph
  1. We are moving Network Flow from Chapter 8 (Book 2) to Chapter 4 as it will be inside IOI 2025 syllabus
  2. We are moving LCA from Chapter 9 (Book 2) to Chapter 4 too as it is also now important
Chapter 5: Mathematics
  1. TBA
Chapter 6: String Processing
  1. TBA
Chapter 7: (Computational) Geometry
  1. TBA
Chapter 8: More Advanced Topics
  1. TBA
Chapter 9: Rare Topics
  1. TBA
  1. TBA

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