Competitive Programming

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152+4 (cover)

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9 August 2010


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Contents of CP1

Chapter 1: Introduction
  1. Introducing the world of Competitive Programming.
  2. Tips to be a competitive programmer, shared by us who were IOI & ICPC contestants in the past and now are coaches
  3. Collection of (easy-medium) Ad Hoc problems to start your journey
Chapter 2: Data Structures and Libraries
  1. Are you aware that many DS have built-in libraries?
  2. Do you use them often?
  3. Are you aware that there are many other useful DS out there without built-in libraries as of 2010?
Chapter 3: Problem Solving Paradigms
  1. Do you hammer every contest problem with brute force?
  2. Are you sure that you are familiar with these terms:
    • Complete Search that is not that brute... Master the art of search space reduction...
    • Divide and Conquer (D&C)... Master the art of using binary search principle...
    • Greedy... Increase your aptitude towards problems solvable with greedy technique...
    • Dynamic Programming (DP)... Master one of the most useful technique in the world of Competitive Programming...
Chapter 4: Graph
  1. Graph Traversals, Min Spanning Trees, Shortest Paths, Max Flow
  2. Special Graphs (our highlight, this section usually does not exist in other algorithm books)
Chapter 5: Mathematics
  1. Number Theory, Big Integer, and many more topics in mathematics that are frequently appear in programming contests
Chapter 6: String Processing
  1. Ad Hoc string problems
  2. String problems solvable with DP
  3. Large string problems that must be solved with efficient DS: Suffix Tree/Array
Chapter 7: (Computational) Geometry
  1. Library of 'Geometry Basics', Convex Hull, Intersection Problems, D&C in Geometry Problems
  1. CP1 started with ~600 UVa programming exercises

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